Costco Tommy Bahama All Terrain Foldable Beach Cart Review

Don’t you want to go to the beach in your area this coming vacation to have great fun with your family/friend(s)! You already know that there are so many entertaining things to do at the beach. For example, you could play exciting sports there like ultimate frisbee, sand soccer, and surfing. And, you would definitely want a beach cart to load your important items including sports items. Isn’t it!

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So, we reviewed one of the best beach carts available on the Amazon. And, that is Tommy Bahama all-terrain beach cart. Our analysis helped us find many notable points. Some of them are:

Foldable cart:

Our blue Tommy Bahama all-terrain beach cart is foldable. And, it folds flat for its easy storage. So, due to the foldable nature, you could place this wagon anywhere easily like in your car’s trunk while going to a beach site. Although it’s not a canopy wagon, it’s still worthy of being bought.

Weight capacity:

The weight capacity of this wagon is 100 Ibs. That’s why you might add various heavy items in this wagon like your surfboards, straw hats, umbrellas, buckets, and spades. If the weight of the items you want to bring with yourself is around 150 lbs, you should consider heavy-duty Beachcomber All Terrain Mac Wagon.

Net and bag:   

The vast part of our cart is made of a strong piece of net. And, our vehicle has a big detachable insulated bag with some zippered side pockets for your small accessories like hairbrushes, sunscreen lotions, and touch screen mobiles.  


This cart is highly portable because of two reasons. The number one cause is that the wagon’s weight is low or only 17 pounds. And, the second reason is that its volume is also low when folded. So, you can carry it easily wherever and whenever you want.

Frame and wheels:

Its frame is made of powder-coated steel that keeps the cart safe from corrosion in a rusty and humid environment like that of a beach. It has standard big rear wheels and dual steer front wheels that are made of durable plastic. These wheels are all-terrain by nature, so you could easily move the wagon on almost every type of surface.

Push and pull handles:

It has a padded pull handle and a strong push handle for your comfort during traveling.


This wagon has a stroller-like design for users’ easy handling. Plus, it’s made of some wear-resistant fabric. And, due to these things and steel-made dual steer front wheels, you’ll enjoy your strolling even on deep sand without any issue. We say so because you could even move this cart out of deep sand while walking on the beach near some charming ocean. So, you’ll remain satisfied during your walk there all the time.

Now, let’s inform you about the pros and cons of Tommy Bahama all-terrain beach cart that are:

10Expert Score

One special feature of Tommy Bahama all-terrain beach cart is that its load capacity is high enough despite having low weight. And, this beach gear got a 4+ star rating based on hundreds of reviews on Amazon. Impressive! Don’t you feel so!

  • The wagon is lightweight and foldable, so it’s highly portable.
  • No assembly is required to use this cart.
  • It has an effective umbrella holder.
  • Its load capacity is high enough (100 Ibs).
  • It has two handles (a padded pull handle
  • a credible push handle).
  • It is durable due to its hard fabric, frame, and mesh.
  • It has a detachable and insulated tote bag that has some zippered side pockets for some extra storage.
  • A standard cooler bag is available with it.
  • Its wheels are reliable for moving on every surface like that of sand. Or, they’re all-terrain by nature.
  • The cart’s wheels are made of quality/reliable plastic material. But, on a sandy surface, rubber wheels are better for users.
  • This vehicle would’ve been good enough with an attached tray for storing little food items like chocolates, juice cans, and biscuits.
  • It is somewhat expensive.

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