Do JLab Headphones Work With iPhone?

Apple users may not wish to use Apple accessories exclusively with their smartphones.

Apple indeed makes some superb earphones, but they may be outside your budget or do not meet your specifications.

JLab’s earbuds and headphones might appeal to you in this regard.

Consider the case of an iPhone 11 user who wishes to purchase the sleek JBuds Metal in-Ear Earbuds with a built-in microphone.

Are these Bluetooth earbuds compatible with your iPhone? Are the JLab Audio JBuddies Studio earphones compatible with your iPhone? Are they capable of being paired with the phone?

The great thing about today’s headphones and earbuds is that they are made to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so there is not too much exclusivity involved.

Through Bluetooth technology, you can pair your headphones or earbuds with your phone.

With the iPhone (starting with iPhone 7) it is not possible to plug in a wired headset or earbuds, so it is necessary to use wireless headphones.

Are JLab headphones compatible with iPhones?

The JLab headphones will work with most iPhone models. The headphones can be paired and connected to Bluetooth devices, eliminating the requirement for wired headphones or earphones. To set up your headphones, ensure that your phone has Bluetooth enabled.

What is the proper procedure for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the iPhone?

The JLab headphones are compatible with the iPhone, even if it is an older model?

Is there anything you should do if your headphones fail to connect to your phone?

What are the steps you should take to make your new JLab headphones discoverable on an iPhone? &

Are Bluetooth headphones compatible with the iPhone?

Bluetooth-enabled headphones, such as those manufactured by JLab, can be connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

As you use the iPhone, you will be able to utilize a wide variety of features, which will enable you to stay connected and hands-free while you are working or traveling.

Connecting to the Internet is normally a simple process.

What is the best method for connecting my JLab headphones to my iPhone?

Would you like to connect your JLab headphones to your iPhone? Pairing your headphones is a simple process.

Firstly, you will need to open the Settings of your iPhone and then locate the Bluetooth settings.

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and locate your Jlab device under ‘OTHER DEVICES’ by browsing the list of available devices.

After you see it, tap on it to connect your headphones to your smartphone.

Normally, this is a very simple and quick process in normal circumstances.

Can my JLab headphones not be connected to my iPhone?

We cannot always depend on technology to work when we need it to.

You may not be able to connect your JLab headphones with your iPhone on your first attempt.

Ensure that Bluetooth has been enabled first by checking that it has been enabled.

There is no way that these two devices can be paired if you have Bluetooth disabled.

It is advisable to turn on Bluetooth, allow the device to search for other Bluetooth devices, and then pair them.

It is always possible for something in the immediate environment to result in interference.

Although this is not a common occurrence, it does occur occasionally.

Do not expose yourself to strong radio waves, such as those produced by your microwave.

What are the steps to make my JLab headphones discoverable?

For your iPhone to discover your Bluetooth headphones, they need to be discoverable.

To enable your phone to search, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve this:

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone and enable Bluetooth. Continue to follow these instructions until you have completed all of the steps to pair your iPhone with your headphones.
  2. Ensure that your headphones are in discovery mode and wait for them to appear on the Bluetooth device list on your iPhone. It is best to follow the instructions that came with your JLab headphones or contact JLab’s customer service department for further assistance if you are unclear about how to make it discoverable or do not see your headphones listed.
  3. As soon as the name of your JLab headphones appears on the screen, tap on it to pair them. Alternatively, you may be required to enter the PIN or passcode. You will need to review your documentation if you are uncertain of your passcode or PIN. A PIN is typically required in most cases.

Are any Bluetooth headphones compatible with the iPhone?

In addition, Apple makes it so that Bluetooth headphones – and other Bluetooth peripherals, of course – are compatible with even their older iPhone models.

You can trust me on this one. I am running them on my old iPhone 7 without issue and I greatly appreciate the ease of pairing Bluetooth-enabled third-party devices with my prized iPhone.

I cannot locate my Bluetooth devices on my iPhone.

Ensure that the Bluetooth function on your iPhone is enabled.

You should also place your iPhone close enough to your headphones so that it can detect them.

If the iPhone does not pick up the headphones, try moving them closer together.

It may also be necessary for you to turn off and on your headphones.

Ensure that your Bluetooth headphones are connected to a power source or are on and fully charged before connecting them to your iPhone.


The Bluetooth headphones manufactured by JLab are compatible with both smartphones and tablets.

Because Bluetooth is now the gold standard for mobile accessories, you can mix and match as you please.

If you are unable to pair your devices, please contact JLab and ask a customer service representative for further assistance.

As an alternative, you can pair them and enjoy listening to your favorite Apple Music music, Spotify tunes, or podcasts.

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