How Long Does A Computer Mouse Last? When To Replace.

Computer mouse comes in all shapes and sizes. For people working from home as 2020 made it a norm, or gamers who want to invest in a premium mouse, there is always this badgering question, How long does a computer mouse last?

More than anything, it depends on the type of mouse or for what it is intended. As there is a wide range of mice in the market, it is impossible for us to just write a random number. Also, we can’t just rely on our own experience. 

We scoured the internet for hours, went through hundreds of online threads to find the optimum life expectancy of two different types of mice.

Read on to find the average life expectancy of each type. 

How Long Does A Gaming Mouse Last? 

Gaming mice are subjected to extreme abuse as, apart from the heavy usage, they often become the target of unbridled anger or frustration when we lose a close battle.

Also, FPS gamers tend to use the mouse more aggressively as they have to lift off / glide the mouse with lightning speed. And some squeeze the mouse extra tight or go-bonkers on the trigger click. 

Taking just the life expectancy of OMRON switches that lie between 20-80 million clicks and average gamer’s clicks of 6-8k per day, the life expectancy of a gaming mouse can be predicted to be in the range of 8-25 years. But we all know that quoting a number like this would end up embarrassing ourselves in public.

A gaming mouse is way more than just switches. The cable, scroll wheel, and the sensitive components inside are also susceptible to damage. And these parts malfunction earlier than the life of Omron switches. 

So a solidly build gaming mouse with braided wire, solid frame, and an up-to-date sensor would last you 4-5 years at most. With heavy gaming or intensive use, life is reduced to three years.

There is a false perception that a heavy-weight gaming mouse lasts longer. It might have been true in the past, but today even the lightweight gaming mouse has comparable strength. The unique honeycomb structure has made it possible for a lightweight mouse to have extraordinary strength and structure. (source: Techgeekdeals)

Also, the gaming mice are purposefully built to last for an extended period of time thanks to the hard plastic frame, parts customization, and robust protection against water and dust ingression. 

How Long Does A Computer (Wired/Wireless) Mouse Last? 

A regular computer mouse is not as sturdy as a gaming mouse and we have limited options to customize it. Companies tend to cut corners when manufacturing these mouse and durability is often traded off in favor of the high aesthetic appeal or comfortability. 

A regular computer mouse by a reputable brand is built to last for a max of 2-3 years. However, if you use the mouse more aggressively (creative artists, office workers), the figure drops to 1.5-2 years.  

These estimates only work if you take care of the mouse: cleaning it up regularly, and preventing dust and water ingression. 

Wireless computer mouse, on the other hand, saves you the hassle of untangling wires, and as one vulnerable part of the mouse (cable) isn’t there, many expect them to last longer than the wired ones. However, it may not be the case. The average life of both these mice is just the same. 

Even if the mouse doesn’t break, after 3-4 years you might want to upgrade for a better gaming experience. 

How To Check If Your Mouse Is Working Properly? 

There are several red flags to alarm you of a mouse about to die. Incorrect responses, cursor freeze, and glitches can be early signs but the problems discussed below leads to definite failure. 

  1. The trigger button (on any other button) needs extra effort to click/register.
  2. The wire is worn down, and there are visible signs of damage.
  3. The dedicated Bluetooth receiver of your wireless mouse is malfunctioning. 
  4. Laggy tracking or cursor freeze 
  5. Suddenly turn off and on (Wireless mouse)

How To Extend The Life Of A Computer Mouse?

There are several hacks you can apply to extend the life of a computer mouse.

  1. Regular cleaning. 
  2. Avoid Death grip
  3. Don’t vent your frustration on the mouse
  4. Get a braided cable for the mouse with a replaceable wire option
  5. Invest in a quality mouse pad

Can You Fix A Broken Mouse? 

In case your mouse is not physically damaged, there are ways to bring a broken mouse back to life. You can fix the performance glitches in the operating system utility settings. 

  1. For the jerking motion of the pointer, you need to clean the sensor on the bottom of the mouse. There should be nothing covering the optical laser as it might interfere with the movement. 
  2. If you are using a wireless mouse, chances are the mouse’s battery has died and a simple replacement can do the job. 
  3. Change the ports, chances are the USB port of the device and not the mouse is malfunctioning. Also, check the connection is secure. 
  4. Some mice cannot track movement on shinny surfaces (too dark or light). In that case, you have to buy a good mouse pad. 
  5. Update the driver of the mouse as it is often the main culprit behind a faulty mouse. 

If none of these fixes work, you should better invest in a new mouse rather than wasting your time and money on the dead one.  

When To Replace A Mouse?

If the mouse has been showing all the red flags we discussed above, we encourage you the replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might risk an unresponsive mouse during intense gameplay, or in the middle of important artwork. 

However, before you replace the mouse, we recommend you try all the fixes we discussed above. Hopefully, they can solve your problem. 

Final Words: 

The life expectancy of a computer mouse differs depending on the usage, type, and brand. Gaming mouse lasts longer if they come from a reputable company. 3-5 years is an average performance of a quality gaming mouse. Regular computer mouse lasts 2-3 years if you take extra care with them. Similarly, the budget mice are expected to last for only a few months.  

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