Costco vs Best Buy For iPhone?

When it comes to purchasing a new iPhone, you’ll want to browse around for the greatest prices.

Especially if you want the most up-to-date models. iPhones may be as much as $1,600.

‘Can I buy it cheaper elsewhere other than Apple?’ is the true question. No, that is not the case.

If you want to purchase an iPhone 13 completely new, it will cost the same price regardless of where you get it.

If you prefer to shop at Costco or Best Buy, you might be wondering if you can acquire an iPhone there and, if so, which one is preferable.

Is it better to buy an iPhone from Costco or Best Buy?

If you’re deciding between Costco and Best Buy for your next purchase, you’ll be relieved to learn that it all boils down to customer loyalty. Apple collaborates with major merchants such as Best Buy and Costco. That indicates that those locations are Apple-approved retailers.

Authorized Apple dealers can’t sell items for cheaper or more than Apple, and they have to provide AppleCare instead of the usual protection plans.

In other words, whether you buy an iPhone 13 with AppleCare from Best Buy or Costco, the price will be the same and you will get the same product.

That’s both a good and a terrible thing because it means that the only option to save money on a new iPhone is to wait for special discounts or trade-in bargains.

Both businesses have nearly identical financing choices.

The only real difference between the two stores when it comes to smartphone sales is that Costco needs you to join a membership to shop there, but anybody may shop at Best Buy.

In reality, Costco membership is the reason several things are cheaper in the store, except Apple products.

Is Buying Apple at Costco a Better Deal?

What’s the difference between buying an iPhone from Apple or Costco and getting the same goods and services for the same price?

It all boils down to what Costco has to give vs what Apple has to provide.

In a nutshell, this refers to financial possibilities.

If you have a Costco credit card with in-store financing, you may have built up a large enough credit line to buy a new iPhone with no interest for a limited time.

Because Costco sells more than just electronics and computers, a Costco credit card is significantly more likely than an Apple financing option.

There’s also the issue of place availability.

The number of Apple stores is limited, and they are spread out around the country.

Costco, on the other hand, can be found in almost every decent-sized city in the United States.

That implies a Costco is more likely to be closer to you than an Apple Store.

How Much Do Apple Products Cost at Costco?

Apple has invested time and money in forming agreements with the country’s top merchants.

That means that no matter where you buy your iPhone from an authorized Apple reseller, the price and protection choices, known as AppleCare, will be the same.

While the price may be the same, Costco occasionally runs promotions in which customers earn in-store credit in exchange for purchasing during a special period.

This does not lower the price of your purchase, but it may be viewed as a financial inducement to shop from Costco rather than Apple directly.

This isn’t a Costco-only issue.

Apple items are always the same price at approved Apple dealers, as mandated by the agreement Apple’s partner’s sign to become authorized locations.

Best Buy, which provides similar prices and financing alternatives as Costco, is another example of an approved Apple reseller.

Is AppleCare more affordable at Costco?

AppleCare is a direct-from-Apple protection and support program.

As a result, it’s priced the same anywhere that’s permitted to sell it.

There is no option to get AppleCare at a lower price.

You must pay the same yearly or monthly cost at each location if you want AppleCare to “insure” your iPhone.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to get AppleCare right now.

You may add the service to your Apple account by taking your Apple goods to an Apple shop within 30 days.

AppleCare is automatically registered by locations that offer the service.

That means you’ll be able to get help from Apple right away after making a purchase.

Is It Important Where You Purchase Apple Products?

The only significant difference between buying Apple items directly from Apple and via authorized resellers is shipping and handling.

Every physical shop has its delivery and warehousing system.

This is why I avoid buying electronics from firms like Wal-Mart, which have a reputation for mishandling things during the shipping process and when they are dropped off at the store.

Companies like Best Buy and Costco have far tougher guidelines for their staff to follow, ensuring that the gadgets that arrived at the store are in superior shape.

If you receive an item that has been damaged in the shipping process, all outlets that sell them will enable you to swap for a product that has not been damaged at no additional cost.

That gets us back to the point where the only difference between where you buy Apple products is whether you want to wait for them to arrive in the mail or if you want instant gratification.

I recommend purchasing from Costco since they are more likely to have in-stock items than an Apple Store.


What’s the point of an Apple Store if authorized dealers sell the same things as Apple?

Apple Stores are more showrooms than retail places for Apple’s products and services.

Apple Stores also allow the company to host educational programs and provide customer service.

This may not signify anything to most people.

If you simply want the most up-to-date iPhone, you may acquire it from any authorized Apple retailer.

Should I apply for Apple credit or just buy my next iPhone using my Costco card?

If you’re economically prudent, there’s no harm in applying for an Apple credit line to boost your credit score.

Otherwise, you should just use your current credit line.

The sole advantage of applying for another loan is that you will be able to improve your credit score even more by making on-time payments.

If you don’t want to pile additional debt on your credit cards, consider paying for your next iPhone through your AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint/T-Mobile service bill. It isn’t going to save you any money.

In reality, it will cost more in the long term.

It will not, however, add to the debt on your existing credit lines.

Is AppleCare a good investment?

Yes. Smartphones and tablets are prone to breakage.

The front and back of iPhones, for instance, are both coated with glass.

A single unfortunate drop might result in shattered glass. With AppleCare, you can have that cracked screen fixed without having to buy a new gadget.

AppleCare is substantially less expensive than purchasing a new iPhone.

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