How and Why You Should Clean Your Laptop’s Keyboard

What you need to know about cleaning your laptop keyboard

Technology has significantly evolved over the past few decades. On occasion, new inventions find their way onto the market in the hope of making our lives easier.

Consider the computer sector, for example. Currently, there is a small computer called a laptop, or what we commonly refer to as a minicomputer. The portability of laptops has made things easier in many ways.

Sadly, despite the amount of work one may be able to accomplish with these devices, many people fail to consider their cleaning needs. Particularly the keyboard is one of the neglected areas of the computer.

Most likely, you are reading this because some letters have started to fail. Fortunately, your keyboard still has some life. Listed below are some suggestions for cleaning a laptop keyboard properly.

1. Pressurized air should be used

If you are thinking about cleaning your laptop, the first thing that should come to mind is compressed air. Compressed air is recommended when cleaning a laptop.

This method of cleaning does not use any liquid that could damage electronic components. To complete the task, you may obtain some cans of compressed air from your local store.

To clean a keyboard, you will need safety gear (gloves and goggles).

Unplug the laptop’s charger and battery once you are ready to deal with the dust.

After removing the power supplies, open the laptop, shake it gently, and blow air between the keys of the keyboard.

By performing this trick frequently, you will help eliminate dust and other tiny particles that can accumulate in the cracks of the keyboard. The accumulation of these particles is what causes it to drag.

2. Invest in a vacuum cleaner

In case you thought vacuum cleaners were meant to remove dust from floors and coaches, you were incorrect.

Using the same device, you can also clean the keyboard of your laptop. It is imperative that you turn off your laptop and remove the charger as well as the battery before you turn on the vacuum cleaner.

After disconnecting the charger and the mobile device, open the laptop and turn it upside down. The laptop should be shaken gently before being placed on a flat surface. Then, turn the vacuum cleaner on and run it along the edges of the keyboard letters.

During the process, you will hear some crackling sounds, and you are correct. These are the sounds made when dust and food particles are vacuumed away. Once the vacuum has been completed, wipe the keyboard with a clean cloth.

3. Using a disinfectant wipe

How about some face wipes to clean the keyboard of your laptop? Did you notice the quality of the wipe left on your keyboard if you have already done this?

Thus, you can proceed to use the disinfecting process to remove any accumulated bacteria and dust particles. This method can be combined with other methods to achieve deep cleaning. Make sure you turn off your computer before using this method.

There is no telling what will happen if you execute an unknown command or send an odd e-mail to your boss or lecturer.

4. A few alcoholic beverages for the keyboard

As far as the alcohol is concerned, it is not the beer you order from your local pub. You may end up damaging your laptop when you turn it on by using this approach.

Alcohol in this case is isopropyl alcohol, or what is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. Since it usually evaporates quickly, it can be used to clean around the keyboard without causing any short-circuiting.

We highly recommend the use of rubbing alcohol to ensure an effective cleaning of dust and particles.

Furthermore, another wonderful aspect of this method is that you can scrub the cracks between the keys by using an old toothbrush.

It is possible to access the down part of the keyboard if your keyboard has several failed letters by unscrewing the laptop. In order to avoid damaging other parts of the laptop, you should be extra cautious when you tear it.

5. Make sure you have a laptop bag

People are accustomed to leaving their laptops anywhere. That is one of the advantages of being able to carry them anywhere.

So, you can have it in the garage, on the balcony, or even in the bedroom. Actually, it does not matter much where you intend to use it. Upon completing your tasks, it is important to store the data properly.

In most cases, when you purchase a computer from a laptop dealer, you are provided with a bag. It is not appropriate to use that bag only when you are on the road with your laptop. When you are finished with your tasks, you may as well place your laptop in that space.

When your laptop is idle, it is a good idea to place it in a bag to prevent dust and small particles from collecting on its keyboard. When you begin practicing this habit, you will notice how much cleaner the keyboard on your laptop will be.

You should clean your keyboard on a regular basis for the following reasons:

Now that you know how to clean a laptop keyboard, you have a few options at your disposal. However, do you know why it’s necessary to maintain a clean keyboard on a regular basis? Well, here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should clean or blow the keyboard on a daily basis, if possible.

1. In order to maintain your health

Occasionally, you may have to share your laptop with an unknown individual. Additionally, you are frequently munching on something while working on a project or completing a class assignment.

Could you please explain what this means? Certainly, with food particles and many hands touching the keyboard, there is a likelihood that bacteria will accumulate.

Because of this reason, you should always keep the keyboard and the entire computer clean from time to time.

In a recent study, it was found that your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet. Therefore, if you are interested in reducing the number of bacterial infections, make sure that when you clean the other parts of your office or house, you don’t forget the keyboard.

2. You save a considerable amount of money

What are the costs associated with replacing the keyboard on your laptop? In most cases, you are unaware of the problem because your laptop has not yet requested a replacement.

You may have to spend between $95 and $200 on a new keyboard. The price will vary according to the model of your laptop. In other words, if you intend to use the high-end models, you should prepare to part with a significant amount of money.

It is highly likely that you will need to buy a new laptop if your keyboard fails, and this will not save you any money.

Also, cleaning the dirt from the keyboard prevents damages on your laptop, which could require a repair. Consequently, by doing this regularly, you save on the expense of a technician.

Cleanliness, as stated earlier, contributes to removing dirt and bacteria that can pose a threat to your health. Consequently, if you eliminate the chances of getting ill, you are able to save some money that you would have spent on medical care.

3. It reduces the risk of laptops overheating

In most cases, dust is the primary cause of laptop overheating. One might wonder how dust can lead to excessive heating.

It is normal for excess dust and food particles to clog a laptop’s fan.

As a result, the fan might become noisy, signaling that it is experiencing strain. The fan may fail in the end, leading to overheating of the machine, which will damage the entire system in the long term. So if you are concerned about the condition of your MAC or PC, you should not ignore the dirty keyboard.

4. Provides protection against key failure

In the middle of a challenging project, have you ever had a letter or two on your keyboard disappear? The experience is one of the few that you can almost strike your computer with a hammer.

If the problem occurs in the middle of the night, and you do not have access to an external keyboard or a different computer, the situation is even worse.

This is why you are advised to clean your computer’s keyboard periodically. It is important to regularly clean the letters in order to prevent dirt buildup, thereby preventing failure.

5. Extends the useful life of the keyboard

The only thing that is more annoying than having to replace parts of your PC periodically is having to do so. This is an expensive process that can also cause the machine to malfunction.

For example, you may encounter fake keyboards when replacing your laptop’s keyboard. These keyboards you find in the stores may be of low quality and will cause your laptop usage to be miserable.

It is important to clean the keyboard more often in order to minimize the likelihood of any keys failing. As a result, you enhance the life of your keyboard, which is an important benefit.

In conclusion

You should clean the keyboard of your laptop on a regular basis. Many users tend to ignore this area of the computer. You should be able to keep your laptop in good condition for a long time if you take good care of it.

It is likely that most of those ignoring the task are not proficient in cleaning.

After you have cleaned the keyboard on your laptop, remember to clean the screen as well.

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