Google Is Set To Further Simplify The Nest Aware

The nest aware is a premium subscription offered for google nest cameras. The price ranges from $5, $10, or $30 per month. It gives them the freedom to record seamlessly, instant alert, and access to video history. However, there is a catch. You have to pay additional charges per each camera.

In the new Nest Aware subscription package, Google has clubbed all the nest cameras into a single offer. The pricing slabs are made largely on the basis of “Event Video History”—the recording made whenever the camera senses an activity. For 6$ per month, the latest Nest Aware covers 30 days of event video history; while for 12$ per month, the days are doubled. The latter would also cover 10 days of 24/7 video history.

Is the new NEST Aware Expensive?

On the superficial level, Google’s Nest Aware Plans may sound expensive than Amazon’s $3 or $10 per month Ring Protect subscription plans and Arlo’s $2.99, $9.99, and $14.99 per month Arlo Smart subscription plans. But if you look a little deeper, you will find Google’s NEST Aware slightly superior to its competitors. Its new package will cover all Nest cameras, while both Amazon’s and Arlo’s cheapest tier are covering only one.

The latest Nest Aware has another edge on its competitors also. It is covering Nest cameras, google home speakers, and all google display devices. According to Google, the Nest Devices will be equipped to tackle emergency situations: they can listen to the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. The google home app will inform you about the situation, and will also provide you with the option to contact 911

This emergency feature comes very handily when you are traveling. Even if you can’t access your phone, the pre-programmed Nest or Home speakers will call 9/11 to tackle the situation in your absence.

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