How do I use one-handed mode / Reachability on the iPhone?

The iPhone 6 Plus display at 5.5 inches is a big problem for many people who use their smartphones with one hand, as it makes using the device difficult unless you’re willing to give up some control over what’s on-screen or how much information there may be present at any given time; luckily Apple solved this issue by implementing “Reachability” into its iOS software which allows users access certain functions while still being able to manage everything else correctly – all without having two different modes like ordinary multitasking mode (which cannot really do anything.

iPhones are shipped with Reachability enabled, so that all functions can be performed with one hand.

By tapping twice on the Touch ID button, you can bring down your phone’s top half so that controls or apps are accessible without using a second hand.

Once finished with Reachability, restore the display to full screen by pressing the Touch ID sensor once.

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