Can You Control Volume With AirPods?

Most of the blog posts regarding AirPod reviews raised the same question. 

There was a question from the users regarding whether an external soundbar with volume control was required. 

The main reason for their concern was that AirPods do not contain any physical buttons to increase or lower the volume whenever they are in use. 

Can You Control Volume With AirPods?

There are two general ways to adjust the volume of AirPods. To increase and decrease the volume, the first method consists of using Siri commands. The second method involves using the volume button of an iPhone or other device of similar design. 

The AirPods also feature a double-tap gesture that can be used to adjust audio volume. In this article, I discuss how you can control the volume of your AirPods. We will discuss how to increase and decrease the volume on your AirPods with or without Siri. 

There is a solution for all AirPods models, including the original AirPods, the second generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro, and the AirPods Max.

Is it Possible to Control AirPod Volume Using Siri (First Generation)?

If you want to turn your AirPod’s volume up or down, you’ll need to adjust your double-tap settings. 

Here’s how you can set AirPod’s double-tap function: 

  • Make it Siri-compatible
  • you can play and pause audio content
  • skip to the next track
  • Go back to the previous track

Here’s how to customize the double tap option so Siri will work with AirPods:

  1. Tap Bluetooth in the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the info icon to the right on the list of paired devices to find your AirPods.
  3. When you click “double tap on AirPod,” select your preferred side, right or left, then choose Siri.

You can double-tap the AirPods after you have customized the settings. 

Simply tap on the left or right button depending on your preference. 

You can control the volume of your AirPods using Siri in two different ways.

  1. Getting Siri to turn up or down the volume is as simple as saying, “Hey Siri.”
  2. Also, Siri will let you increase or decrease the volume by a specific percentage. You can say, “Hey Siri, lower the volume by 25%.”

How Do You Use Your Airpods with Siri (Second Generation)?

When Apple transitioned from the first generation of AirPods to the second generation, it introduced a new feature. 

It was much more convenient to use the second-generation AirPods when using voice alone. 

This convenience meant that users could summon Siri by tapping on their earbuds. 

It was no longer necessary to perform tedious double-tap settings in order to enable Siri in the AirPods. Despite this, the volume can be adjusted similarly by turning it up or down.

What are the methods for controlling volume with AirPods without Siri (First and Second Generation)?

Siri may not be accessible at times. 

For example, you might not want to create a distraction while you are in a library. 

When this happens, you can adjust your AirPod using the volume button on the side of your device. 

As an alternative, you can also drag the volume slider of the app you are using, which is as follows:

  1. If your phone is not locked, you can access the Control Center. It is located in the bottom right corner on iPhone 8 and earlier versions.
  2. Drag the volume slider in the control center to raise or lower the volume.
  3. When your iPhone is on the lock screen, you can control the volume of the AirPods by dragging the volume slider right or left.

How do you control the volume on AirPods (AirPods Pro and Max)?

Here are four different ways to control the volume of AirPods:

Using Siri

Siri can be used to increase or decrease the volume. 

The first step is to ensure that the AirPod Pro is paired to your iOS device. You can connect them via Bluetooth if you do not see them among your paired devices. 

You can adjust the volume levels by saying “Hey Siri” and then vocalizing something like “increase volume by 5%” or “Turn the volume up” or “Turn the volume down.” Just make sure you speak clearly and loudly enough, and she will follow your command.

The most impressive feature of Siri is that you are able to do more than just change the volume. 

The volume can be viewed by asking Siri something such as “Hey Siri, what is the volume?“”.”.”. This feature can assist you in determining your optimal volume, which may vary from situation to situation. 

If you listen to your favorite podcast at home, you will hear it at a different volume than if you are in an area with high levels of noise.

Using the Volume Buttons on Your iPhone

When you can’t reach your Airpods or don’t have your phone close by, Siri comes in handy. 

However, there are times when you just can’t talk loudly. 

When you suddenly talk to Siri in a crowded train station, you’ll seem a little crazy. 

The old-fashioned way to change your AirPods Pro volume is to use the volume button on your phone. 

Turning the volume up and down on your iPhone is as easy as pressing the volume button.

Using the Volume Slider

You will have to reach for your phone to change the volume of your AirPods using this method, similar to the volume button technique. 

By dragging the volume slider in the active app, you can control the audio of your AirPod Pro. This can be done on your lock screen or in the control center. 

You can adjust the volume by dragging the slider on the lock screen. 

When the screen is unlocked, you can access the control center. 

In the control center, if you drag the volume slider up or down, you will be able to increase or decrease the volume.If your volume button is not functioning properly, you can try this method.

Using Apple Watch with a Mac

If you wish to increase or decrease the volume of your AirPod Pro or AirPod Max, you can do so from secondary iOS devices. 

How Do You Change the Volume of Airpods on a Mac?

If you are watching a movie or listening to an online lecture, you may be wondering how to change the volume of your AirPods.

If you have paired your AirPods to your Mac, you have two options for changing the volume. 

The quickest method is to use the volume buttons on your Mac’s keyboard.

There is also an option on the Menu Bar to change the volume. 

You can adjust the volume by dragging the volume slider up or down.

The volume icon is not always shown on the menu bar. 

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu on your computer’s Menu Bar. 
  2. Within the list that appears, select the AirPods connected to your Mac.
  3. Click the box next to Show volume in the menu bar below the volume bar at the bottom of the window.

How Do You Use Your Apple Watch to Change the Volume of AirPods?

You can listen to audio content directly from your Apple Watch. 

If your Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone, you can listen to the audio content there as well. 

It is possible to change the volume of AirPods from your watch. 

Here is the procedure:

  1. The Now Playing screen can be accessed from the Home screen by tapping the Now Playing icon. 
  2. It will appear with a volume icon. 

How do you monitor or limit the volume of your AirPods?

Several methods are available for controlling the sound of your AirPods, including:

  1. If you have been listening to your AirPods for a long time, you will get a notification that automatically reduces the volume.
  2. You can view your AirPods’ audio levels using a Health app.
  3. Monitoring the audio levels from your AirPods can be done through the Hearing control in the control center.
  4. Set your AirPods to a maximum volume.

Closing Thoughts

The AirPods devices do not have any physical buttons, but its still possible for users to adjust the volume. 

This can be done by pressing the volume button or using a volume slider. 

Advanced methods are also available, such as Siri and double-tapping. 

You can also monitor the volume of your AirPods using the control center or mobile applications, such as the health app.

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