Can You Ping Your Apple Watch If It’s Lost Or Stolen?

You may need to remove your prized Apple Watch from time to time due to the demands of life.

It might be to take a shower, enter a courthouse or federal building, or just because it’s getting too hot.

You may forget where you left it or someone may have removed it, either unintentionally or maliciously, when you encounter an occasion where you need to take it off outside of your typical routine.

You want it back regardless of the circumstances.

Is it possible to ping your Apple Watch if it’s misplaced or stolen?

Can You Ping Your Apple Watch If It’s Lost Or Stolen?

When you’re looking for your Apple Watch, you may use the Find My app to ping it. In addition to pinging it, depending on the scenario, you have a few more choices for locating it.

Learn how to locate your Apple Watch using the Find My function, as well as what to do once you’ve found it.

How To Find Apple Watch If You Can’t Locate It

If your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, there are a number of ways to track it down and protect your data.

Learn all you need to know to make the most of these features.

It All Begins With Proper Setup

If you don’t set up your Apple Watch before you need it, you won’t be able to use the Find My functions to ping or locate it.

If you have this function turned on on your phone before connecting your watch, it will automatically activate on your watch during the pairing process.

It’s simple enough to double-check that the functionality is turned on for peace of mind. Open the Settings app on your watch and press on your name.

Then, under the list of devices, touch on your Apple Watch, which is normally the first item on the list.

You can turn it on and off by tapping on Find My Watch from there.

Ping Your Apple Watch

The first step in tracking down a lost or stolen Apple Watch is to ping it or set off an audio alarm.

This functionality may be accessed straight from the Find My app or through the Watch app.

Tap All Watches in the upper-left corner of the Watch App, then tap the I symbol next to your watch.

Tap Find My Apple Watch from there. This will launch the Find My application.

Simply check for your watch in your gadgets list in the Find My app to get started. Tap it once you’ve found it.

You’ll have a number of alternatives to pick from.

Simply press the Play Sound button, and your watch will emit an audible ping.

You must either have your watch connected to your phone through Bluetooth or have an Internet connection for this to operate.

Track Your Apple Watch

You can monitor your phone to see where it is in addition to utilizing an audio ping to locate your watch.

Only Apple Watch models with cellular service and signal perform reliably in this way.

Log in to your phone’s Find My app and wait for it to update your watch’s location.

This will either be the precise position of your watch or a radius around it, depending on the signal you have.

The software does not follow your watch in real time, but rather displays a snapshot of its position when the location is ping.

If you think your watch is moving, simply refresh the list to check where it is. As long as there is a cellular connection, you can see where it is.

Activate Lost Mode

You can activate Lost Mode if you fear your watch has been stolen or is lost somewhere other than your house or car.

This stops unauthorized users from accessing important information on your watch.

It also allows you to display a message on the watch face, requesting that whoever has your watch contact you so that you can reclaim it.

Go into the Find My app, find your watch in the device list, then press it to enable Lost Mode.

Mark As Lost is beneath the Notifications area, so scroll down. Press the Activate button.

In Lost Mode, you’ll get a rundown of what happened. Continue after scrolling down.

The following page allows you to enter a phone number, which may be for your iPhone or any other line.

After you’ve entered that number, hit Next in the top-right corner.

You may then type a message to appear on your watch face, or you can keep it blank.

Because there are just 70 characters available, brevity is essential.

You’ll see a summary of the data before tapping Activate in the top-right corner.

What Happens Next?

In most circumstances, you’ll either recall where you left your watch when you see it on the map or you’ll use the ping to locate it.

If someone finds it or unintentionally picks it up, they will hear it go off and see the message on the watch face.

They’ll contact you to arrange for the return of your watch.

In the unlikely event that this does not occur, Apple advises contacting local law police to report the watch lost.

You can inform them of the location of your device’s tracking and allow them to attempt to recover it.

Finally, Apple suggests resetting your Apple ID password to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your account.

When you receive your watch back, you’ll be able to access it via the standard pin.

Some features, like your Wallet, will not be available until your Apple ID password is entered on your phone.

Is it Possible to Find My Work Without Using the Internet?

To function effectively, Find My needs an internet connection.

The sound will not be played if your watch does not have a connection.

It also won’t show you where your watch is located.

Instead, it’ll display you the last known position from the last time your watch was connected.

To enable Lost Mode, it must also be connected. Lost Mode will go into pending mode if your watch doesn’t have an active connection, and it will activate as soon as it does.

Alternatives to Using Find My

The Find My app on your phone is the most typical method of accessing Find My. On the iPad, as well as on the watch itself, there is a comparable app.

You may also use the iCloud website to utilize the Find My feature.

To access Find My, go to and sign in using your Apple ID.

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