Can You Connect Airpods Without a Case?

Unfortunately! Your AirPods case is nowhere to be found, even though you swear you left it on your desk. You’ve searched everywhere. Perhaps you accidentally dropped the case, and it stopped working.

Will your Airpods work without the case?

Apple Airpods use Bluetooth to connect to an iPhone. It’s why you have your case with you when you’re out and about because it’s the connection that lets you pair your pods with your phone.

Apple recently announced that the Airpods case can only be used for one purpose: charging the AirPods. This case serves as a power bank for your phone. Airpods must be connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth if you wish to use them. 

This case does not contain Bluetooth functionality (and it is not connected to anything), however, it is essential for recharging your Airpods.

It is not impossible to connect your Airpods if your case is lost or damaged. You can always buy a replacement case from Apple if you need one. We will discuss how to connect your Airpods without their case and alternative methods for charging them without it.

Is it possible to connect Airpods without a case?

You may connect your Airpods without the case if you lose or damage your Airpods. There will be a few extra steps involved. You can also charge your Airpods without a case, but you will probably want to replace it later since it makes using Airpods much simpler.

But just how can you charge your Airpods without the case? How can you make sure they are fully charged? Continue reading to learn more.

How to connect Airpods without a case

A relatively simple process is required to connect your Airpods to your iPhone. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Home screen.
  2. Open the AirPods case without removing your headphones. You may wish to move the iPhone closer to the case if the setup prompt does not appear.
  3. The device should display a setup animation once they are within range of one another. The display will then display a Connect button.
  4. The owners of the higher-end Airpods Pro deserve a quick mention. If you own one of these versions, you first need to use the “Hey Siri!” function on your device. It is quick and easy to follow this guide to set up Siri so that you can use it with your Airpods Pro. When the setup is complete, a “Done” prompt will appear.
  5. If you had already signed in to iCloud, your Airpods will automatically set up with your devices.

You can connect your Airpods to your iPhone once you remove them from the case. Then you can start using them. The headphones begin playing music as soon as you put them in your ears and pause as soon as you remove them.

This allows you to have full control over your audio playback, which is the big appeal of Airpods. The case is only there to charge your Airpods so you can listen to your music again; you don’t need to pair your Airpods with the case.

Is it possible to charge my Airpods without a charger or case?

If you do not have a case or charger, you cannot charge your Airpods. As Apple does not sell replacement cases, if you have lost the case, you will have to purchase an entirely new set of Airpods from Apple. Charge your AirPods using both the case and the charger.

Is it possible to charge my Airpods with a different case?

There is interchangeability and backward compatibility among Airpods cases. Consider the scenario where you own AirPods 2 but lose the case. The Airpods 1 case can be used to charge the AirPods 2 if you still have it lying around.

There is only one drawback here: You cannot use this case for charging standard Airpods. As the Airpods cases differ in design, you will have to locate a standard charging case to use it.

Unfortunately! Your Airpods case is nowhere to be found, even though you swear you left it on your desk. You've searched everywhere

Is it possible to charge my Airpods case without the Airpods?

It is possible to charge your Airpods case without the Airpods. There is a battery in each of the two Airpods, as well as in the case. Make use of your lightning cable to charge your case’s battery. Because the pods are not housed in the case, you will not be able to charge them.

When you charge the Airpods case, it will be ready for charging the Airpods once they are put inside. The case lights up amber when charging and green when it has reached 100%, however, you can only reach 100% when charging with the pods inside.

Closing Thoughts

To charge your Airpods, you need a functional case. Unless you have one, you will be unable to charge your Airpods. If you do not have the case, however, you can still connect your Airpods to your iPhone. Does this work well? Unfortunately, no.

You will likely have to purchase a completely new set of Airpods if the case is lost or damaged – unless you are fortunate enough to already possess a backup case from your Airpods 1 or 2 set. 

At least Apple made sure the standard generation of Airpods is backward compatible. If you cannot obtain a spare AirPods case, you will need to shell out a substantial amount of money for a replacement.

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