Do Small Dogs Scratch Hardwood Floors? (They Do and How to Fix It)

Is it possible for small dogs to scratch hardwood floors?

The simple answer to that question is yes.

As much as big dogs can damage hardwood floors, little dogs can cause damage as well.

I badly wanted hardwood flooring before renovating the tiled house I currently live in.

It was hard to imagine that my then young Labrador retriever would leave unsightly scratches on everything he touched.

Naturally, I did not intend to exclude my little friend from the party.

I knew that I needed to find a solution as soon as possible.

I did as you requested.

I have observed my Labrador wearing doggie boots and on several occasions, nail caps, and I am confident in the fact that my beautiful hardwood floor is unscratched.

In this article, I will provide some recommendations

In addition, I regularly trim his nails for grooming purposes and to protect my floors. Here are three products you can use to protect your beautiful hardwood floors from scratching.

Hardwood floors are scratched by small dogs?

Are there any products that you recommend to prevent your small dog from scratching your hardwood flooring?

  1. A careful dog nail grinder is an electric, rechargeable device for trimming nails on pets
  2. QMY Waterproof Dog Boots for Dogs
  3. Canine Nail Caps – Soft Claws – 40 pieces

Specifically, I will describe every single thing I love about these products;

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This is the reason why I highly recommend the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Electric Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer

With the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder, you can grind your dog’s nails most safely and comfortably.

In addition, I appreciate how quickly I can reduce the size of my dog’s nails, and most importantly, there is a significant reduction in the likelihood of injury.

The following are a few of the many great features of the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder:

  • You can grind your dog’s nails quickly and easily with this device
  • Furthermore, this product offers a safe means of reducing the size of your dog’s nails to prevent any accidental cuts. This product is completely non-toxic.
  • With three ports, it can accommodate dogs of all sizes, from small to large
  • The device is portable and rechargeable
  • In addition to supporting low and high speeds, it is powerful enough to support heavy grinding
  • Generally, it produces very low vibration during operation, which means that your pet will not be frightened by it
  • With its lightweight design and ergonomics, you can use it either with your left or right hand
  • There is no risk associated with its use since it reduces the possibility of over-clipping
  • As well as being easy to maintain, the grinder is also easy to clean

You should be careful when using the grinder if your dog has long hair. Doing so will prevent your dog’s hair from becoming tangled.

Can you tell me where you can purchase the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder?

On Amazon, you can purchase the Casful Dog Nail Grinder.

As you can see from a large number of positive reviews and an excellent rating, it is currently one of the best-selling dog nail grinders on Amazon.

I purchased mine from Amazon because it was significantly less expensive there.

Furthermore, Amazon sells a variety of other dog-related products, so it is convenient.

Visit Amazon to learn more about this book

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Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Reviews: Does It Work?

I cannot speak highly enough of this nail grinder.
One of the things I particularly like about it is that it minimizes the risk of overlapping.
My Labrador was injured once while I was trimming his nails and the experience was terrible.
It made me feel terrible for harming him.
As a result of the grinder’s design, this risk is eliminated, which makes it an excellent investment.
You may doubt my statement.
Click here to read testimonials from satisfied customers.
There are a number several who recommend this product.
My recommendation for QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs?

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made to buy these dog boots for my Labrador a few years ago.

Additionally, I always make sure that my dog wears these little booties while in the house in addition to trimming his nails regularly.

My hardwood floor now has no unsightly scratches, thus saving me both time and money.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear, and my doggie also enjoys wearing them.

Furthermore, he is no longer afraid of slipping on my hardwood floor when walking or playing.

So it’s a win-win situation for both of us!

Please find below a list of all the features that you will appreciate about QUMY Dog Boots;

  • You will no longer have to worry about your dog scratching your hardwood floors with these boots
  • Additionally, they prevent your carpet from being damaged by scratches caused by your dog’s nails
  • The non-slip properties prevent your dog from slipping on your floors or stairs
  • Furthermore, they are waterproof, protecting your dog’s paws from wetness
  • Your dog’s paws will be protected from getting muddy, dusty, or wet while walking in the rain or snow by wearing these
  • When your dog is walking on rough surfaces, such as sidewalks, asphalt, and even grass, they will protect his paws from injury
  • The rugged design and anti-slip soles make these dog booties very stable and traction so that your pet will be able to walk comfortably without slipping
  • Wearing them is very comfortable and easy
  • These coats are excellent for keeping your dog warm during the winter
  • The materials are durable and won’t wear out rapidly
  • A beautiful design can be found on their site
  • There are a variety of colors available
  • They are also available in a range of sizes
  • The prices are quite reasonable and affordable

QUMY Dog Boots: Where Can I Buy Them?

These dog boots are available for purchase on Amazon.

The current price of these items can be found on Amazon by clicking here

I bought mine from Amazon as well, and I guarantee that you will save money in the long run.

You can get them on Amazon at a reasonable price, as well as a few additional items for your furry friend.

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The Soft Claws Canine Nail Caps – 40 Nail Caps are recommended by me due to the following reasons.

Sometimes, I remove my dog’s booties to let his feet breathe.

It is customary for me to place these nail caps on his claws when doing so.

As I previously stated;

My hardwood floor is extremely important to me.

My hardwood floors and carpet are well protected with these nail caps that are easy to put on and remove.

What follows is a list of everything I like about Soft Claws Canine Nail Caps;

  • Your dog will feel comfortable while wearing them
  • There is no risk associated with wearing them
  • Your dog will not be affected by them in any way
  • Hardwood floors, carpets, and other types of floor surfaces are protected from scratches by these products
  • They are available in a range of sizes
  • The XX-large size is suitable for large dogs
  • Additionally, they protect against scratches
  • Additionally, they protect against scratches on upholstery and furniture
  • Amazon has a large number of favorable customer reviews

Do you know where I can purchase the Soft Claws Canine Nail Caps?

You can purchase these nail caps on Amazon for an extremely reasonable price.

A total of 40 nail caps are included in the package.

It is hard to beat the value that these nail caps offer for the price.

Check their current price at Amazon by clicking here

What is the likelihood of small dogs scratching hardwood floors? —— Conclusion

Hardwood floors will be damaged by small scratches.

Be careful not to assume that their nails are not sharp enough.

The animals are certainly abrasive, scratching and tearing anything they can get their little paws on.

Maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors by trimming your dog’s nails, requiring him to wear dog booties or even nail caps.

You will never have to worry about unsightly scratches on your floors or even your carpets again.

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