Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Trying to find a solid, reliable rice cooker? The choices out there alone can make this a very difficult choice for some. After all, you want to know the money you are spending is actually worthwhile. When talking about the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, though, what is the general consensus? Is it good enough, is it worth your money?

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Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker, 6 Cups Uncooked (3 Liters / 3.2 Quarts), Pink

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First things first, this is a solid and sturdy pressure cooker that can handle a lot. Not only does it offer a nice “Turbo” mode for both white and brown rice, but it also does brown rice in about 45 minutes which is a lot faster than other models manage. It’s got a voice guide function which keeps you up to date with what it’s doing and when, but personally this can become a little bit annoying after a while.

However, annoying accents aside, it’s a strong machine when it comes to actually make an impression and cooking your food. The problem is that it resets all of its settings and stats if it’s not plugged in for a few hours. This can be an irritant if you regularly unplug everything at home. Instead, turn it on “Power Save” mode and you’ll feel a lot better!

The quality of the food it creates is excellent, though. With a series of strong safety devices and a warning system to keep you from destroying whatever it is you are cooking, this is a modern and up-to-date pressure cooker in features.


Like the majority of Korean electrics, this has a long-term productivity level. They are arguably the best brand going for making rice and ensuring it turns out in a yummy, effective manner. The performance of the model itself is very efficient – it will get your work completed for you and it won’t take long at all, so long as you follow the cooking instructions for each meal to the letter.


  • – Cooks brilliant rice without fail
  • – Incredibly sturdy
  • – Fast


  • – A little pricey
  • – Resets settings if turned off


Overall, the Cuckoo rice cooker is a solid and reliable pressure cooker. If you think you will be using it regularly enough then it’s worth the money but if you are just going through a little phase after watching one too many cooking programs, then you may want to go down the ladder a little bit in terms of costs – over $470 is fairly steep for a pressure cooker if you’re not going to use it often!

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