Can You Wear Beats Flex In the Shower? [Answered!]

I’m sure you’ve seen ads or heard talk about taking other headphones out for a jog in the rain or the shower before you bought the Beats Flex.

What about waterproofing? How about sweat proofing?

It’s not just that they’re durable, but they can take a beating, so you can use them for a lot of things.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take good care of them.

They’re not cheap to replace under AppleCare+, and they’re still expensive to repair.

What are the shower rules for wearing Beats Flex? [Answered!]

No sweat or water resistance on the Beats Flex. I wouldn’t wear them in the shower. If you get them wet, they will go bad and become unusable.

In any case, you shouldn’t wear your Beats Flex in the shower.

Unlike the Power Beats Pro or Beats X, they don’t withstand water or sweat.

It’s possible to damage those earbuds with water, too.

Beats Flex is a good earphone that is durable and versatile, but there’s still some risk of damage.

You need to be careful what you expose them to, and keep them dry after even a little sweating or getting wet.

Here’s what happens when Beats get wet and what the difference is between being waterproof and being water-resistant.

Rated for water resistance

How waterproof are the Beats Flex? Can’t. It’s not going to work.

Beats Flex isn’t water- or sweat-resistant like Powerbeats Pro and Beats X.

What if I get a little wet? That might happen, but are you ready to take that risk? I doubt it.

You can tell if an electronic device can handle moisture by the IP and WR ratings.

They have some internal moisture protection known as IP, which stands for “ingress protection”.

IP can be followed by two numbers. The first (between 0 and 6) represents the amount of protection provided against the entry of solid objects (such as sand and dust). The second (between 0 and 6) represents how much protection is provided against the entry of moisture or liquids.

It’s somewhere in the range of 0-8.

Water-resistance (WR) ratings are given to watches (like Apple Watches).

Apple Watch Series 2 and later are water-resistant, and WR50 watches are rated for submersion up to 50 feet.

Beats Flex in the shower?

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t shower with your Beats Flex.

Water from the shower can ruin them.

Their inner electrical components are not properly protected on Beats Flex.

A steamy bathroom can cause damage with just a little moisture.

What about Beats headphones in the shower?

Beats headphones are okay in the shower.

We’ve got some sweat- and water-resistant Beats, Powerbeats, and Powerbeats Pro.

They just don’t like being submerged in water, exposed to pressurized water, worn in saunas, steam rooms, intended submersion in water, dropped too hard, and disassembled.

They’re all dangerous.

Why should I buy Beats Flex?

Compared to other Apple earbuds, Beats Flex is a great deal.

Beats Flex has seamless iOS integration thanks to Apple’s W1 chip.

And it performs well, especially in terms of bass.

You can wear them while you’re on the go and they fit easily in your ear canal.

Can I use another set of earphones in the shower?

It may be worth saving up and getting something like the Powerbeats Pro if you insist on wearing earbuds in the shower.

It’s still a good idea to keep earbuds away from chemicals-filled soaps and shampoos.

Too much exposure can still harm them.

If I get my Beats Flex wet, what should I do?

Try wiping them down with a lint-free microfiber cloth if they get a little sweat or water on them.

Sure, if you soak them in water too long, you might have to give your Beats Flex the rice treatment.

Sink your Beats in a bowl of rice, then leave it there for 48 hours.

You want the water to evaporate.

You’ll have to get new headphones if that doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

Beats Flex is pretty versatile, but they’re cheaper than Powerbeats Pro.

The Beats Flex won’t allow you to use your earphones in the shower, though.

If you want something sweet- and water-resistant, make sure it has an IP rating.

While the Beats Flex is neither, they’re still a pretty decent earbud for everyday use.

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