Get a USA Phone Number Easily With These Services

It is not uncommon for people to request the phone number of the United States.

It is easier to get work with you if you own a USA phone number or any other international phone number if you are an entrepreneur, startup, small business, or even a medium-sized business. This is primarily because companies are easily impressed and will automatically want to work with you if you possess a US phone number.

How to obtain a US phone number

  1. Make a shortlist of services that offer virtual phone numbers for the USA.
  2. Look at the FAQ and how the service works.
  3. Register
  4. The company should offer a free trial so that you can test the service before you pay.
  5. You should select a plan based on its features and price.
  6. Pay for your plan.
  7. Use your phone number!

A few services that provide US numbers are listed below for your convenience. It is possible that you need a USA number for online shopping, but whatever the reason, one of the services should be perfect for you to get a phone number.

Please be aware that several of these services are VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which can require some external hardware or set-up requirements — and that can always be tricky. The basics of VoIP are explained in our soft guide.

Let’s take a look at the services that offer international phone numbers for a price right now.


The OpenPhone app is an iOS and Android smartphone application that gives entrepreneurs a local or toll-free phone number for their business right on their existing mobile devices.

It is possible to speak and text with customers using the dedicated business phone number. Your OpenPhone number is accessible from anywhere you have Internet access.

Using OpenPhone, you can thoroughly separate your business and personal communications and determine when calls pertain to your business to respond accordingly.

It is possible to set your business hours so that you are not constantly interrupted when you are working. For a more professional appearance, OpenPhone allows you to record a voicemail greeting for your business.

You may select from thousands of local US, Canadian, and toll-free numbers. OpenPhone can port your existing phone number, so you do not have to worry about the logistics.

A flat, no-contract monthly fee is also charged for some of the app features:

  • Differentiate between business and personal calls.
  • Using voicemail and transcription
  • Set business hours to control when you receive calls or turn on “Do Not Disturb.”
  • You can share responsibility for your OpenPhone number with a partner or team to respond to calls and texts.
  • A business address book separates client information from personal contact information.


If you wish to stick with something you are familiar with, simply obtain a Skype number.

If you do so, you will receive an international phone number with ease, and the rates are quite reasonable. Nevertheless, there are still international rates to consider, but depending on your usage, it should not be that expensive.

You can also use Skype on virtually any device. It is only a slight disadvantage that the list of countries available is fairly limited, but you can still obtain a USA number as well as local numbers in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Virgin Islands, as well as those in Asian countries.

Make sure you purchase credits for both landline and mobile calls.


You can use Line2 to obtain a US phone number on a smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, and even a PC/Mac.

In essence, the service is IP-based, which means it is in the cloud and works over the Internet. If you have access to WiFi or mobile internet, you are ready to go. It is as simple as downloading the app, selecting a number with an area code, paying the fee, and receiving and making calls.

As of right now, the service is similar to Skype, though you may also be able to text a friend. If you pay an additional fee, you will also be able to use some business features, such as call screening, multiple lines, and an auto-attendant. A monthly or annual subscription is available.

Line2 offers applications for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Apple Watch, and Fire OS.

Imperium Talk

Perimeter Talk is a cloud-based phone system that provides top-notch communication solutions. This product provides you with the tools you need to run your business efficiently, improve communication, and enhance your sales process. These tools include:

  • There are local and international phone numbers that appear to be local even when you are calling from another country.
  • The following toll-free numbers are available: 800, 833, 833, 855, 866, 877, and 888.
  • Our interactive voice response system directs calls to the appropriate team.
  • We use cold and warm transfers to enhance communication.
  • It provides detailed and easy-to-understand visualisations and reports for analyzing call statistics.
  • It provides voicemail messages so that missed calls can be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Transcripts of voice recordings are automatically generated, as well as the ability to share them among colleagues.

What else is there? You can separate personal calls from business calls using Imperium Talk. You can also place and receive calls from over 100 countries using this service. You can access the service in several ways, including mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and full-service web applications.

Additionally, businesses do not need to subscribe to an unlimited phone plan. They only pay for what their company needs. If you wish, you can give each employee a number for $5 per month. You can choose a plan with a fixed company-wide fee regardless of how many employees are on your plan.

Finally, Imperium Talk does not charge any fees for the first 14 days. Thereafter, you have the option of choosing from any of the plans. The price will, of course, vary according to the plan you select.


Onetel offers virtual phone numbers in a variety of countries.

Sign up to receive two test numbers to take the vehicle for a free trial period of three to five days. While Skype routes all calls through VoIP, Sonetel routes all calls via traditional landlines. This means you can make calls via their iOS or Android app, but receive calls using your landline or mobile phone, without the need for an Internet connection.

You can pay for all incoming and outgoing calls every month through a 3D secure VISA or Mastercard. You can also record incoming and outgoing calls for free by configuring them in your online dashboard.

You should be aware that these phone numbers can not receive any automated or verification SMS or calls from any banking services, shopping sites, social media websites, or any third-party websites since their virtual numbers and their use for identity verification are prohibited. Are you ready for the twist?


Business-specific software is available through eReceptionist. It is designed exclusively for businesses.

For example, it is possible to obtain a local number in the USA, UK, China, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain for a few cents per day. This number will be forwarded to your landline or mobile phone.

You can then set an extensive menu or forward the call to a voicemail if you so desire. You do not need an internet connection or an app to receive or make calls. All you need is a valid 10-digit phone number.

Each plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Several other features are available, such as call recording, live-receptionist, voicemail transcription, call scheduling, call reporting, etc.


Another excellent service that provides both phone numbers and dialing plans is Vonage.

Choose a phone number for yourself and choose a plan, and you are off to a great start. If you do not wish to use the device, then you can use the app and get a mobile number for your home.

It offers a convenient means of paying your home bill.


CallCentric is a very popular and easy-to-use phone service. A major advantage of CallCentric is that you can obtain a phone number not only from the USA, UK, or Australia but from any country in the world. CallCentric is also free of charge when calling other CallCentric or VoIP services.

When it comes to calling other services, such as landlines, CallCentric offers tons of options, so you don’t have to worry about spending too little or too much. We tested this service by purchasing a free number and calling it without adding funds to our account.

The lady with a US accent told us that the number we were dialing was not available-then we checked the dashboard and saw that our purchased number did indeed receive the call from the one we were dialing from (proving the caller ID worked), but because we didn’t add funds to the account and/or call forwarding, we hadn’t been able to get on the phone… Am I making sense here?

If you want to set up PayPal using this service, first add funds via credit card, then add call forwarding, which is a ‘free add-on’. Give it another try and if your phone rings (meaning it’s being forwarded successfully), then you can use PayPal.


Another great VoIP service is TollFree Forwarding.

This service is also reasonably priced, similar to CallCentric. A starter account for this service costs $15 per month. Users do have the option of choosing a number from a large number of countries, and you may also select a toll-free number for US and Canadian numbers, which is great for businesses.


I know it is an odd name, but it performs well. Ooma can obtain a US phone number for a fee. You simply need to register your Ooma device online, and you will be able to pick a new phone number in any area code in the United States (except Alaska).

Please keep in mind that Ooma is a standalone device and does not require a computer system to operate. Therefore, it does not require any software (or headset/earphones with mic) to function. Your current phone service will be replaced by this service. You will not be replacing anything but adding an addition to your deco unless you needed to add a new piece of equipment. It should be noted that the device requires an internet connection, whether it be cable, DSL, or fiber-optic.

In addition, I would like to mention that MagicJack is also a promising solution. However, you should test it out to see if it works for you and/or if it can correct your problem.

The following is a list of excellent services for obtaining US phone numbers. It is now your turn to tell us which service you use and why.

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