Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?

Do you put vinyl plank flooring underneath the appliances in your home?

The short answer is that you should.

It is possible to install vinyl plank flooring underneath the appliances.

Having said that, there are a few dangers associated with it.

Why Is It a Dangerous Affair to Place Heavy Appliances on Vinyl Plank Flooring? [Cause and Effect]

1. The use of heavy appliances may result in the floor becoming uneven or bubbly.

Because vinyl plank flooring is a floating floor, it is susceptible to lifting or bubbling when heavyweight, such as that applied by most kitchen appliances, is applied to it.

What ends up happening is that the floor is prevented from expanding and shifting in its natural manner because of the excessive weight of the appliances.

This results in large bumps being created on the floor, which in turn causes the floor to warp, lift, and even bubble.

These bumps may quickly become a tripping hazard, and of course, repairing the flooring may end up becoming a task that is physically taxing, financially burdensome, and requires repetitive motions.

2. It is possible for your vinyl plank flooring to become scratched, dented, and marked by scuffs if you have heavy appliances.

Another consideration is that if you put your appliances directly on your vinyl plank flooring, it may result in deep dents and scratches on the surface of the flooring.

These scratches have the potential to rapidly become permanent, and in such a scenario, the only solution would be to replace the planks, which can be quite costly.

The good news is that although it is risky to place heavy appliances such as refrigerators and freezers directly on top of your vinyl plank flooring, it is not completely impossible to do so.

It is still possible for you to carry it out as long as you take the necessary safety precautions.

How to Protect Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Heavy Appliances?

1. Make Sure you Glue Down the Areas Under the Appliances

As you probably know, vinyl plank flooring does not require the use of any glues or adhesives.

Although they do interlock nicely, placing heavy furniture can cause them to bubble or lift.

That’s why experts recommend gluing those sections to reduce the chances of the flooring warping under the heavyweight of your appliances.

2. Make Sure the Floor Does Not Come into Contact with the Walls or Kitchen Cabinets

Like I said earlier, putting heavy appliances on vinyl plank floors is quite risky.

The good news is that you can easily eliminate this problem during installation by ensuring that the floor does not come in direct contact with the kitchen walls or cabinets.

This will ensure that the planks have enough room to shift in any direction without causing warping or bubbles.

3. Protect your vinyl plank flooring from scuffs and scratches by placing felt pads under your furniture.

Strong and long-lasting is the vinyl plank flooring that you choose for your home. Because of this, a lot of people who own their own homes prefer it.

However, due to the nature of its softness, it is prone to dents and scratches.

Having your gorgeous floors marred by unsightly dents and scratches is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a homeowner.

It is never a good idea to place heavy appliances directly on the floor because doing so can cause scratches and even permanently damage your floors.

Because of this, it is recommended that you position high-quality furniture pads directly underneath the feet of your appliances.

Your floor will be protected from dings and scratches if you place a protective shield between the vinyl plank flooring and the feet of any appliances that are placed on it.

There are a variety of furniture pads available on the market; however, the X-Protector Non-Slip Furniture Pads are the only pads that I am comfortable recommending to you.

If you protect your expensive floors with these furniture pads, you’ll never have to worry about having to repair scratches or scuffs on the surface again.

The pads are offered in a huge selection of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for every piece of furniture and appliance in your home.

Note that the bottom of these furniture pads is made of felt, a material that is suitable for use not only on vinyl plank flooring but also on any other kind of floor. Rubber furniture pads can leave stains on vinyl flooring, so you should avoid using them.

4. When moving appliances across vinyl plank flooring, use furniture sliders to prevent scratches.

When a heavy appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer, or washing machine is pulled or dragged across a floating floor, such as vinyl plank flooring, the floor can sustain damage very quickly.

The heavyweight of these appliances may cause some of the planks to lift or warp.

Even worse, the appliance might damage your freshly laid floors by leaving scratches or dents on them.

You most definitely don’t want this to happen.

When it comes to safely maneuver even the heaviest of appliances across freshly laid vinyl plank flooring, one of the best ways to do so is by making use of furniture sliders.

X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders are recommended as the most effective furniture sliders for use on vinyl plank flooring.

Appliances can move easily across hard floor surfaces when using these sliders because they have a smooth felt bottom.

This not only protects the floor from scratches but also prevents the floor from lifting under the weight of the appliances.

The weight of the appliances is also somehow distributed evenly across the furniture sliders, which eliminates the need for excessive pressure to be applied to one side of the appliance.

5. When moving heavy appliances across vinyl plank flooring, use a hand truck designed for moving appliances.

It is recommended that you make use of an appliance hand truck when moving your appliances across vinyl plank flooring as opposed to dragging or pulling them across the floor in either direction.

You most definitely do not want to have to redo the entire floor because of the lumps, or even have to replace it because of the unsightly scratches and dents that were caused by the pushing and dragging of the furniture.

Protecting your newly installed vinyl plank flooring by using a hand truck with rubber wheels can be done using this method.

In addition to this, it makes moving heavy appliances between floors or even up or downstairs a simple and uncomplicated process.

When shopping for a hand truck for appliances, it is important to find one that has a high load capacity because the majority of kitchen appliances tend to be quite heavy.

The Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truck is a highly practical and long-lasting appliance hand truck that is an excellent option for moving appliances across vinyl plank floors due to its combination of these two features.

It has rubber wheels, so it won’t damage your vinyl plank floors if you roll it across them.

The appliance can be secured to the hand truck’s frame using the single straps that are included in the design of the hand truck. In addition to that, it comes with stair climbers that make it much simpler to transport the appliance up and downstairs.

The fact that this hand cart has a load capacity that is as high as 800 pounds is probably the feature that stands out the most among its other qualities.

Because of this, it is suitable for transporting all of the heavy appliances that you have in your homes, such as your refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, cookers, and other similar items.

Do You Install Appliances Directly Onto Vinyl Plank Flooring? – Bottom Line

Homeowners prefer vinyl plank flooring because it is one of the best and most durable flooring solutions available and because it looks like wood.

On the other hand, it does not hold up, particularly well under weighty apparatus.

If you want to make sure that your floor lasts as long as possible, your first line of defense against shortening its lifespan should be making sure that it does not bubble or lift under heavy appliances.

I have presented some of the most effective strategies that you can implement to shield your lovely and long-lasting vinyl plank flooring from the impact of various home appliances.

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