Does Spotify Work On Apple Watch?

For years, Spotify has been available on mobile devices, PCs, and even some Bluetooth-enabled car radios, making it probably the best music subscription service available.

Is Spotify, on the other hand, compatible with Apple Watch?

Is Spotify Compatible With Apple Watch?

The Spotify app works with your Apple Watch and has a lot of functions. Some features are only available to Spotify Premium subscribers, although you can use Spotify on your Apple Watch with either the free or premium version.

Learn how to use Spotify on your Apple Watch, including which features are available to all users and which are only available to Premium subscribers.

On Apple Watch, There Are Several Ways To Use Spotify

You can utilize Spotify on your Apple Watch in a variety of ways.

The possibilities include everything from managing the app from another device to playing music completely independently from your phone.

Let’s take a look at each of the options you’ll have while jamming to your day’s music.

Streaming Control

Your Apple Watch, like many other media players on the iPhone, can manage what you’re streaming.

You’ll be able to start and pause the player, adjust the volume, and skip tracks, among other things.

Spotify, on the other hand, goes much beyond these fundamental options.

Rather, you can access your recently played songs and playlists from your Apple Watch, allowing you to easily alter what you’re listening to.

Your phone won’t give you access to your full library, but it’ll be good to have alternatives from your wrist.

Simply swipe to the left from the main control screen to access these other controls.

Swipe to the right to access the whole playlist you’re currently listening to, allowing you to skip straight to the song you’re craving.

Only Spotify Premium subscribers have access to these extra features.

This access is available with any of their Premium plans, including the popular Student plan, which is only offered to students at authorized higher education institutions.

Direct Streaming from the Apple Watch

The ability to play music directly from your watch is also available to Premium subscribers.

While free members can use their Apple Watch to control the phone app, they cannot play music from the watch.

You’ll need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later running watchOS 6.0 or higher to play Spotify directly on your wristwatch.

You’ll also need a cellular connection on your watch, or your watch must be connected to a WiFi network.

To keep your Apple Watch app up to date, make sure you have the most recent version of Spotify installed on your iPhone.

You’ll also need to pair your Apple Watch with your Bluetooth headset, headphones, or speaker.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your watch to do this.

Then, while your device is in pairing mode, you’ll look for it and connect it.

If you’re pairing the same item that’s already connected to your phone, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned off first.

Offline Spotify Play

Apple Watch owners have been clamoring for the option to download music directly to their watches so they may listen to music without having to connect to the Internet.

In May 2021, Spotify made this function available to all Premium subscribers. When you want to go for a run, you can now leave your phone at home but still listen to music.

Spotify allows you to download up to 10,000 minutes of audio to your watch at once, which is roughly seven days’ worth of music!

To make this operate properly, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

To begin, double-check that your Bluetooth audio device is connected to your watch. To couple your devices, follow the steps outlined above.

Then, while connected to cellular data or a WiFi connection, you’ll need to download the music you want to your watch.

Before you go out, you’ll need your phone to download music, so give yourself some time to make sure it’s working properly.

Begin by searching for the song, album, playlist, or podcast you wish to save to your watch.

Tap the three dots next to the info button once you’ve found what you want to download.

You’ll then tap Download to Apple Watch.

External Devices Control

Your Apple Watch can effortlessly control the playback of Spotify on other networked devices.

Smart monitors and televisions, smart speakers, game consoles, streaming devices, and other gadgets may be included.

Only one condition applies: the devices must be connected to the same network as the watch.

It’s simple to connect your watch to a compatible device.

Look for the Spotify Connect icon, which looks like a phone, once you’ve started listening to something on Spotify.

When you press this, you’ll see a list of all the devices that are currently available.

Simply tap the one you want to use to listen to music.

Save Favorites

You can utilize smart playlists, such as Your Daily Mix, to discover new music while you’re listening to music.

You’ll be able to effortlessly add them to your library once you’ve done so.

Simply open the song’s profile and press the heart button.

Don’t Forget Siri

Your favorite digital assistant is one of the most popular features on Apple Watch.

Siri can even help you manage your Spotify playlists.

“Hey Siri, play my daily mix on Spotify,” for example, will get a response. This is a terrific method to listen to songs that you might not otherwise be able to find on your phone.

You’ll also be able to use Siri to play, stop, skip, and control the volume. You can even inquire what’s currently playing if you like a song. You can manage your Spotify activities directly from your Apple Watch with Siri’s help.

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