Can You Use a Bluetooth Headset With a Landline Phone?

Ok, so let me just say: Yes, some of us still use landlines! It’s got its own advantages. 

You can make unlimited local calls, guarantee your connection in case of an emergency, and they won’t drop your calls like a cell phone will. 

They also provide superior sound quality and ensure connectivity, eliminate the need to recharge a battery, and can’t be hacked.

A landline can be really handy for those who work from home.

Since I run my small business from home, I know how awesome it is to have a landline to take client calls. 

Can a Bluetooth headset be used on a landline phone?

A Bluetooth headset can be used with a landline phone. Your desk phone or adapter needs to be Bluetooth-enabled. You can also use Bluetooth headsets with cordless landlines.

However, you’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled desk phone or an adapter.

If you’re using a landline, that’s the first thing you’ll want to do. 

You will need to locate a phone with a 2.5mm port that works with your landline.

You will otherwise be required to pick up and end calls manually, which means you may want to consider getting a Handset Lifter to pick up and end calls when you are away from your phone.

Even though it may seem complicated, using a Bluetooth headset with a landline phone is not as difficult as you might think. 

Please allow me to walk you through the process of using a Bluetooth headset.

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth headset with a landline phone?

With a landline phone, you can use a Bluetooth headset. 

As many of us have shifted to working from home these days, headsets are essentially indispensable. 

You can connect a Bluetooth headset to your desk or telephone.

Of course, there are some limitations. For instance, an adapter may be required. Your telephone system and adapter plug into the phone. Connect the headset, then BAM! You’re ready to go.

Can I use my cordless phone with a Bluetooth headset?

If you have a cordless phone, you can use your Bluetooth headset. 

With a cordless phone equipped with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm headset jack, a wired headset can be used. 

For cordless phones, Bluetooth is available as either an integral part of the phone or as a separate Bluetooth headset you can purchase.

How do I connect a headset to a landline phone?

It is much simpler than it sounds to connect a Bluetooth headset to a landline phone.

Is your mind racing with questions like “How do I set up Bluetooth on my home phone?” or “How do I connect my wireless headphones to my office phone? “don’t worry, it won’t take you long. 

Plug the Bluetooth headset into your landline if you own a Bluetooth-enabled desk phone or adapter. The headset should have instructions on how to do this.

You can switch between your smartphone and landline phone with a headset with multipoint pairing technology. 

Cool, right?

Do wireless landline headsets support Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is not usually included in a wireless landline headset. 

There are a large number of wireless headsets now being manufactured for landline phones that utilize DECT 6.0 technology rather than Bluetooth. 

The DECT-enabled headsets operate on their own channel even though this particular wireless frequency works just as well as Bluetooth. 

It helps to prevent interference from devices that have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality.

You also need to be aware that you cannot put callers on hold or dial out of a corded landline phone when using a wireless headset. 

That is only possible when using a desk phone.

Bluetooth Headset Benefits with Your Landline Phone

The benefits of using a Bluetooth headset are pretty clear.

You can move about while you’re working. 

That’s great for people who work from home. 

As well as having a stronger connection, you’ll be safer than you could get with just your phone.

Sure, you’ll need to watch how long the battery lasts, but most headsets last 12 hours. 

They just need to be charged overnight. 

When you use a landline, you won’t have to worry about charging your phone!

Are there any Bluetooth headsets available for landline phones?

This is where I get super nerdy and tell you about those Bluetooth-enabled landline phones. 

I recommend the VXI V300. If VXI doesn’t sound familiar, know they’re owned by Jabra, which makes top-notch Bluetooth devices. 

It works with cordless phones, corded phones, computers, and cell phones.

It works with everything. 

Even Skype works with it! Adjust the fit of your headband, neckband, and ear hooks by swapping them between.

Although you’ll have to get accustomed to the small buttons on the base, the audio and mic adjustments are easy to use.

You can also consider the AT&T Marathon. Cordless phones can be used with this device, and it is extremely easy to install. 

Due to the interchangeable ear hooks, headbands, and neck bands, you can easily customize the fit of the device. 

You may find them a bit bulky if you use the ear hook.

The VTech IS6200 is my recommendation. It is compatible with only a few cordless phones.

Wireless range is about 350 feet, and they are low profile and affordable. 

It will not work with anything other than a certain cordless phone model.

Closing Thoughts

We rely on Bluetooth technology to help us get through workdays now that so many of us work from home. 

Bluetooth headsets that are compatible with landline desk phones and cordless home phones may be a bit hard to find, but they can certainly be paired up and experienced for their long range and battery life. 

You can brew a cup of coffee while you do your Monday meeting or midweek virtual huddle while you get up and walk to the kitchen.


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