Difference Between Hair Dryer And Blow Dryer 2022

The hair-dryer and blow dryer are both some of the very basic technologies of the hairstyling industry. With the advancement of age and technology, the fashion industry has also overcome several changes over the years.

Styling tools such as curling irons, with clamp or clamp-free, hot hair rollers, zigzag parting combs, and whatnot, all have been some great creations that came out of this. However, the basic straightening iron and the hair-dryer are two of the vital pieces that anyone who’s even the slightest bit concerned about their looks does and should own.

Amongst these, there are two overlapping terms: the hairdryer and the blow dryer. These two are quite similar to each other and are actually said to be the same thing given different names in different regions. However, despite the suggestion that they are the same, there are a few distinctions that set them apart. To find out about the difference between hair-dryer and blow dryer, keep on reading!

Hair Dryer

The hairdryer came around back in the 19th century, brought to the public eye at a French salon. It is essentially used to style and enhance the look of a man or a woman’s hair; it can be used to simply dry the hair after a shower, or style it and add volume. 

The device runs on electricity. Its temperature can be controlled according to your hair or style requirement. The coils that surround the motor facilitate this fluctuating temperature.

Blow Dryer

The blow dryer primarily has the same function – blowing hot air for the purpose of drying – but it is not only limited to just the hair. This product can be used all over the body or perhaps on anything else that needs drying.

The device is fitted with a ceramic heating component that gives out warm air. They also contain the option of being able to blow out cold air if that is needed. 

With a blow dryer, it is advised that the dryer not be brought too close to the scalp as it may cause damage to the roots of your hair. It is also recommended that you do not towel dry your hair prior to blow-drying it.

Hair Dryer vs. Blow Dryer 2021

Reading about the two separately, the difference between the two may or may not have totally cleared out. To further grasp the distinguishing factors, we have listed them out for easy understanding.

  • Naming 

The difference between the two products first and foremost lies in their names. As mentioned before, the two terms are often used synonymously. The term ‘hairdryer’ originates from British English, whilst ‘blow dryer’ originates from American English.

  • Design

Hairdryers started out to be the size as big as a person’s head but fortunately were remodeled to different sizes. There are no significant differences in the outward designs of the two.

  • Usage

As mentioned above, the use of blow dryers is not limited to just the hair, rather it can be used on the whole body. However, if a dryer is needed for the hair specifically, then a hairdryer might be more suited.

  • Temperature

The temperature settings of the two devices could vary. Blow dryers have a more concentrated dryer function, therefore a higher temperature than hair dryers. Hairdryers are strictly electric and make the use of steam or air, but that is not particular for blow dryers.


All in all, despite the similar attributes and abilities of the two dryers, they can very much still be used for the same purpose. With that said, if you happen to own a blow dryer, but use the drying just on the hair just after taking shower, you do not necessarily need to change to a hairdryer.

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