Can You Use an iTunes Gift Card for Apple Pay?

It is quite common for Apple users to receive an iTunes gift card. 

It is convenient for people to send cards as gifts, as they allow Apple fans to purchase whatever they desire for their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 

You may wonder if you can use your iTunes gift card for Apple Pay if you received one. iTunes gift cards cannot be used for Apple Pay, but they can be added to your iPhone’s Wallet and Apple Pay feature. 

For the iTunes gift card value to be transferred into Wallet and Apple Pay, you will need to go through several steps.

Can an iTunes Gift Card be used with Apple Pay?

It is not possible to use an iTunes gift card with Apple Pay. You could only buy iTunes with a stored credit or debit card with an iTunes gift card and the now-defunct iTunes app.

It is because you cannot automatically transfer funds from your gift card to your iPhone for use with Apple Pay. 

However, even with these limitations in place, there are a few steps that can be taken to recoup the balance on the card.

Locate the code on the back of the iTunes gift card. 

The code can be seen by peeling or scratching off the label. 

You can access the App Store on your iPhone or iPad by selecting the App Store app.

To redeem a gift card or code, tap on the sign-in button and choose “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” If you are not already logged into your Apple ID account, you must do so before this option is available. 

To redeem the iTunes gift card, you can either use your iPhone’s camera and follow the steps, or you can manually add the code to your account through the keyboard.

What Are the Instructions for Adding Funds to Gift Cards?

Even though iTunes gift cards cannot be used with Apple Pay, they can still be added to the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad. 

If you wish, you can also add additional funds to your account, which you can use at an Apple Store. 

If you prefer to pay in cash instead of using a credit card, this feature may be useful.

You will have to open your Apple Pay and Wallet applications on your device first while you are in an Apple Store.

Select the App Store and iTunes card stored in the Wallet or Apple Pay app. 

Once the Pass has been opened, a unique QR code will be displayed.

Tell an employee at an Apple Store that you wish to add some money to your account by presenting your device with the App Store and iTunes pass displayed. 

For the funds to be added to your account, you must pay that amount.

This will be accomplished by scanning the QR code that appears on your device.

Can Apple Pay be used on iTunes?

Apple Pay is not currently available on iTunes.

You can use Apple Pay only if there is a physical payment terminal, such as one found in a store or on public transportation.

With Apple Pay, you can make payments without using cash or a credit or debit card, just as you can with iTunes gift cards.

How Do You Transfer a Gift Card to Apple Pay?

The iTunes gift card cannot be used for Apple Pay, however, the Apple gift card can be transferred to your Wallet and Apple Pay app. 

This can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

Your iPhone or iPad should open the Wallet and Apple Pay app, where you should tap “Edit Passes”.

Click the “Scan Code” button.

You can find the QR code on the back of your Apple gift card. You can peel off the silver film covering the QR code. 

Take a coin and rub it off.

An alert should appear on the screen of your device. 

Select it and open Safari or whatever browser you normally use.

You will then see in your browser a picture of a gift card with the amount reflected on it. 

To add the gift card to the Wallet and Apple Pay, click on the “Add” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

How Can You Use an iTunes Gift Card?

Your iTunes gift card may also make you wonder if you can make purchases for any purpose with it. 

The card cannot be used to make purchases through Apple Pay, but it can be used for other purchases.

Apple gift cards may only be used to purchase items directly from the App Store and iTunes Store. 

These stores allow you to purchase only virtual goods, such as apps, music, books, games, television shows, and movies.

The items you purchased with your iTunes gift card will appear on your device once the transaction has been completed successfully.

It is used in conjunction with the balance you have on your Apple ID, so whatever you spend on the gift card remains in your Apple ID. 

As long as there is sufficient money on the gift card, you can make more purchases later.

Apple Pay does not accept iTunes gift cards, but you can still make good use of the funds.

They can be transferred to your Apple Pay app or you can buy items directly from the Apple Pay app on your device.

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