How Many Playlists Can You Have on Apple Music?

You can create My Music playlists and Playlists on Apple Music. You can create custom playlists in My Music based on your library, so how many songs that playlist contains doesn’t matter as long as it contains only the music you added to your lists. 

Your playlist can have an unlimited number of songs. You can make as many playlists as you want on Apple Music. 

Apple Music users can store a maximum of 100,000 songs on their libraries, which can be synchronised across multiple devices using iCloud Music Library.

You can curate playlists by genre or mood, so it’s impossible to keep track of how many songs fit in one. Check out this article to learn more about Apple Music playlists.

Is Apple Music limited to a certain number of playlists?

Music collections on Apple Music can be organized into playlists by certain methods, such as mood or genre. When users create new playlists on Apple Music, the number of songs they can store is unlimited.

It is possible to create an infinite number of playlists using Apple Music. Playlists can only be created with iCloud storage space as the only major restriction.

If you exceed the maximum number of songs in your iCloud library (by adding 200 playlists each containing 100 songs), then you will be unable to download songs until more space is available.

If you exceed the 100,000-song limit, all downloaded songs will remain playable regardless of whether they are online or offline.

As long as your iCloud storage does not reach its maximum capacity, you will be able to create an unlimited number of playlists on Apple Music. Apple Music playlists and content should never be deleted from your iCloud storage as long as your iCloud storage does not exceed the limit of 100,000 songs.

Despite the fact that Apple Music does not have a playlist limit, there is a song file size limit which could cause problems for users wishing to sync large files. A playlist, music library, or any other large files must be under 100MB if you wish to transfer them to the iOS device.

How many playlists are there on Apple Music?

Apple Music allows users to customize their listening experience by creating thousands of playlists. Apple Music does not have a set limit for the number of playlists you may have, however, there is no reason it should be limited at all.

The Apple Music app offers more than 30,000 expert-curated playlists sorted into a variety of genres, from alternative rock to classical music, in addition to user-created playlists.

It is possible to create your own personal playlist using songs that you have saved in your library or found on Apple Music–regardless of how many songs you have. 

Select a song or click on “Create a new playlist” on Apple Music to begin creating a playlist. The option “Click here to add an item” is also available.

Is Apple Music able to keep my playlists?

Whenever you sign in to your Apple Music account, your playlists will be saved and stored. All playlists will be saved and displayed, regardless of whether they were created on another Apple device or manually uploaded to iCloud Music Library through iTunes.

The downloads acquired during the subscription period are deleted when you cancel your Apple Music membership. The playlists containing the downloads are also removed. You will need to resubscribe and download everything again if you choose to renew at a later date.

It is possible to edit your playlists and save those edited versions as well. Playlists are removed from all devices signed in with your Apple ID when you delete them from iCloud Music Library (by deleting tracks), but changes are not reflected until they are signed out and signed back in.

Once a playlist containing certain songs is deleted, the songs will not be erased from the library until the playlist is removed and the corresponding songs are downloaded locally to the specific device used at the time.

When a user adds an entire album to their music library, but only downloads one track from that album, that track will remain in their library regardless of whether the account is terminated.

If you added songs to your device manually rather than through iCloud Music Library, those songs will remain on your device after removing the playlist containing them.

How to recover deleted playlists:

  • Go to Apple Music Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Music section.
  • Click the button next to iCloud Music Library to recover your library.

You can easily revert back to previous versions of Apple Music playlists during iCloud backups. It means that if you accidentally delete a playlist, then open iCloud backup and download the latest version of that playlist, then it will be restored.

As long as your Apple ID is active, you can download purchased tracks from iTunes or Apple Music as long as they are stored on your computer.


It’s okay to make a lot of playlists with Apple Music, but it’s best to keep them manageable. The device that you make a playlist on takes up a lot of space.

So while you can have an unlimited number of Apple Music playlists, it may make more sense to delete playlists that aren’t relevant and re-create them when necessary. 

Apple Music playlists are saved during iCloud backups, so you can go back to old versions, but it limits how much storage you have.


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