Can Vlogging Be A Real Business? How To Make it a Career?

Say you’re a vlogger, and you’ve made a video with the best youtube webcam about your favourite topic or about your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. How do you promote your videos? 

The good news is that there are a few options. You’ve made a great video; now what? You’ve got the tools; what’s next? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even just being active on YouTube, there are many ways to promote your Vlog and can vlogging be a real business for you?

Simply put, vlogging is like blogging, but with vlogging, you can add a more personal touch to it by sharing your life experiences, hobbies, and anything else that is important to you. On the other hand, blogging is all about posting content online related to any niche you’ve expertise in.

If you’re someone who wants to kickstart their career as a vlogger but is clueless about how you can turn it into a real business, we’ll help remove all of your confusion in no time using

Are There People Who Are Making A Living From Vlogging?

Yes, there is indeed a large amount of audience that is making a career out of vlogging. You’ll find many success stories. Graham Stephan, for example, created a YouTube channel in 2017 about real estate investing. 

After one year, he was earning several thousand dollars per month on YouTube. He’s making over $100,000 per month this year. And then other YouTubers are earning a handsome amount of money. 

So, you must be wondering how did they achieve success? Remember that you can’t achieve success overnight. You need to have a clear vision, and you should be consistent with your efforts. Only then will you be able to witness results.

Moreover, you should know about your niche, the audience you want to target and how to monetize your channel. With 1 million views in an unprofitable niche, a channel with poor monetization will make less money than one based on a profitable niche. Therefore, having views isn’t important.

How Can You Monetize A Channel?

As we’ve learned already, some channels are more profitable than others for a variety of reasons. Often, unprofitable vlogging channels lack a product or service to offer with their videos.

Most struggling YouTubers want to record videos about their lives and believe they will make money like a government stimulus payment. But this isn’t how it works. 

Youtube Channel

When you’re working on a platform like YouTube, there are different ways you can generate revenue through vlogging, be it YouTube ads, Patreon, PR packages, affiliate marketing and many more. 

We are going to talk about you can earn money through advertisements. Whenever you watch a video, you come across ads either at the beginning, middle, or end, which is relevant to the subject of the video. 

You don’t choose the ads you wish to display on your video. Instead, YouTube does the job for you. In general, it’s the weakest monetization method since YouTube keeps the majority of advertising dollars (around 55%) while you keep the rest.

Your video’s subject will greatly impact the amount of money your video makes from ads. When the ads YouTube shows aren’t relevant to your video, no good advertisers will outbid each other to display ads on your video.  

Therefore, it is crucial to select a profitable niche that will benefit the audience who has subscribed to the channel. If you’ve got an audience interested in buying products or services, you will ultimately attract advertisers who will be interested in putting their ads on your videos.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to share your earnings with YouTube, there is another way you can earn passive income, i.e. affiliate marketing. You can specify links that direct to ecommerce websites such as eBay, Amazon etc. If someone buys an Amazon product after clicking on your affiliate links, you’ll receive a commission. 

The commission can be as little as 2% and as high as 50%; it all depends on the product you’re selling.

In other words, if you sell a $1200 digital camera with your affiliate link, you may make $60 if you get a 5% commission.

To achieve this, you must be in a product niche. There are so many product reviews on the internet because of this. Their products are all sold for a profit after they are purchased.

Sell your service

What could be better than keeping 10% of the sale? It’s keeping 100 percent. If you don’t prefer commission-based earning, you can come up with your products. You can create a channel to advertise your physical products.

What if you don’t have a physical product of your own? No worries, you can also opt for providing digital services such as online courses, ebooks, software, and many more. If you’ve got expertise in any, you can make serious money.

For example, if you want to teach a particular skill such as SEO content marketing, you can design a complete course and sell it on different platforms. 

What Can You Do To Make Your Niche Profitable?

A career in vlogging comes down to the audience, the amount of money they can spend, and their willingness to spend it.

As you probably already know, there is no better way to make money than selling a product or service in real life. If your viewers don’t buy anything, your videos won’t make much, and you can’t sell anything either.

If you’ve chosen the niche-focused on “You”, you would require millions of views to get a stable earning. Although a large audience follows famous YouTubers for their daily dose of entertainment, it’s not profitable in the long run. 

Final Words

Vlogging can become a career if you find a niche where products and services can be connected to your video content. You can target markets like the cosmetic industry, health & fitness industry and anything that can gear the audience’s needs.

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