Can You Shower With the Apple Watch 6?

The first point I want to emphasize in this guide is that just because something is possible, does not mean that you should.

There are many things that the Apple Watch is capable of, and you can do a lot with it.

You can wear this watch during a jog in the rain or while swimming in the pool without having to be concerned about it being damaged.

Are you able to wear it in the shower if that is the case?

Is there anything that may result in the watch breaking down if it is worn too frequently in the shower?

Can the Apple Watch 6 be worn while showering?

Showering with the Apple Watch 6 on is technically possible, but you may wish to avoid the risk. You won’t be able to harm the watch with water from a showerhead, but chemicals from your bath and body products will cause damage. Exposure to these chemicals may erode the protective coating and materials on the watch, allowing water to seep inside and disrupt the electrical components.

The Apple Watch has been tested out by both reviewers and owners for several years now, striving to determine its true capabilities.

Considering all the factors, this watch has proven to be quite durable.

Apple improved the water-resistance of the Apple Watch Series 2 on a vast scale.

Unlike its predecessors, the Series 2 was rated as being waterproof to 50 meters, rather than just splash and sweat-proof.

Consequently, this watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

For most of us, that is an impressive depth to which we do not venture.

Even so, Apple has issued a few cautionary statements regarding where and how you wear your Apple Watch.

However, even though the Series 6 continues to receive that WR50 rating, harsh chemicals, hard impacts, and increased pressure may cause these watches to be damaged.

Apple Watches, no matter how durable they may be, are not indestructible.

Although you may be able to wear your Apple Watch Series 6 in the shower, you might want to reconsider.

The reason is as follows.

Water resistance differs from waterproofing.

Let’s start with the basics. Please note that water-resistant and waterproof are two different types of water protection.

If you have a wooden deck, you should consider its coating.

Isn’t it waterproof? The wood would rot over time if it was not treated with a waterproof coating.

Thus, the coating prevents water from penetrating the wooden surface.

Water-resistance is generally limited to a few devices, such as the Apple Watch.

In addition, they cannot completely repel water or be impervious to it.

They do, however, keep some water from penetrating – to a certain extent.

Taking the Apple Watch 6 underwater is not recommended because the increased pressure could crack the glass, causing water to seep in and destroy the electronic components.

The body of the watch keeps water away, but the innards, when exposed to water, are highly susceptible.

Does my Apple Watch 6 work in the shower even if I do not use any bath and body products?

Your Apple Watch can be worn in the shower if you do not intend to use anything that contains chemicals.

In general, water will not cause harm to your watch as long as you do not have a crack in the glass facing that allows water to enter.

In Series 2 and after, chemical-free showers are a welcome feature.

On my wrist, I have the Apple Watch Series 6. What else can I do with it?

If you swim in fresh or salt water, as well as in a swimming pool, you are certainly able to wear your Apple Watch 6.

You can wear the watch while exercising since it is sweat-proof.

A watch should hold up well if you are caught in a downpour.

Can I wear my Apple Watch while engaging in the following activities?

If you are planning on hopping aboard a jet ski or getting towed behind a speedboat on an inner tube, you should remove your watch before boarding.

Apple Watches cannot withstand severe impact.

The watch can break if it hits the water with full force.

The use of bath and body products containing strong chemicals, as well as any other product with strong chemicals, is not recommended.

By doing so, the chemicals could damage the water-resistant components over time, leaving the watch more susceptible to leaks.

What is the best way to determine whether water has seeped into my Apple Watch?

If you begin a swimming workout with your Apple Watch 6, the screen will be automatically locked with Water Lock to prevent any accidental tampering.

You may unlock the screen by turning the Digital Crown once you have completed the filling process.

Little drops of water will splash around and you will probably feel them on your wrist.

It is possible, however, to experience problems with the watch’s sound or display if water has leaked into it.

Where can I find information regarding self-remediation of water damage?

It is simple to clean your watch if it has been splashed with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. Following a swim, you can gently clean the Apple Watch 6 with warm water.

The watch’s openings should never be inserted with anything.

The water should be emptied by unlocking the screen.

You can also manually remove water from your watch by swiping it up from the bottom of its face, which will open the Control Center.

Tap on Water Lock next, then turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen.

The water should be removed from the speaker. Your sound should become much less muffled as a result of this.


Apple Watch Series 6 offers several impressive features. However, the device is not indestructible against water damage.

Yes, you can take your watch swimming with you, however, harsher activities and chemical exposure may damage the watch.

You can shower with your watch on, but you should avoid anything that contains chemicals.

The only thing you should be using in your shower is water.

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