Can You Shower With Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro are designed to go anywhere with you, whether you are working out at the gym or rushing through heavy rain to get to the bus stop.

Certainly, they are capable of enduring some moisture exposure, but can they go in the shower with you?

Are Powerbeats Pros suitable for showering?

If you do not submerge the headphones in water, Powerbeats Pro are water resistant up to IPX4. Splashes and sweat will not damage the headphones. If liquid chemicals from toiletries come into contact with them, they may also fail.

It is likely that a little bit of water won’t permanently damage your Powerbeats Pro.

They have been constructed with an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which means that they can withstand some splashes and sweat.

However, their innermost components are still susceptible to liquids (and also to solids that manage to get inside).

It has been reported that Powerbeats 3 owners have experienced problems with their earphones after sweating or being submerged in water, but they do not have an IP rating (which I will discuss more in depth soon).

As a result, they are not designed to stand up to splashes or sweat exposure.

However, the Powerbeats Pro does so to a limited extent.

It does not always follow that you should do something just because you can.

It is still possible for chemicals to penetrate even an IP-rated electronic device.

When you take a shower, you are exposed to a great deal of chemical substances – your body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, foot scrub, lotion, etc.

It is possible that any of those items contain chemicals that could harm even IPX4-rated earbuds.

Let us discuss why you can wear your Powerbeats Pro in your ears while showering, but you should not during the use of certain toiletries.

We hope this little tidbit of information will save your expensive, high-quality ear buds from some serious damage.

How is an IP rating calculated?

Ingress Protection is the abbreviation for Ingress Protection.

Is that what you are asking? Basically, it refers to the device’s ability to stand up to liquids as well as solids.

As IP ratings increase, a device’s ability to withstand intrusion increases.

In addition to the IP rating, there are two other numbers that indicate the product’s ability to withstand solids and liquids.

A first number indicates the degree of dust resistance, ranging from X (no rating is provided) to 6 (fully dustproof).

Second, there is the water resistance rating, which ranges from X (no rating specified) up to 9K (meaning that it will not be damaged by powerful, high-temperature water jets).

The Powerbeats Pro has an IPX4 rating, which does not indicate dust resistance, but it is designed to withstand direct water spray.

Therefore, it is suitable for use in the rain or shower.

Testing the waterproofing of the Powerbeats Pro

Other researchers have tested the Powerbeats Pro for water resistance.

How did those results turn out? The results are quite encouraging.

After being dunked in water for 20 minutes, they only sustained minor – and reversible – damage.

Even so, it would probably be best to refrain from taking a shower with them since they are not known for holding up against liquid chemicals.

Are Beats headphones suitable for use in the shower?

It is possible to shower while wearing the Powerbeats Pro, but it is generally not recommended.

In fact, the problem is more related to chemicals in the water than to the water itself.

Chemicals contained in your shampoo or body wash are not rated against them.

A few drops of that substance could harm your earphones, causing everything from a muffled sound to a complete malfunction.

Therefore, if you do take your Powerbeats Pro into the shower, you should take care to be careful what you expose them to.

Powerbeats Pro can be worn in the rain.

It is recommended that you do not expose the Powerbeats Pro to prolonged exposure to rain.

There is a risk of them falling into a puddle and becoming submerged.

It is probably a good idea to dry them off immediately if you do get caught in the rain with them.

Can I use my Powerbeats Pro with liquid chemicals?

When you are in the shower, chemicals can seep into your Powerbeats Pro. There is no way to predict the extent of the damage they may cause.

It is not recommended that you use your Powerbeats Pro in the shower due to this reason.

What to do in the event of water damage

To resolve water damage to your Powerbeats Pro, you will need to act quickly.

If you do not act quickly, permanent damage may result.

If this happens, the best case scenario is that your earbuds will be muffled.

Even so, you do not want to risk it with a pair of wireless earphones that cost this much.

Water damage will force you to break out that bag of unused rice you have lingering around in your kitchen cabinet and use it to mitigate the damage.

It is worth a try whether or not the rice method works for you.

In a clean bowl, place some rice.

Immerse your headphones in the rice so that they are both submerged in it.

For 48 hours, it must be left uncovered.

After 12 hours, some people will take their electronic devices out, but that may not be long enough for the rice to absorb all of the moisture from the Powerbeats Pro.

After the session is completed, remove the earphones and gently wipe them down with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

If your sound quality is still good, try using them again.

In the event that you cannot use your Powerbeats Pro at all, you must contact Apple Support to determine whether you are covered under your Apple Care+ warranty.


As a general rule, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your Powerbeats Pro.

Would you be able to take a shower with them on? Most likely.

However, this does not imply that you should.

Powerbeats Pro are susceptible to contamination by liquid chemicals, which can cause significant damage.

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