Do AirPods Affect Phone Battery?

The longer your iPhone has been in use, the shorter its battery life has been.

Many things should be avoided if you want to prevent your battery from running down, but is using your AirPods one of those things?

Does using AirPods affect the battery life of your phone, and if so, how much?

Does using AirPods deplete the battery life of your phone?

Using AirPods will have some effect on the battery life of your phone, but it won’t be significant. When compared to using AirPlay, the amount of power that your AirPods draw from your phone’s battery when connected via a standard connection is negligible. 

It’s not so much the AirPods themselves that run down your battery as it is the other things you’re doing on your phone at the same time that you’re wearing them.

AirPods come with built-in batteries. When you use your AirPods, the battery life of the AirPods will decrease. Despite this, the use of these features has a negligible effect on the battery life of an iPhone.

Does using Bluetooth deplete the power of a battery?

Your phone’s battery will be drained slightly whenever you connect to a Bluetooth device.

That is still the case even if there are no Bluetooth accessories currently connected to your phone.

Your phone’s Bluetooth connection remains active as long as the connection is active, and it will be constantly scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices to connect to, such as the Apple Watch.

That scanning does consume some power, but only a small amount.

Even when using Bluetooth, today’s smartphones are designed to conserve as much of their batteries’ power as is humanly possible.

However, when you connect a pair of Bluetooth earphones to your phone, such as AirPods, and are streaming audio, you will be using a little bit more power than if you were to connect a pair of wired earphones.

Despite this, it won’t have much of an effect. If your battery is in good shape, you don’t need to worry about the additional drain on your battery that will occur when you use your AirPods in Bluetooth mode. You can go ahead and use them.

Comparing Bluetooth and Airplay

It is essential to make a distinction between using your AirPods in a conventional manner and doing so with AirPlay when doing so with these headphones.

Apple came up with the idea for AirPlay so that its various products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, could communicate wirelessly with one another.

AirPlay establishes connections to your other Apple devices by utilizing WiFi.

It promises better audio quality as well as a more stable connection.

In our tests, using AirPlay for your AirPods rather than Bluetooth resulted in a significant increase in the amount of battery power required from your phone.

AirPlay, in particular, consumed thirteen percent of the phone’s battery over two hours when it was used to stream music that was locally stored on the device (that is, music that the user had previously downloaded to the device).

On the other hand, when using the AirPods over Bluetooth, the phone’s battery was only used up 5 percent of its capacity.

This is a significant difference; to put it another way, AirPlay has the potential to consume more than 2.5 times as much power as Bluetooth.

Streaming music over the internet, on the other hand, did not produce quite as dramatic a difference (songs that the user did not download to the device).

Because AirPlay already uses a WiFi connection and can use that connection to play songs from the web, it only saw a slight increase in the amount of battery usage is required when playing songs from the internet as opposed to playing local songs, which was 14% as opposed to 13%.

When playing music over Bluetooth, however, the amount of power consumed by the device increased by 10 percent.

What are some important things that we should take away from all of this? If you are not currently using your AirPods to stream audio to another device, there is no need to turn them off or disable the Bluetooth connection on your phone.

You will certainly reduce your power consumption, but the differences won’t be significant enough to make it worthwhile.

On the other hand, if you are streaming music, you can save power by disconnecting your AirPods and connecting your device via a wired connection rather than using them.

Even if you are using your AirPods, you can still reduce the amount of power consumed by your device by switching them to Bluetooth mode rather than activating AirPlay on your device.

How to Get More Playtime Out of Your AirPods Battery Using These Tips and Tricks

While using your AirPods, there are a few different things you can do to prevent the battery from running down.

Even though your AirPods might not be the source of the battery drain on your phone, other factors could be.

Downloading audio and video before using it is recommended.

You can help your battery last longer by playing music and videos that you have already downloaded to your device rather than streaming them live. This is one of the most important things you can do to help your battery last longer in addition to turning off AirPlay.

Not only will you use up data when you stream content from the internet, but you will also use up more of your battery than you would otherwise.

Apple Music lets you download songs and podcasts to listen to offline, and you should also be aware that Netflix lets you download content as well.

However, to download videos from YouTube, you will need a YouTube Premium subscription.

Turn off your computer screen.

Another thing you can do while listening to music is to turn off your computer’s display. Leaving your screen turned on will cause your battery to drain much more quickly.

To save some energy, you can configure your screen so that it turns off after a shorter period automatically.

If you have to have the screen on, like when you’re watching videos, try to lower the brightness as much as you can so as not to put as much strain on the battery.

Switch to the Low Power Mode.

You can activate Low Power Mode on your iPhone by going to the Settings app, then selecting the Battery option.

A Low Power Mode switch can also be added to your control center to make it easier to turn it on when you’re listening to music on your computer.

It will prevent other applications from draining the battery of your phone while running in the background.

Put in a Fresh Battery

Finally, it looks like you should probably get a new battery. You can check the health status of your battery and see how long it lasts compared to when it was first purchased by going into the settings on your device. Replacement batteries for Apple products can only be obtained through an authorized Apple Service Center.

You will be able to search here for authorized service professionals.

A Few Parting Thoughts

If your battery is depleting much more quickly than it should be, the problem is most likely not with your AirPods themselves.

Instead, there are likely other factors at play that are contributing to the loss of battery power.

You can find out which apps are consuming the most battery by going into the settings for your phone’s battery.

It’s possible that your battery just isn’t as good as it used to be, in which case getting a new one would be the most reliable way to guarantee that you won’t lose power while listening to your music or podcasts.

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