Can You Adjust The Bass On Beats Flex? [Solved!]

The Beats Flex are an excellent choice among lower budget headphones.

Normally priced at $69.99, this item is currently discounted to $49.99. 

It is a great deal to purchase Beats for under $100, however, those great savings come with some drawbacks.

If you compare Beats Flex to more expensive earbuds, you will find that they do not have all of the same features.

Can Beats Flex Bass Be Adjusted?

If you wish to adjust the bass on your Beats Flex, you will need to use an app with equaliser functions. You will not find an app that specifically allows you to adjust the earbuds’ settings on Beats Flex. However, many apps, such as the default Apple Music app, have equalisers which will allow you to modify the bass level on your Beats Flex.

It is rare to find a music player for Android devices that offers equalisation options.

The good news is that there are quite a few options to choose from. 

You only need to do a little bit of searching, so don’t be concerned. 

I have already carried out the research. 

I will go into detail in the following sections regarding how to use the equaliser built into Apple Music and which apps on Android provide similar functionality.

How do you change the bass on the Beats Flex?

Yes, that is the short answer. The longer answer is more complicated. 

The Beats Flex does not have an app that allows you to control the audio equalisation or bass settings. 

Listening to audio will require you to rely on the apps that offer these controls.

Apple already provides such a feature in its default Music app for iPhone users. 

If you’d like to know what settings you can adjust, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Music app.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on “Music”.
  • The “EQ” option will appear. Select it.

You can use this section to lower or increase the bass levels of your audio, as well as adjust other settings such as Treble (mids) and Alto (highs).

Note that these settings apply to the entire application and are not specific to your Beats Flex. 

If you change your audio output device, you will need to make necessary adjustments to your equalisation settings. 

The EQ settings can be adjusted in the Music app by going back there.

In Android, the process is slightly different. 

If you would like to equalise your music, you may want to use a music player app like BlackPlayer, Poweramp, or Neutron Player. 

It is also possible to download an equaliser application which applies across all audio output from your device, such as 10 Band Equaliser or Equaliser & Bass Booster.

How do I increase the bass on my Beats Flex?

You can simply turn up the volume in the Music app settings if you are using an iPhone with your Beats Flex. 

Follow the steps outlined in the previous section to access your equaliser settings.

Find the slider bar for bass in the EQ section once you are back. 

Slide it to the right by pressing and holding your finger on it. If necessary, you may need to adjust the settings a few times in order to achieve the desired results.

To use the Android app, you’ll need to figure out what it is you want. 

A variety of equaliser applications are available.

Let me search for you. Here are some apps that will make adjusting the bass of your Beats Flex easy:

  • Spotify
  • Equaliser Poweramp
  • Booster & Equaliser
  • Equaliser
  • Audio Equaliser
  • EQ for music volume
  • equalizer for headphones
  • EQ for music
  • players 10 brands

Run the equaliser after you have downloaded it. A slider bar will show you which bands can be adjusted. 

Depending on how the developer organises their user interface, bass might be at the top or at the bottom. 

How Can I Change the EQ on My Beats Flex?

Similar to turning up or down the bass, equalisation is managed in exactly the same way.

Even if you adjust the bass output only on one band, it is equalisation. 

For an iPhone, you adjust the EQ settings in the Music app. 

Click the Music icon. Click the Settings button. 

From the list of settings, find the ‘Music’ option. Click on the ‘EQ’ opYou will then have the opportunity to adjust five different audio bands.

Try playing a song while you experiment with the audio settings if you do not understand how each setting affects your audio.

You will notice the difference rather quickly.

You’ll need an equaliser app or an app that lets you adjust equalisation across the board if you’re using Android.. 

In the previous section, I listed equaliser apps.

The list isn’t complete, but it’s a start.

There are music players for Android that offer equalisation, just to give you more options:

  • Android Videoplay
  • Equilibrium
  • Sound Booster – Volume, Bass, Equaliser
  • Equaliser for music
  • Sound Booster – Volume, Bass, Equaliser All of these options have similar functionality with different user interfaces and quality levels.

It might take some experimenting with different applications to find the right one for you.

VLC is a tried and true application that is a good place to start.

What is the best way to increase the bass on my Beats headphones?

Apple developed every Beats headphone.

This means that the equalisation process is handled by the Music app on iOS and macOS. 

This was done in order for Apple’s software to feel more integrated.

The truth is that it was already incorporated into the software.

The purpose of Apple’s acquisition of Beats by Dre was to improve their ability to handle audio settings and equipment.

To adjust your bass on an Apple device, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Music app.
  • Tap Music > EQ.
  • You can adjust the bass by holding and sliding the slider. 

Really, it couldn’t be easier. 

You can connect your Beats to a Windows device in a similar way, but with a few differences.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Devices”.
  • Select “Bluetooth and other devices”.
  • Click on “Related settings”.
  • Click on “Sound settings”.
  • Select your beats.
  • Select the “Enhancements” tab from the list of tabs.
  • To enable your EQ options, click the box next to “Equaliser.”.

There should now be several EQ options available to you.

Several applications on Android offer the ability to adjust sound equalisation, as detailed in the previous sections.


How do I adjust the audio settings on my Beats?

There is none. Beats is designed by Apple to feel like an integrated part of the Apple ecosystem. 

In other words, they make the equalisation options available within the Music app that is included with macOS and iOS.

This means you’ll have to adjust the settings either through the native operating systems or a third-party application if you’re using your Beats with a device outside of the Apple ecosystem. 

Don’t worry about it too much. Apps that equalise work pretty well.

How loud should I turn my Beats up?

It is a matter of personal preference how equalisation and bass are set. 

There is no need to go crazy with it when it comes to the bass, but I would recommend turning it up a few notches. 

A high volume can damage your headphones or earbuds if the bass is too loud.


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