Can You Link Two Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers?

Bose Soundlink mini speakers can be useful in small spaces where you do not need to hear as many differences in musical tones. You may have wondered if your mini speakers can be linked if you are hosting parties or want a deeper bass sound.

Can Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers be linked together?

You can easily pair two Bose Soundlink mini speakers via the Bose Connect app or by manually connecting them. 

You have two options for connecting Bose speakers – party and stereo. A party mode will enhance sound in different areas in your home, while the stereo mode will enhance sound quality.

By using the Bose Connect app or manually, you can link your Bose Soundlink mini speakers to the Internet. 

You can link your Bose speakers in two ways-party or stereo. Party mode amplifies sound in different areas of your house, and stereo mode makes your music sound great.

You’ll learn how to use Bose Connect to turn on stereo and party modes. Check out the end to learn about common troubleshooting solutions if it turns out to be more challenging than I make it sound.

How to connect two Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers

If you wish to connect your Bose mini speakers, you have two options:

  • Having a party
  • in stereo mode

It is ideal to use the party mode if you have a large room or two separate areas and wish the sound to be broadcast to both. 

On the other hand, stereo mode converts your Bose mini speakers into a makeshift stereo, where one speaker serves as the right speaker, and the second speaker serves as the left speaker.

Moreover, Bose mini speakers can be linked to party or stereo modes through the Bose app or manually.

How to link your Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers with the app

You can easily connect your Bose mini speakers by using the Bose Connect app. Please follow these steps for party mode:

  1. Please turn on both mini speakers.
  2. Make certain that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  3. If you wish to connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth, simply press the button on one of the speakers.
  4. Select the “Party Mode” option on the Bose Connect app.
  5. Tap “Continue.”

Soon both speakers will begin playing music.

If you desire, you may hold down the Bluetooth button on both Bose Soundlink mini speakers, but this is not required. Whenever one speaker is switched on, the other speaker will automatically connect as well.

How to turn on stereo mode using the app

Prior to switching from party mode to stereo mode, both of your Bose Soundlink mini speakers must be in party mode. 

To do this, you must first open the Bose Connect app and select “Stereo (L/R)” after completing the above steps.

Back to party mode

To keep your mini speakers on stereo mode, simply open the app and select the “Stereo (L/R)” option once again.

During this process, the music will immediately play over both speakers, allowing you to place them in different areas of your home or room.

How to manually link your Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers

Here are the instructions for linking your Bose mini speakers without your phone if you don’t have it nearby.

Enabling Party Mode

Whether you’re hosting a party or want to bring a solo party to your home via surround-sound-like music, follow these steps below to enable party mode.

  1. Activate both speakers.
  2. You can connect one of the speakers to the Bluetooth device on which you want to play music.
  3. Press the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons simultaneously while your Bose mini speaker is playing music.
  4. Hold your second speaker and let go of the buttons when you hear a voice prompt.
  5. You’ll hear a noise when you hold down the Bluetooth + and Volume – buttons.
  6. It will take about 10 seconds for the music to begin playing in unison across the two Bose Soundlink mini speakers.

Enabling Stereo Mode

It is necessary to switch both Bose mini speakers into party mode prior to enabling stereo mode.

Follow the steps below once you have completed that step.

  1. Click on the Bluetooth button and the Volume + button simultaneously.
  2. The speaker will announce “stereo mode.”
  3. There will be one speaker who will say “left” and the other who will say “right.”.

When this occurs, the music becomes stereo, providing distinct left and right audio separation for a better listening experience.

Changing Between Modes

If you prefer listening in party mode rather than stereo mode, the answer is simple-just select one speaker and simultaneously press the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons.

After this, the sound will play on both speakers simultaneously.

Unlinking your Soundlink Mini Speakers

A simple turn-off of one speaker will unlink your Bose mini speakers.

As an alternative, you can hold down the Bluetooth button on one of the speakers until you hear the voice prompt if you’d like to keep your Bose mini speakers on.

A Troubleshooting Guide for Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers

It is likely that you are using an older version of the software if you are unable to link your Bose speakers after following these steps.  

To download the latest software version, you’ll need to go to Bose’s website. When you have done so, your mini speakers should be able to be connected.

It is also possible that your mini speakers cannot be linked for other reasons, including:

  • It’s time to charge your speaker
  • You’re more than 10 meters from each other
  • Connecting your Bluetooth device to both of your speakers (usually no problem, but can sometimes result in a problem)
  • A lot of Bluetooth devices are in use

You should also check if there’s anything physically blocking the link between your mini speakers. When you’re trying to pair your devices, metal, walls, and doors can all hinder them.

Do you want to link your Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers?

You can use Bose’s link features to enhance the sound quality of your mini speakers either through the app or manually.

Soundlink mini speakers from Bose offer the quality sound that you’d expect from larger speakers while allowing you to easily switch between party and stereo modes.

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