Fastest Way to Make a GIF on iPhone

Are you having trouble finding the GIF you’re looking for? Why don’t you create one of your own? The iPhone allows you to create GIFs which can be shared with your friends and used to have a lot of fun. Texting and chatting have become important means of communication in today’s digital era. 

When written communication is devoid of nonverbal cues, such as tone and body language, the message may come across as lifeless and uninteresting. The majority of us have come to realize that messages alone do not adequately convey our emotions.

Text chats are being enriched with emojis and animated GIFs. A number of animated GIFs are already available on the internet. It is still possible to encounter situations in which you cannot locate the information you require. The iPhone makes it easy for users to create GIFs by simply pressing the home button.

What exactly are GIFs?

US software programmer Steve Wilhite came up with the Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) while exploring ways to animate graphics with the smallest file size possible.

As a general rule, GIFs consist of a series of images or soundless videos which run continuously without requiring the viewer to interact with them.

GIFs are a good way to surprise someone with a little surprise. The majority of the time they manage to put a smile on everyone’s face. These messages are also succinct and straight forward. 

The messages convey a greater insight into what you are honestly thinking and feeling when you send them. This will allow you to improve the overall quality of your message and your communication with the recipient. GIFs can be found on the internet in large quantities, but you will also need to produce some of your own.

How to make a GIF on your iPhone step-by-step

In this case, you could try one of these approaches:

1. Create an animated GIF using Giphy’s quick steps.

There are many GIF-making apps available that can help you produce a good GIF that can be viewed on any device or application. We recommend Giphy for this purpose. App: GIPHY allows you to create animated GIFs from a variety of media types, including photos, videos, and other GIFs. 

These types of media can be used to create GIFs. Why is this the best GIF creator on the market? Do you understand why it is the best?

Here are the steps to creating a GIF:

  1. The GIPHY app can be downloaded from the App Store. It should then be launched after completing the download.
  2. Start by creating an account at GIPHY and signing in with your credentials. Registering for this takes only a few seconds if you log in with your Apple ID.
  3. On the upper-right corner of the page, click the “Create” button.
  4. The “pictures” icon appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Your iPhone’s live photography and media are now accessible from the Photos app. Choose which image you want converted into a GIF.
  6. The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to add stickers, text, and effects.
  7. You can save your image or video by tapping the purple arrow in the bottom-right corner.
  8. You can save the GIF to your iPhone by clicking on “Save GIF.” To do this, click “Save GIF” at the bottom of the screen.

GIFs can also be shared straight away after being created or uploaded to an application that anyone can view.

2. Use GIFs instead of JPGs for Live Photos

On each side of the picture you snap, you’ll get a couple of seconds of animation. You’ll see them come alive if you keep your finger on them. You can take live images of your surroundings when you tap the circles at the top of the screen. 

If you have an iPhone, you can convert them into animated GIFs using the Photos app. Open the Photos app and look for the picture you want to turn into a GIF. 

The easiest way to find them is to choose Albums at the bottom of the app and then scroll down to the types of media. One of the choices will be Live Photos. View all of your live photos by navigating through your albums.

  1. After your live photograph has been selected, you should drag it upwards. The site offers a number of useful features, including a selection of effects, a map showing the location where the photograph was taken, and related image categories.
  2. You can select either a loop or bounce animation.
  3. If you wish to share your live shot, simply drag it to the top of the screen, select Loop or Bounce, and then click Share. It is as simple as that.

It is as simple as following the instructions below. Simply click the Share button and use the GIF in an email or on Twitter. On the Albums page, you will notice that among the options under the Media types heading is “Animated.” Here you can find the live photos you have converted into GIFs.

3. Use the Shortcuts application

iOS 14, as opposed to previous versions of the software, will open the video camera instead of the photo burst at the end of holding down the camera shutter button for an extended period of time. 

To take a series of photographs containing various still frames in full definition, you must press and hold the shutter button while moving it to the left. Please be aware that it may take some time to become accustomed to this particular action. 

As the images are shown in succession, bursts of images are somewhat similar to the flipbook animation used to draw attention or create special effects when there is no need for drama. 

Using the Shortcuts app that comes with the iPhone, they can be used to create animated GIFs. We have discussed ways to achieve this. The following steps should be followed:

  1. You will need to launch the Shortcuts app, which is pre-installed on every iPhone running iOS 12 or later.
  2. Convert Burst to GIF is the GIF converter shortcut you need to download. This process involves downloading the “Convert Video to GIF” shortcut. If a GIF does not appear in a search, use the option to convert it to GIF or Gallery > All the GIFs.
  3. Provide your photos or videos to the app if it requests access to them.
  4. If you press the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the window, the shortcut is activated. There will be a list of all of the burst photos you have taken.
  5. It will take no time at all to create a GIF after selecting one.
  6. You can choose to save it to your photographs or share it after you click Done.

Wrapping Up

Are you a fan of animated GIFs? Have you ever created one yourself? Do you plan to experiment with creating GIFs from your live photos? The animated GIF is more expressive than other formats and is also entertaining. 

Develop your creative side by using the instructions on how to create a GIF on the iPhone. Be creative and have fun creating GIFs.

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