Does AppleCare Cover Scratches?

If you’ve ever dropped or bumped your smartphone, you’re aware that this is one of the most prevalent causes of damage.

Even if my gadget is protected by a case, these situations can result in scratches and dents.

The question is whether AppleCare will cover this issue or not.

Is AppleCare Coverage for Scratches Included?

AppleCare will cover any scratches that occur as a result of falls or bumps. The AppleCare warranty covers physical issues that arise from my device’s normal operation. AppleCare does not cover damage that occurs outside of typical daily use.

If I drop my phone in a puddle or have it stolen in the middle of the night, for example, the damage will not be covered.

This means that AppleCare won’t cover things like crackling sounds when my phone is in silent mode or water damage (such as a salt-water pool).

I shouldn’t strive to extend the life of my equipment by avoiding such occurrences, but it’s a good rule of thumb to follow.

I also can’t receive AppleCare if I drop my iPhone in a way that causes water damage, so I avoid going to the pool or the beach if I can avoid it.

I either keep it in the case or let it dry and wet on the counter.

If my device crashes while attached to a printer, I won’t be able to acquire AppleCare.

If I’m attempting to print something, Siri will not assist me.

And if I have any issues regarding my warranty, I can always contact Apple’s customer support department.

Is AppleCare going to cover lens scratches?

I’ll have a hard time getting AppleCare to repair my lens; however, if I have issues with the camera or any other gear in this field, I’ll get them changed.

However, if Apple does not believe the lens was damaged, they may refuse to replace it.

They’d probably point out that I didn’t harm the equipment in any way.

Is AppleCare going to cover things in this case?

If I dropped my device and it hit it just right, it might be covered under my AppleCare warranty.

However, if I want to take preventative precautions, I can use a screen protector to protect my phone from drops.

It will also make cleaning my screen easier because it will not scratch as quickly.

This is why I always recommend AppleCare when purchasing a phone or tablet.

The same is true for my screen: I can protect it from scratches by using a screen protector.

AppleCare will cover this, but if the scratches were present prior to the occurrence, they may claim it was my fault.

Remember that a screen protector will not prevent damage, but it will assist reduce the cost of replacing my smartphone.

What is covered under AppleCare?

My AppleCare Plus warranty will cover any physical damage, such as scratches and cracks, caused by drops and bumps.

The important thing to note here is that it just covers physical damage; my gadget will not be replaced if it has software that isn’t functional after the accident. (Of course, a new phone will be supplied.)

My AppleCare warranty covers hardware-related issues such as broken screens, buttons, and other such issues.

However, it’s worth noting that my AppleCare warranty does not cover damage that could have been avoided.

This is not protected if I drop my smartphone in water and don’t have a waterproof case.

The same is true if I spill coffee on my phone.

Another factor to consider is how old the equipment is, as well as how much I used it before the accident.

Apple normally provides a three-year warranty for iOS devices and two years for Macs, although my device could have been in use prior to the accident and still be covered.

What is the duration of AppleCare coverage?

AppleCare coverage normally lasts up to two years, although this could change if I purchase a warranty plan that lasts longer.

More information is available on the Apple website.

It would still be covered if the accident occurred while my device was in use but not yet covered.

For instance, suppose I cracked my screen, repaired it before getting AppleCare, and then dropped it again.

Even though it was my first fix, AppleCare will cover the damage.

This is why I save all of my receipts until I’m certain my device is in fine working order.

If I have the AppleCare Protection Plan, I can use the web to make a claim without having to ship my device.

Any items that need to be transported will be at my expense, but I will not be required to return my equipment.

To use this service, my device must be less than two years old and enrolled with AppleCare.

If I am unable to fix it myself, I will be able to seek a free repair.

One of the main reasons I encourage purchasing Apple devices is because of AppleCare.

While I appreciate the argument that buying AppleCare is a scam, I find that if I sign up for a warranty plan, I will be able to get my iPhone repaired in the event of an accident or incident.

But before I get AppleCare, I want to be sure it’s a good deal.

Also, keep in mind that my warranty may not cover major issues like water damage or screen fractures (unless caused by bumps and drops).

So, if I want to protect my device from water damage, this is a viable solution.

It won’t totally protect my gadget against water damage, but it will help to reduce the amount and severity of that damage.

If I plan to use my phone near water or in settings where it is at risk of being harmed by water, AppleCare is a good option.

AppleCare is a useful insurance policy that will assist me if my device is damaged as a result of an accident or event.

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