Carl Bot: Everything You Need to Know About This New Discord Server Bot

These days, Discord is one of the most popular social networking platforms. Discord is probably familiar to all students, working adults, or gamers. In this platform, users have the option of joining different servers, which are similar to online communities, where people with similar interests can come together.

Being an active member of a Discord server is one thing, but creating and running one is another. In spite of the fact that the platform provides server administrators with a great deal of flexibility, running a server can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you are doing everything on your own.

A Discord server may experience a variety of unexpected events, such as trolls causing havoc, users engaging in confrontations, etc. Maintaining the order on your server can seem like an uphill battle at times if you are an administrator or moderator.

Regardless of what kind of hobby you enjoy, whether it is literature, video games, movies, etc., Discord is one of the best places to connect with friends and online strangers who share your interests.

It can be difficult to manage a large Discord server, but Discord bots can assist you in making things easier.

Rhythm and MEE6 are two of the many Discord bots that help administrators and moderators manage their servers more effectively. You can use these bots in a variety of ways to make your server more enjoyable and stress-free for both you and the members, new and old.

Despite the fact that most of these bots are free, they also offer a premium version which adds several additional features in addition to the free features. Now that we have discussed all of that, we will now discuss Carl Bot, a fantastic Discord bot.

You’ll want to take a look at this bot if you are looking for an easy way to handle your task as a Discord server manager.

What Is Carl Bot?

Aside from Carl Bot, there is no doubt that it is one of the most useful and sophisticated Discord server bots available. It is capable of a variety of tasks, in addition to the usual functions that many accessible bots perform, such as saving conversations, creating response roles, managing logs, etc.

A feature known as Automod ensures that users cannot share attachments, links, or spam via Carl Bot. In this way, your Discord server will be protected against scams, spam, and questionable links that may be posted by other members.

It is even possible for Carl Bot to penalize those users who choose to continue to send spam through Automod.

A wide range of features are available in Carl Bot to assist you in managing your server, including the ability to send welcome messages and create a starboard.

In the following sections, we will discuss each of these features in more detail. It is important to note that, if you are a new server administrator who is still learning the ropes, installing Carl Bot may prove challenging.

If this is the case, you might want to consider using another simple bot such as Dyno Bot. For those who are interested in creating bespoke mods for their servers, Carl Bot can help.

How Can Carl Bot Be Used?

The extensive list of features of Carl Bot allows it to accomplish a wide range of tasks. In fact, Carl Bot is one of the fastest-growing Discord server bots in the world, with over 2 million installations. The following are some of Carl Bot’s most popular features:

Moderation Function

Using Carl Bot’s moderation function, you will receive assistance in maintaining the quality of your server. Through this tool, you will be able to check and review infractions committed by other users.

As an added bonus, Carl Bot also maintains a drama channel where users can view a record of all the rules they have violated in the past.

You can easily assign sticky roles to members’ usernames in order to prevent them from leaving the server and returning later. You can easily manage multiple tasks simultaneously by using the moderation function.

Log Record

The Carl Bot is capable of keeping track of all the activities within the Discord server, which may prove useful to administrators. Among other things, Carl Bot tracks all ongoing activities, including deleted, modified, and purged messages.

Users joining and leaving your server are also noted by the bot, and these entries are reflected in the database for the membership of your server.

It is also possible to use the log record feature to keep track of other activities, such as newly created server roles, new emojis, and newly added channels. You may wish to consider splitting the log into separate channels in order to reduce the clutter on your Discord server.

Roles in the reaction process

It is possible to create up to 250 roles in your Discord server using Carl Bot. You can increase user engagement by assigning roles to different members of your server and at the same time ensure that you can easily identify spammers.

Carl Bot allows you to define different response roles, and each user receives a response role according to what they have selected.

As a result, a variety of response role models are available, including unique, binding, transient, reversed, and verify.

Welcome Messages

Almost always, when joining and leaving a Discord server, a welcome message and a goodbye message are sent. Carl Bot can be used to automate these messages whenever new members are added or old members are removed from the team.

Permission System

You can manage your server’s command rules in bulk using Carl Bot’s permission system with little to no effort on your part. By using this type of system, you can rest assured that no other moderator or user will be disturbed.

Additionally, you may customize various instructions and commands using this permission system if you wish to modify the existing settings.


It is perhaps one of Carl Bot’s strongest points that it includes the Automod feature. With Automod, you can set up and enforce a set of rules for your server, and ensure all members strictly adhere to them. According to Automod, members can view all rules they have violated previously.

You may also create new rules whenever you wish, even though Carl Bot already has a set of pre-specific rules. As a result of the bot, you can penalize numerous offenses, including foul language, bad links, attachment spam, and spam in general.

There is even the option of creating a dedicated channel just for media files. Meanwhile, the Automod feature provides the capability of removing or deleting any messages in that channel that contain no attachments or links.

User Engagement

It is essential that users engage in Discord to ensure that everyone remains happy and satisfied. As a result, if things begin to become dull, members will begin to leave one by one.

It is possible to maintain a high level of quality on your Discord server with Carl Bot. A starboard, postcount tracking, user information, and other features are also included to assist the server members in engaging with one another.

Additionally, Carl Bot can be used for the creation of memes. There is no doubt that memes are popular.

The procedure for inviting Carl Bot to your server

The process of inviting Carl Bot to your Discord server does not require any technical knowledge. In order to take advantage of Carl Bot’s services and to improve the efficiency of your business, you should follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at the official Carl Bot website. The best way to find it is either manually using your favorite search engine or typing into your browser’s search bar.
  2. Before inviting Carl Bot to your server, please ensure that you are a member of that server. You will also be prompted to log in to your Discord account on this site.
  3. Carl Bot will then ask you to select which server you wish to join. Check your list of servers – if you are an administrator of multiple servers, select the server you wish to manage.
  4. In order for Carl Bot to make changes to your server, you will need to grant it various permissions after making your selection. You will be able to grant Carl Bot access to the admin panel of your server once you grant it permission. The bot will have considerable control over your server, so you will need to decide to what extent you will grant it.
  5. You should now approve the changes to save the changes once Carl Bot has been granted the necessary permissions.

It’s done! Carl Bot should be available and available to help you when you check your Discord server.

Carl Bot Commands

Various commands can be easily setup for Carl Bot so that members can customize their experience with the bot as they wish. The official website of Carl Bot contains a list of commands that you may wish to check out.

In order to make your life easier, we have complied some of the best and most useful commands for Carl Bot:

!Adorable animal images will be sent to users via awwbomb.

!Users will receive a random photograph of a cat.

!An adorable animal will be randomly selected for users to view.

!catbomb – Users will be provided with five random pictures of cats.

!Dogbomb – Each user will receive five random photos of a dog.

!A picture of an adorable dog will be sent to the user.


There is no doubt that Carl Bot is an outstanding Discord server bot that offers ease of use and automation unlike any other on the market. You may already be aware that Discord is not exactly a user-friendly platform if you have used it for some time. Those who are unfamiliar with the system will undoubtedly become overwhelmed or confused by the various options and features available.

You can significantly reduce your workload by using bots such as Carl Bot, thereby allowing you to focus on only the most important tasks.

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