Does the iPhone 13 come with a charger?

The iPhone 13 only comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable and nothing else. Apple stopped including accessories in the boxes of its devices with the launch of newer models like this one, but earlier versions used to be shipped earpods as well as wall chargers; now all you’ll find inside is just your basic warranty card (or sometimes an additional accessory). Most people already own headphones or chargers so it’s not really needed at first glance – however, there might be some benefit if they don’t have either item available when purchasing another device!

The only thing better than an Apple-certified charger is one that’s made by the company itself! You can purchase this starting at $19 through, or buy any third-party chargers available on Amazon for less money than what you would expect to pay anywhere else – plus they’ve been tested carefully so their quality will be spotless too

So go ahead and get yourself some new gear today 🙂

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