Do You Need a Pad Under an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors?

On hardwood floors, is it necessary to place a pad underneath an area rug?

In this particular instance, I will get right to the point.

On your hardwood floor, an area rug without a pad is not a good idea in any way, shape, or form. Allow me to explain why.

Is It Necessary to Place a Pad Under an Area Rug?

You absolutely should.

You have to understand that the majority of the backings of the area rugs that are currently available on the market are crafted from either rubber, latex, or other synthetic materials.

All of the components that I’ve described share a single characteristic:

They should not be used on your pristine hardwood floors because they can damage them.

The fact that rubber-backed or latex-backed area rugs contain chemicals that have a propensity to react with the chemicals in your hardwood floor finish is the primary drawback associated with using these types of rugs.

Your hardwood floors will eventually become severely discolored as a result of a chemical reaction that takes place over time.

If this continues for a significant amount of time, the stains may become permanent, making it extremely challenging to remove them.

To make matters even worse, rugs with backings made of synthetic materials such as plastic are exceptionally rough and, as a result, have a propensity to scratch hardwood floors.

Scratches on your hardwood floors can be very frustrating, as you are well aware because they not only make your floor appear to be a lot older than it is, but they can also significantly reduce the value of your home.

Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you place a rug pad underneath the area rug.

There are a variety of rug pads available on the market, but the RUGPADUSA 1/2-Inch-Thick-100-Percent-Felt-Protective-Cushioning-Rug-Pad is the only rug pad that I would recommend at this time.

Because it does not have a rubber bottom, this rug pad is the only one I use on my hardwood floors, and the sole reason I chose it over countless other rug pads is that it is the only one I could find.

Yes, the RUGPADUSA Rug Pad is made entirely out of felting material, and in contrast to other rug pads that have a rubber or latex backing to help them better adhere to hard floor surfaces, this pad does not contain either of these potentially discoloring components.

A lot of people that I’ve seen have complained about certain rug pads because they believed that these pads would prevent their rubber-backed area rugs from staining their floors. I’ve seen this happen more than once.

This rug pad is heavier and denser than the majority of other rug pads available on the market, in addition to not having any rubber or latex in its composition.

You are aware of what this implies, right?

This simply means that it will not slide around when it is stepped on, which means that even if you have an area rug with a slippery backing, this rug pad will help you solve the problem of slipping on the rug.

If you have a slippery area rug on hardwood flooring, you should give some thought to placing a rug pad underneath it. This is another reason why you should do so.

A rug pad extends not only the life of your hardwood floors but also the life of your area rug, which is another important reason why you should get one.

Consequently, you have absolutely nothing to lose by installing a rug pad underneath the area rug that you have. It is one of the smartest purchases you can make for your floor and rug at any point in time.

Additional Justifications for Why the RUGPADUSA Rug Pad is the Preeminent Option for Use on Hardwood Floors

  • The rug pad provides additional cushioning of a greater thickness, which enables you to experience luxurious plushness and comfort on your feet.
  • It protects your floor against scratches from furniture and a rug with a rough backing, spills, dents from furniture legs, and even foot traffic that may cause it to wear out quickly. Additionally, the rug pad helps to extend the life of your hardwood floors.
  • The thickness of the rug pad varies, and some common options are half an inch, one-quarter of an inch, and three-eighths of an inch. The thickness of half an inch is a great option to go with if you want your floor to have more of a springy feel to it.
  • The rug is made entirely out of felt, which is an extremely durable material that is suitable for use on any type of floor. It will not leave any stains or scratches on your pristine hardwood floors.
  • As a result of the exceptional insulating properties it possesses, it not only makes the floor but the entire room feel warmer. Even though hardwood floors are generally warmer than other hard floor surfaces such as tile, the actual surface of a hardwood floor can feel quite chilly. Because of this, a significant number of people typically place area rugs to make the floor warmer. The installation of a rug pad will unquestionably increase the level of warmth and comfort provided by the floor as well as by the room itself.
  • The rug pad creates a surface that is not slippery. When placed on bare wood floors, some area rugs have backings made of synthetic or natural fibers, and these backings can be quite slippery. I mentioned this earlier. Not only is it annoying to have an area rug that slides around the room, but it also creates a significant safety risk because people who trip or fall on it can sustain serious injuries. The presence of such a rug can present a risk, particularly in settings where young children or elderly people are present. One of the most effective methods for avoiding issues of this nature is to install a felt area rug.
  • It comes in a variety of different dimensions to choose from. Be sure to pick a dimension that works well with the area rug you have. One of the advantages of using this rug pad is that it can be easily trimmed down to a custom size with scissors, ensuring that it will fit your rug like a glove. Be aware that when you are cutting the rug pad to size, you should ensure that it is cut so that it is at least one inch smaller than the area rug. Because of this, the edges of the rug can gradually fade into the floor, which eliminates the risk of tripping if your heel becomes caught on the edge of the rug.
  • It does not produce any hazardous emissions that could compromise the air quality inside your home.
  • Because it is so tough and long-lasting, you can expect it to last for an extremely extended period.
  • Its budget-friendly

A word of caution: cheap rug pads should at no cost whatsoever be purchased. They will leave unsightly marks on your hardwood floors, which is something you most certainly do not want.

Those that contain rubber or latex should be avoided at all costs because they will leave a yellow stain on the otherwise pristine floors that you have. Because it does not include any of these materials, the RUGPADUSA Felt Rug Pad is an excellent choice for you to take into consideration when shopping for a rug pad to use on your hardwood floors.

When Putting an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors, Is a Pad Necessary to Put Under It?- Bottom Line

If you have hardwood floors, the area rug that you put down needs to have a rug pad underneath it.

Your floor will be protected, which will also extend the life of your floor significantly. As a result of the pad’s increased thickness, the level of comfort it provides, as well as the amount of warmth it provides, will both increase.

Therefore, is it necessary to place a pad underneath an area rug when it is placed on hardwood flooring? Of course!

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