Do Apple Watches Need a Data Plan?

Consider purchasing a data plan when considering how you want to connect with your Apple Watch.

Is it, however, truly necessary, or would it be a waste of money?

Some Apple Watch owners choose to purchase a data subscription, while others discover that they can do without.

To be honest, it’ll come down to whether you purchase the GPS or GPS + Cellular version of the Apple Watch. Neither one necessitates the use of a data plan; nevertheless, you will always have the choice to do so.

When the Apple Watch was initially released, it was essentially simply a wearable extension of the iPhone — more of an accessory than anything else.

That all changed when the Apple Watch Series 3 was released.

With the option of choosing between the GPS and GPS + Cellular Apple Watches, customers might get additional connection out of their Apple Watches.

When the iPhone went outside of the Bluetooth connection region, they could now do more than simply receive incoming calls, messages, and notifications.

So, is a data plan required for either the GPS or GPS + Cellular Apple Watch models?

Should you acquire a data plan for your new Apple Watch or rely on Bluetooth and WIFI for connectivity if you don’t have one?

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Is a Data Plan Required for Apple Watches?

Whether you have a Series 3 or later Apple Watch with GPS or GPS + Cellular, you don’t need a data plan. You can choose to have a separate data plan with the GPS + Cellular devices. Having a data plan allows you to take use of all of the Apple Watch’s features and capabilities.

How can you get the most of your Apple Watch’s features while on a data plan?

And how do you put one up in the first place?

Which service provider do you want to go with? Are you going to be saddled with a slew of obscene activation and service costs on top of a monthly bill?

Is getting a data plan really worth it? Continue reading to discover how to use a data plan with your new Apple Watch.

What can you do with an Apple Watch data plan?

If you have a data plan for your Apple Watch, you can do a couple extra things with it.

It is not necessary to have your iPhone nearby to establish a connection.

You may leave your iPhone at home and go about your day with your Apple Watch, which can perform nearly all of the things that your iPhone can.

Following the popularity of the Series 3’s addition of GPS and LTE, Apple Watch followed this trend with the Series 4, 5, 6, and 7.

What about the numbers 6 and 7? Those, on the other hand, may connect to either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless networks.

So, yeah, you do have a plethora of networking possibilities.

GPS + LTE cellular versions are more expensive than GPS + WIFI variants.

Price differences might range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

The Apple Watch Series 6 costs more than $399 right now.

By any stretch of the imagination, you aren’t getting a cheap watch, especially if you choose the GPS + LTE Cellular model.

Then there’s the cost of having a data plan on a monthly basis.

What should I do first before purchasing a data plan?

Before you sign up for a data plan with a service provider, be sure you have the most recent iOS software on your iPhone and the most recent Apple Watch software.

Older iOS versions are prone to glitches and faults, which can make the Apple Watch incompatible with the iPhone.

Remember that your iPhone and Apple Watch must have the same cell plan in order to function together.

Will your service provider be able to offer you with a qualified plan, or will you have to look for one? Also keep in mind that the Apple Watch does not allow prepaid accounts.

How do I set up my data plan?

When you’re ready to activate your cellular service with a data plan, simply follow these steps:

Go to your iPhone’s App Store and download the Apple Watch app. Then choose My Watch from the drop-down menu.

Select Cellular, then Set Up Cellular.

Following that, you’ll receive instructions unique to the network provider you’ve chosen.

If you become stuck and require assistance, contact your network service provider.

How much will I have to pay each month?

The cost of adding the Apple Watch’s data plan to your existing cell service plan will typically be between $10 and $15 per month.

For having data on your Apple Watch, you should anticipate to pay around $120 per year on average.

Certain cellular companies offer plans for as little as $5 per month, equating to $60 per year — a more reasonable fee for some consumers.

However, it is possible that it will not be with the same service provider as your iPhone, and both devices must be on the same cell plan.

Which Apple Watch data plan should I choose?

How do you choose an Apple Watch data plan from a reliable service provider? You have a lot of options to pick from.

The Apple Watch data plan costs an additional $10 per month with Verizon’s NumberShare service, but it comes with perks like getting the first three months for free.

However, they do charge a $30 one-time activation service cost.

AT&T’s plan is comparable to Verizon’s, with free service for the first three months and a $30 activation charge.

Because older plans don’t work with the Apple Watch, you’ll have to choose between AT&T Unlimited Elite, AT&T Unlimited Extra, or AT&T Unlimited Starter.

T-first Mobile’s offer of three free months will also help you save money on your first year.

However, for their plans (Magenta, Magenta Plus, and Exclusive Offers), the one-time activation price is restricted at $20.

You will have to pay Sprint $15 each month.

If you sign up for auto-pay, you will receive a $5 reduction, but you must pay your complete monthly fee automatically.

Sprint does not charge an activation fee, but you must have a data plan with them in order to use your phone.

Because U.S. Cellular is a smaller carrier, you may not get the same super-fast speeds as T-Mobile and others.

However, you can only add a data plan for an Apple Watch for $5.

What if I don’t want my Apple Watch to have a data plan?

It is not necessary to purchase a data plan for your Apple Watch.

Many owners rely only on their Bluetooth capabilities and, if available, a WIFI network connection.

It’s a lot easier to connect to 5G WIFI networks now that the Apple Watch 6 and 7 can connect to them, which are popping up all over the place.

Closing Thoughts

The bulk of your Apple Watch’s functionality may be used without a data plan.

Do they assist you in getting the most out of it? Yes.

Is it, however, necessary? Is it a monthly expense you can afford? You already have connectivity choices thanks to the watch’s ability to connect through Bluetooth and WIFI.

It’ll be up to you to determine if you can afford to spend an extra $5-15 each month on data on your Apple Watch.

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