Can You Use An Apple Gift Card To Buy AppleCare?

You may be wondering whether you can put old Apple or iTunes gift cards to good use for something you need if you have a stack lying around.

Would you be interested in AppleCare for one of your products? Do you have the option of purchasing AppleCare with an Apple Gift Card?

Is it possible to purchase AppleCare with an Apple gift card?

An Apple gift card can be applied toward the cost of AppleCare, however, you will need to purchase AppleCare first. The cost of AppleCare cannot be redeemed using a gift card.

While I cannot simply purchase it using my gift card and then use it in place of your credit/debit card without activating it, I will still be able to receive a code to cover any remaining balance due for Coverage or Extended Protection.

My AppleCare code will automatically be added to my Apple ID account under Advanced following the completion of my purchase and activation.

If there is a balance remaining on my AppleCare contract, I can use this code to pay it through the Apple website.

I am not sure whether I will be able to use the gift card immediately after purchase.

I will need to wait until I receive an email from them confirming my AppleCare subscription is active before I can use the gift card towards any remaining balance.

You should be aware that bulk discounts are not available for this type of purchase.

It is best to go to a store if I wish to save money on my AppleCare contract.

AppleCare is available at Apple store locations for as little as $9.95 per month for iPhones and iPads and approximately $14.95 for Macs.

What is the process for checking the balance of my Apple gift card?

Most of Apple’s gift cards are eligible for electronic check deposits.

Alternatively, I can access this information by consulting my Apple account settings or directly by clicking on the “View Details” link found under any gift card in my possession.

As I scroll down the screen, I can see how many credits are left, the balance, and how many days remain until all of my credits are exhausted.

Once that date has passed, the balance will be zero.

I may also go to the store where I purchased the Apple gift card and ask them to print me a new receipt that shows the balance if my gift card does not display the balance.

A retailer with which I am registered would inform me of the remaining balance on the card.

A referral to support may be necessary if none of these methods were successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, e-mail, or even chat.

Is there a way to register an Apple gift card?

I can register my Apple gift card at any time.

Unless I already have an account with Apple, I will only purchase products from their online store if I already have one.

My card can be registered in four ways:

  • In the screen where I enter the currency amount, there is an area asking whether the currency is a gift card. When the answer is yes, you will be given the option to continue shopping. I can view the remaining credit on my card by clicking the option on the right side.
  • A location where I should select if I would like to enter a gift card appears on the screen where I enter my billing and shipping information. Upon the next screen that appears, I can enter my credit card number and proceed to the checkout process.
  • Select the option to use an Apple Store Gift Card or a gift card for the payment after I have selected my preferred shipping method. After clicking this button, I will be taken to another screen requesting various information, including my billing address. You can enter the gift card number rather than the address if you already have an account with Apple.
  • If the checkbox for “Gift Card” is checked on the screen where I select my shipping method, I can enter the code from the gift card.

I am asked to indicate whether the currency I am using is a gift card on the screen where I enter the amount.

If it states yes, I can proceed to the next step and choose Continue or Start shopping.

My remaining credit is displayed on the right side of the screen.

I have an area on the screen where I should select if I would like to enter a gift card when entering my billing and shipping information.

After I have entered the card number on the next screen, I can proceed with my purchase.

In the Payments section, after choosing the desired shipping method, I can select either a gift card or an Apple Store Gift Card for purchase.

After clicking this button, I’ll be taken to another screen containing fields for various information, including my billing address.

I can enter my gift card number instead of the address if I already have an Apple account.

When selecting a shipping method, the screen will display a checkbox labeled “Gift Card.” If this box is selected, I can enter the gift card number.

It is also possible to register online by visiting and registering my card via that method.

Where can I find out when my gift card is due to expire?

I do not know what the future holds, but I believe it would be prudent to check ahead of time on Apple’s website if a countdown function is offered.

My gift card will be informed of its expiration, and I can then remove it from my Apple account to ensure that I have used it.

It would make it more convenient to check my credit card now and then if they did not have this facility.

I may have little to no credit remaining if I do not use it for several months.

Although I do not know how long it will remain active once the credit has been used up, if I want to ensure that I can use it again, I should make sure I use my gift card before the expiration date has expired.

What is the procedure for redeeming an Apple gift card?

By clicking the redeem link on the card’s information page (on Apple’s website, for example), I can redeem the gift card.

To redeem the item, I need to enter the 16-digit code on the back of the item.

I will be presented with a thank-you page following this action, and my credits will be available within 24 hours.

When purchasing the product in-store, and the employee does not maintain a record of previous purchases, I am not sure how long it will take, but I may ask the cashier to investigate.

Furthermore, if my gift card comes with a redemption code, Apple will use this information as proof of my ability to redeem my gift card.

Finally, an Apple gift card can be redeemed for the AppleCare Protection Plan.

The plan will need to be purchased first, and then I will be able to activate it.

The same procedure applies if an Apple gift card is used to purchase a Macbook or Apple TV.

If I desire to purchase a new iPhone or iPad, I would complete the purchase online, and later go in-store to register it with my Apple ID and receive the remaining balance from my gift card.

Using this method, I can also purchase accessories such as Apple Pencils and AirPods.

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