Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? What Can You Use Instead?

Do you want to know if Walmart offers Apple Pay?

Apple consumers were overjoyed to have a more convenient NFC payment mechanism when Apple Pay was announced in October of 2014. Users may send money via text messages and pay for in-app purchases without difficulty.

The digital wallet has since grown to include retailers such as Nike, Best Buy, McDonald’s, and others. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if Walmart accepts this as well. No, it doesn’t, to be honest.

Walmart does not accept Apple Pay as a payment mechanism for its items at this time. Although Walmart hasn’t made an official comment about its move, it’s widely assumed that it’s because it wants its consumers to utilize Walmart Pay instead.

Let’s have a look.

  1. Is Apple Pay accepted at Walmart?
  2. What Are Near Field Communication (NFC) Payments?
  3. What Are the Benefits of Using NFC Technology?
  4. Apple Pay’s Advantages
  5. Here’s a list of places where you can use Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Walmart?

Walmart, unfortunately, does not allow Apple Pay purchases or transactions. This is likely due to Walmart’s desire for customers to utilize Walmart Pay, the company’s digital wallet.

Apple Pay features several advantages, including a daily 2% reward when you use an Apple Card with Apple Pay. Walmart, on the other hand, gives you a 5% return on your purchases for the first year you utilize Walmart Pay.

Digital wallets have the potential to be a large and lucrative company in the future. Walmart is most likely using its technology to monopolize its stores to develop a foothold in the digital wallet market.

Walmart has made no formal remarks on their choice to refuse Apple Pay, and we don’t anticipate them adding Apple Pay as a payment option any time soon.

What Are NFC Payments and How Do They Work?

Let’s look at the science behind why Apple Pay and Walmart Pay are such wonderful methods to pay for your purchases.

Swiping your card or paying with cash may not seem like a long process, but in a crowded queue, the seconds can mount up. Using your debit or credit card will also need you to enter your PIN each time, which is a separate transaction between you and the cashier.

NFC payments, on the other hand, are both contactless and rapid. This technique employs ‘near-field communication’ software, which allows two devices to interact only when they are near one another.

Swiping your iPhone against the NFC scanner activates your digital wallet and sends your money to the firm you’re presently purchasing from. This is encrypted and transferred via a series of operations, which completes the transaction in milliseconds.

Why Should You Use NFC Technology?

Before you can use your digital wallet with Apple Pay, you must first enter your PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID. For NFC technology to work, both the payment device and the reader must be within inches of each other.

This guarantees that you don’t pay for the costs of the consumer in front of you by accident.

NFC payment options allow you to link your Apple Pay to your credit/debit cards, eliminating the need to carry numerous debit and credit cards. You’ll be able to pay your bills without having to carry all of your credit cards in your wallet this way.

Your credit/debit card number is also encrypted every time you pay using Apple Pay or another digital wallet. Anyone who has had to alter their credit card information as a result of Target’s tragic cyber assault will understand how useful this technology is.

Your protection against hackers and situations like Target is significantly strengthened when your credit/debit card number is encrypted. Even if hackers obtain a large number of credit card numbers, yours will be encrypted and almost hard to decode.

The Advantages of Apple Pay

When digital wallets became popular, Apple made sure to be among the first to ride the wave. Paying for in-app purchases and Apple items has never been easier since Apple Pay was offered to Apple consumers.

Apple Pay was built solely by and for Apple, thus they made sure to provide their consumers with a variety of features. One feature worth mentioning is the ability to give money to pals using Apple Pay through text messages!


In major cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and many other capitals, commuting by bus and train is also a breeze. To pay for your ticket, simply tap your phone on the receiving device, and you’re good to go!

Here’s a list of places where you can use Apple Pay.

You don’t have to be depressed about not being able to use Apple Pay with Walmart. Apple Pay is backed by a slew of other businesses. You might explore alternatives by reading and skimming over their official list of supported brands.

Apple can’t possibly include every business that accepts and supports Apple Pay.

You’ll need to seek evidence that the business is ready with Apple Pay. To find out what to search for, go to their help thread and look under ‘How do I let my consumers know that they can pay using Apple Pay?’

Apple Pay may be used with third-party apps.

Apple and Walmart aren’t the only major corporations participating in the digital wallet frenzy. Several businesses can act as a middleman between Walmart and Apple Pay.

Using a third-party Apple Pay alternative may appear to be more bother than it’s worth. Even if some people believe this, it’s crucial to remember that you can accomplish anything if you want to.

In Walmart, using a third-party app such as Ibotta or Square Point of Sale is permitted. All you have to do now is connect your Apple Pay account to your third-party digital wallet and use it to pay for your purchases.

We realize it’s a little confusing. However, the methods necessary to do so differ amongst third-party apps, so you’ll have to do some research on your own.

We hope that by the time you conclude this article, we’ve addressed your question about whether or not ‘Walmart accepts Apple Pay.’ Hopefully, we’ve also shown you how to use Apple Pay at Walmart in a different method.

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