Can You Use Verizon Jetpack for Home Internet?

You might be wondering whether Verizon Wireless offers any home internet options to customers who are already using their telephone service through Verizon Wireless, or if you are considering switching to the Verizon network. 

Verizon does not offer satellite or cable broadband options for its customers. However, it does offer a type of add-on for Verizon plan subscribers, called Verizon Jetpack.

Can You Use Verizon Jetpack for Home Internet?

You can get home internet with a Verizon Jetpack. Multiple devices can be connected directly to a Verizon Jetpack over Wi-Fi, but you can’t use it with an Ethernet port, and connection speeds may slow as soon as you reach a certain usage limit. 

There are a lot of questions out there about Verizon Jetpacks, let alone what they are. 

We’ll look at common questions about this home internet option, like what makes it different and if it’s compatible with home routers.

How Does a Verizon Jetpack Work?

If you’re looking for home internet, choose Verizon Jetpack. 

You can add Jetpack to your Verizon plan with no problem if you already have your phone through Verizon. 

You’ll probably find that a Verizon Jetpack is pretty cheap and extremely flexible, though. 

The Jetpack is an installation-free product

You will only receive the Jetpack device when you sign up for a Verizon Jetpack, which is lightweight, portable, and extremely small.

With Verizon Jetpack, you will be able to bring your devices with you wherever you go. 

The Jetpack is very popular among people who wish to take vacations or go camping while still maintaining the security of a reliable internet connection. 

The Verizon Jetpacks are designed to be portable, so they do not require installation at home. 

Setup of the Jetpack is as simple as turning it on and connecting your devices by using the Jetpack’s Wi-Fi password. 

You may, however, wish to plug the Jetpack in and keep it in a central location in your home constantly if you choose to rely on it for your home internet.

The installation process for this router is, however, much simpler than that of other home routers. 

Verizon Jetpacks Are Cheap

The price of a Jetpack device can vary depending on the model, but you can usually expect the initial payment to be around $99. 

Your monthly payment will be based on how much data you use. 

A Jetpack device can be added to an existing Verizon phone plan for as little as $10 a month.

You can add the Jetpack to your unlimited data plan on Verizon for $20 a month, or you can add it to your unlimited plus plan for $30 a month. 

The Jetpack will, however, be essentially a second “phone line” on your existing plan. The new line will receive the same amount of data as the rest of your plan. 

Even though Verizon unlimited plan phones do technically have unlimited data, internet speeds will slow after each device uses 15 gigs of data.

With Verizon Jetpacks, this is the same principle; you can add one to your Verizon unlimited plan and get unlimited data, but it will slow down after using 15 gigabytes of data. 

It is still possible to purchase a Verizon Jetpack without already having a Verizon Service plan, so as long as you do not have another phone line on the plan, you could use it. 

Several Jetpack stand-alone plans provide unlimited data, but there is a difference in the speeds at which you will reduce your data usage. 

Plans include:

  • It is the “Essential” Plan for $20 a month with reduced speed after 15 gigs
  • With a $40 “Plus” plan, speeds are reduced after 50 gigabytes have been consumed
  • The “Pro” plan for $60 a month has reduced speeds after 100 gigs used
  • For $80 a month, the “Premium” plan offers reduced speeds after 150 gigs have been used

A person who wants more data can add 5 gigs to their plan for $35 a month, 10 gigs for $70 a month, etc. 

As a result, Jetpack is less than $100 a month for home internet unless you stay on their premium plan.

Verizon Jetpack customers can also get prepaid plans.

These plans come with reduced connection speeds if you don’t have a Verizon service plan. 

Jetpack has 3 types of prepaid plans, including: 

  • A 6 gig plan for $35 a month 
  • A 16 gig plan for $45
  • A 30 gig plan for $65

What are the disadvantages of Verizon Jetpacks?

The Jetpack is inexpensive and versatile, but it lacks ethernet functionality, and Verizon’s data plans typically offer slower speeds. 

Verizon Jetpacks Do Not Have Ethernet Options

Many individuals prefer to use ethernet connections at home with their desktop and laptop computers. 

It should be noted, however, that Jetpacks do not offer the option of using an Ethernet cable, which can be a disadvantage for those with such needs. 

In the same way as an Ethernet connection, though, you can connect a Jetpack to a device by using a USB cable for a slightly faster connection than Wi-Fi. 

Verizon Jetpacks slow down home internet speeds with data limits

The Verizon Jetpacks do have inexpensive service plans, but these plans are not without their limitations. 

Verizon Jetpacks do not currently offer unlimited data plans, and all plans will slow the connection speeds after a certain amount of data usage has been incurred. 

If you are looking for a home internet package that provides you with plenty of fast, unlimited internet access, a Jetpack may not be the best choice for you. 

You may be interested in the Verizon Jetpack if you are looking for a cheap home internet option and do not intend to utilize more than a set number of gigabytes per month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Jetpack router compatible?

The Verizon Jetpack cannot be connected to a traditional home router or wireless devices like a router.

The Jetpack can nevertheless be connected to one device at a time with a USB cable for slightly faster speeds than wireless connections.

Does Verizon Jetpack have unlimited data?

Jetpack devices are compatible with Verizon service plans that offer unlimited data. 

After a certain number of gigabytes are consumed by the Jetpack, the speed of the connection is reduced. 

What are the differences between Verizon MiFi and Jetpack?

The MiFi and Jetpack devices from Verizon Wireless are both Mobile Hotspots for concurrent connections to the Verizon Wireless network. 

The MiFi device from Verizon can connect up to 30 devices, while the Jetpack is limited to 10 and is generally deemed more suitable for office use than for home use. 

Is the Verizon Jetpack equipped with an Ethernet port?

There is no Ethernet port on the Verizon Jetpack. 

It is possible, however, to connect a device to the Jetpack-using a USB cable, similar to Ethernet.

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