Do Apple Watches Track Sleep?

It may be difficult to monitor your sleep patterns during a pandemic because of the demands of your job, your family life, your attempts to keep up with your social life, your efforts to improve your health, and your efforts to simply remain healthy.

However, doing so can also be essential to improving both your health and the quality of your life.

You can try using smartphone apps to track your sleep, but they don’t always catch the most accurate biometrics. If you want to track your sleep, try using smartphone apps.

You are aware that the Apple Watch most likely comes with all of the fancy bells and whistles that are currently available, but can it monitor your sleep?

Does Sleep Tracking Happen on Apple Watches?

Apple Watches have an integrated system of sensors that monitor multiple biometrics related to sleep. 

These biometrics include blood pressure, wrist temperature, heart rate (including the detection of arrhythmias), walking speed, cardio fitness, distance walked, symmetry, and several other movement-based metrics. Apple Watches tracks sleep using this information.

While you are wearing the Apple Watch, the cutting-edge sensors that are built into this diminutive but powerful piece of technology can monitor the patterns of your sleeping habits.

Because of this, the Apple Watch is in a better position than your iPhone to monitor your sleeping patterns and habits.

The Apple Watch makes it relatively simple to record your sleep data while also providing useful insights.

In the Apple Store, you can search through a variety of different sleep apps to find one that is compatible with your Apple Watch.

You can personalize your sleep routine and set goals for the amount of time you spend sleeping by using the Watch itself.

You also can modify these objectives as time goes on.

But how does each step of this process take place? Which sleep-related mobile applications are the most beneficial? How can you tell if you’re having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep? Let’s dig our heels in and find out.

How do you get ready for bed at night?

When you get your Apple Watch, you can use the Health app on your iPhone to configure how it should track your sleep.

After you have opened the app, navigate to the Set Up Sleep section and select Get Started before selecting Next.

After you have accomplished that, you can begin putting things in place.

Sleep Goals gives you the ability to choose how many hours of sleep you want to get each night, as well as the times you want to go to bed and get up. Sleep Screen can help reduce distractions by having your iPhone automatically simplify your Lock Screen and turn on Sleep Focus at the time you have designated as “Bedtime.

By going to the Settings app on your iPhone, tapping Focus, and then tapping Sleep, you will be able to permit certain people or apps to notify you.

After that, select the people or apps you want to receive notifications from by tapping on People or Apps in the Allowed Notifications section.

Wind Down Shortcuts are designed to assist you in concentrating on winding down and relaxing before bedtime.

This assists you by instructing you to carry out activities such as activating a Home scene, utilizing a preferred meditation app, or listening to soothing music.

You can monitor the quality of your sleep by wearing your watch to bed with you.

This option will become available during the setup process of your Apple Watch if you have previously paired it with your iPhone.

After you have initially set it up with your iPhone, you will have the option to turn on Track Sleep with your Apple Watch at a later time.

How do you adjust sleep goals?

Okay, you’ve met some of your sleep goals. How can you adjust them so that you can work toward different objectives?

You can do this in one of two ways: either through your iPhone or through your Apple Watch.

Changing settings on your Apple iPhone

Launch the Health app on your device, and then select Browse at the very bottom of the screen. After that, press the Sleep button.

If you have Sleep added to your Favorites list in the Health app, you will be able to access it from the Summary page of the app.

At this point, select the Full Schedule & Options option. Click the box in the Additional Details menu that’s labeled Sleep Goal.

You will be able to make changes to your Sleep Goal from this screen. After that, all you have to do to save your adjustments is tap on the time that you have chosen to do so.

Make the necessary adjustments to your Apple Watch.

Using your Apple Watch to make adjustments is even simpler than using your iPhone because there are fewer steps involved.

To accomplish this, launch the Sleep app and select the Full Schedule option from the menu that appears.

Navigate to the Options menu and then click Sleep Goal.

Now, to modify your objective, use the plus and minus buttons that have appeared.

After you have finished doing that, select Sleep Goal from the menu that appears in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the previous screen and save your adjustments.

Is it possible to make adjustments to your sleeping pattern using your iPhone?

Do you need to make some adjustments to your routine? You have the option of modifying your entire schedule or changing it for the Next Wake Up Only.

Only wake yourself.

To do Next Start by opening the Health app, followed by Wake Up Only, and finally selecting Browse at the very bottom of the screen. Next, tap Sleep.

(Remember that if you have Sleep saved to your Favorites list, you will be able to access Sleep from the Summary page of your account.) Now, locate the Edit option that is located beneath the sleep schedule in the next section, and then tap on it. Notice how the slider is curved? Move it to adjust the times for when you go to bed and when you wake up.

It will turn orange if the schedule does not allow you to get the amount of sleep you need.

Next, to activate the alarm, select the Wake-Up Alarm option from the menu. You can make adjustments to the volume, sound, and haptics of your alarm using this.

When you are ready to save your changes, tap the Done button.

Note: If you want to change the Wake-Up alarm for the following day, you can do so in the Clock app.

Bring your entire schedule up to date.

Simply updating your entire sleep schedule can be done by going to the Health app and selecting the Sleep option. Your schedule can be found in the Full Schedule & Options section.

Once you’ve located it, click the Edit button that’s located under the schedule that you want to change.

Next, select the Days Active button, and then use the curved slider to customize the times at which you go to bed and wake up.

Keep in mind that the slider will turn orange if you do not get the recommended amount of sleep.

Next, press the Wake-Up Alarm button to activate an alarm and make any necessary adjustments to its settings.

Make sure you tap the Done button so that your adjustments are saved.

Do you feel the need to temporarily deviate from your typical pattern of sleeping? To access the full schedule and options for your sleep routine, navigate to the Browse menu in the Health app.

After that, go to the top of the screen and select Sleep Schedule to turn your schedule on or off according to your requirements.

How do you make changes to your sleeping pattern while using the Apple Watch?

Whenever you need to edit your sleep schedule, you have the option of making changes to either your full schedule or to your Next Wake Up Only schedule.

When Next Wake Up Only is used, the adjustments will only take effect the day after they are made.

Any modifications you make to your overall schedule will take effect the following day.

If you find that you have awakened before the time that you have set for your Apple Watch to wake you up, you can exit Sleep Focus by turning the Digital Crown to unlock your Apple Watch.

Swipe up to access the Control Center, and then tap the icon for the Sleep application once it’s open.

How to Achieve the Highest Level of Accuracy in Your Results

You can improve the accuracy of the results that you get from your Apple Watch in a few different ways.

You are still able to turn on Track Sleep using your Apple Watch, even after the initial setup for Sleep has been completed, provided that you have already paired your Apple Watch.

To put your watch to sleep, open the Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to the My Watch tab, and then tap the Sleep button.

After that, you can activate Track Sleep by using your Apple Watch and selecting the appropriate option.

You can maximize your results by activating charging reminders. This can help you avoid forgetting to charge your device. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, and then select the My Watch tab from the menu that appears.

Tap Sleep. Then, tap the Charging Reminders option so that you can remind yourself to charge your Apple Watch before the time you have designated for Wind Down.

If the battery in the watch dies, it will not be able to monitor your sleep.

In addition, check to see that you are wearing your Apple Watch at a fit that is not too loose nor too tight but is still comfortable.

If the watch is worn on the wrist too loosely, the accelerometer may be able to detect an excessive amount of movement while you are in a natural sleep state.

Apps that Are Recommended for Sleeping

You can keep track of your sleep with the built-in Apple Watch sleep tracking feature, but it’s a good idea to give a few different apps a shot as well.

AutoSleep is a well-known app for the Apple Watch that analyses your sleeping patterns and gives you detailed feedback.

Another well-liked option is Sleep++, which comes equipped with functions such as an automatic sleep detection support system, bedtime reminders, and sleep goals.

Pillow is a one-of-a-kind app because it possesses the capacity to record significant audio occurrences that take place during the night.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The Apple Watch gives you access to a variety of significant biometrics that monitors how well you sleep.

You might want to look into using this function if you haven’t already tried it out on your own.

It is effective in its ability to provide feedback and assist you in regulating your sleeping habits, and it is simple to use.

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