How Many Bluetooth Headphones Can Connect To A Firestick?

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to an Amazon Fire TV Stick was the only way for me to watch Adele’s return from her musical hiatus, which consisted of a one-night-only special concert and an interview with Oprah. This was the only way I could watch it without driving everyone around me insane.

Fortunately, it was just me and the Queen of Hearts herself, so I was able to connect to the internet and stream her set, which was both spectacular, without any difficulties.

But what if another person had wanted to listen in on the conversation?

How Many Pairs Of Bluetooth Headphones Can Be Linked To A Firestick?

Although you can pair multiple devices—up to seven, in total—to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can only use a single Bluetooth audio device at a time to playback audio from the Fire TV Stick. If, on the other hand, you want to have two people watching television together in a silent-disco style while both of them are wearing headphones, there is a workaround for that.

If it’s just you and the TV, pairing the first device is not too difficult, and you can pair multiple devices at the same time.

You never know when you’re going to want to watch a football game while someone else is sleeping or when you’re going to need to blast your TV through the Bluetooth speaker that you keep in the shower.

It is simple to choose whichever Bluetooth device you require at the time and play audio through that device; however, you can only use one Bluetooth device at a time.

Continue reading to learn not only how to accomplish that task, but also how to connect multiple Bluetooth devices at once.

Devices that use Bluetooth audio, as well as the Amazon Fire TV Stick

It is important to note that you will NOT find this option in the menu labeled Display & Sound that is located within your Settings menu.

After ensuring that your Bluetooth headphones or speaker are fully charged, get your remote control or open the app on your phone that controls your remote control.

Proceed to the screen for configuring settings, and then navigate to:

You can add a Bluetooth device by going to the Remotes and Bluetooth Devices menu, then selecting Other Bluetooth Devices.

Because doing so will cause the television to start looking for Bluetooth devices that are nearby, you will need to make sure that your headphones and speakers are turned on and that they are set to the pairing mode before continuing.

Because this is something that varies from device to device, you need to make sure that you are familiar with how to do it before you get started.

Once your Fire TV Stick has located your audio device and it is operating in pairing mode, you will see it displayed on the screen.

You then need to simply select it and permit the two devices to pair.

If your headphones, earphones, or speaker doesn’t have built-in volume controls, you’ll need to make sure that the audio on the TV isn’t so loud that it’s going to cause hearing loss when it blasts directly into your ears or bounces the sound off the shower tiles. You can do this by adjusting the volume on the TV.

After the Initial Pairing, Choosing Which Device to Use

You won’t have to go through the setup process each time you want to listen to music on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, just like you won’t have to do that with other Bluetooth connections on other devices.

Instead, just go back to the screen you were on earlier, which was for Remotes and Bluetooth Devices, and choose the appropriate option from the list.

If you do not intend to use your Bluetooth device, but it is powered on at the same time that you power on your TV, the Fire TV Stick may automatically connect.

You can prevent this issue from occurring if you make sure that all of your audio devices are turned off before you turn on the television, or if you unpair the device when you are finished making use of it.


Repeat the previous step of navigating to Settings > Remotes & Bluetooth Devices, then pressing the button on your remote that has three lines through it.

This will prompt a question asking if you would like to unpair, after which you simply need to highlight the item in question and select it.

Keeping Track of Our Bluetooth Connections

It will come in very handy if you can pick a Bluetooth connection from a list of ones that you have already paired in the past.

This indicates that you have the option of choosing between a speaker, your headphones, or your earphones depending on the requirements of the situation.

You can connect additional Bluetooth devices such as controllers, keyboards (for easier search typing, etc.), and even a computer mouse, and you can do so while still streaming audio from whichever device you choose.

Simultaneous Playback

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is capable of storing up to seven different Bluetooth devices at any given time; however, it will only play audio through a single device simultaneously.

This means that individuals who wish to share their audio via multiple Bluetooth devices will need to use a different method for the functionality to be achieved.

The purchase of a Bluetooth adapter that is compatible with an audio output jack is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make it possible for multiple pairs of headphones to operate at the same time.

These devices are easy to install and provided that your television has a jack for audio output, you should have no trouble installing one of these devices in your home.

These kinds of adapters are useful for a wide variety of purposes, one of which is installing Bluetooth capabilities in a vehicle that possesses an audio jack but does not come equipped with Bluetooth as standard equipment.

You don’t need to rely on the aux cable when you have a Bluetooth adapter because it simply plugs in and starts working.

The more advanced adapters can also provide functionality for playing music from your phone to an older stereo system without requiring you to wire your phone to the stereo system. This allows you to play music from your phone to an older stereo system.

This also applies to your television set.

If the adapter you buy has the capability of supporting simultaneous playback, all you need to do to set it up is follow the instructions for setup, pair the devices you want to use, and turn everything on.

Then the two of you could watch television together while the children are sleeping, or you could listen to the same podcast while one of you cleans up while the other does the dishes, and none of you would disturb anyone else in the house.

This would also be helpful for people who live in apartments, where late-night marathons of “The Last Airbender” might not be the worst thing for your neighbors to overhear, but it’s still nice to be considerate of others around you.

It doesn’t matter why you would want to use two different sets of headphones or speakers connected via Bluetooth at the same time.

Even though the Amazon Fire TV Stick is only capable of providing a Bluetooth output for a single audio device at a time, utilizing a straightforward adapter is a fantastic method for achieving dual functionality.

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