How Much Are A Pair Of Bose Headphones?

When you buy a set of Bose headphones, you can be certain that you will get a superior piece of technology.

But if you’re on a tight budget, Bose headphones may be out of your price range…or does Bose provide budget-friendly headphones?

What is the cost of a pair of Bose headphones?

Headphones from Bose range in price from $129 to $1,095. The more features headphones incorporate, the more costly they are. For example, the A20 Aviation Headset, Bose’s most costly headphones, is developed for jet pilots. In contrast, the lowest-priced headphones are only suitable for casual listening.

Although Bose headphones might be a little more costly, they are often well worth the additional expense.

However, not everyone can afford these cutting-edge technologies.

Continue reading to discover more about the price of Bose headphones and how to get them at a discount.

The most costly Bose headphones

Aviation Headset A20

The A20 Aviation Headset is the most costly pair of headphones offered by Bose.

The standard edition of these headphones costs $995, but the addition of BlueTooth connection raises the price to $1,095.

These headphones were created by Bose for pilots.

The A20 Aviation Headsets are also acceptable for use by helicopter pilots.

Because of this, the A20 Aviation Headset has cutting-edge noise-cancelling technology.

The A20 Aircraft Headset is 30% more effective than conventional aviation headsets in reducing background noise.

This pair is ideal if you’re the pilot of a loud aircraft.

These headphones are equipped with a high-performance external microphone to guarantee that the pilot’s communications are delivered clearly.

You’re in luck if you prefer the microphone on one side over the other.

The A20 Aviation Headset enables the microphone to be positioned on either side.

For extended trips, the headphones offer sheepskin padding for comfort. These extra-plush headphones weigh just 12 ounces.

The A20 Aviation Headset is hence both comfortable and lightweight.

On lengthier trips, there is no need to worry about your headphones dying.

Two AA batteries provide 45 hours of battery life for the A20 Aviation Headset.

In other words, no payment is necessary.

Simply replace the batteries when they get depleted.

ProFlight Series 2 Headset for Aviation

If you are the pilot of a quieter aircraft, such as a pressurised jet plane, you may not require an additional 30% noise reduction.

The Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset may appeal to quieter aircraft pilots.

The Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset, like the A20 Aviation Headset, begins at $995.

When BlueTooth connection is added to the headphones, the price increases to $1,045.

The ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset is Bose’s second most costly pair of headphones at current rates.

The ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset employs earbuds instead of traditional over-the-ear headphones to send sound to the pilot’s ears.

This headset weighs just 4.5 ounces, guaranteeing that it won’t get too heavy when flying.

Even though these headphones are designed for quieter planes, they incorporate Bose’s cutting-edge noise-canceling technology.

In fact, the ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset has three noise cancelling options.

Similar to the A20 Aviation Headset, the microphone placement of the ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset is reversible.

The cheapest Bose headphones

Wireless SoundSport Headphones

The SoundSport wireless headphones are the lowest headphones offered by Bose.

These headphones are available for $129 only.

While these headphones are more pricey than other manufacturers, they are much less expensive than other Bose headphones.

The wireless SoundSport headphones are available in three separate colours: citron, aqua, and black.

The wireless SoundSport headphones from Bose are not standard over-ear headphones.

These headphones are comprised of two earbuds joined by a single wire.

Bose created these headphones with a tight fit to keep them in place when exercising.

Additionally, the sweat- and weather-resistant qualities of the SoundSport wireless headphones make them an ideal choice for exercising.

If you prefer extended exercises, you are fortunate. The SoundSport wireless headphones have a battery life of six hours.

These headphones incorporate Tile technology, which is an excellent feature. Tile technology allows you to find misplaced items.

You may use the Bose app to locate your SoundSport wireless headphones if you lose them.

Bose Sport Headphones

Bose’s second-cheapest pair of headphones is the Bose Sport Earbuds.

These earphones have a rating of 4.4 stars and are available for $179.00.

The Stay Hear TM Max tips on the Sport Earbuds not only serve to keep the headphones in place, but also improve sound quality and reduce background noise.

How to Save Money on Bose Headphones

Although Bose has more cheap headphones, such as the SoundSport wireless headphones, the most technologically advanced headphones are substantially more costly.

However, they do not have to be that pricey.

Infrequently does Bose provide company-wide deals, however they often feature goods as “Special Offers.” When Bose advertises a product as a Special Offer, the price is drastically reduced.

Always check Bose’s Special Offers before buying a set of headphones from the company.

Like many other businesses, Bose provides Christmas deals. If you want to get a fantastic price on a set of Bose headphones, buy them around the holidays or on Black Friday.

If you can’t locate a set of Bose headphones in a Special Offer and can’t wait for a Christmas sale, you still have one more option. Each year, Forbes, a worldwide media organisation, gathers corporate coupons. Forbes gathered approximately 30 Bose vouchers for 2022!

These promotions include a $20 discount on purchases when a Bose account is created, student and military discounts, and referral incentives. If you use a few of these discounts, you may considerably reduce the cost of your Bose headphones.

The following discounts are offered particularly for Bose headphones:

  • Save up to 40% on select headphones, speakers, and sunglasses.
  • $20 to $60 savings on a selection of headphones and more
  • $50 off QuietComfort 45 Noise-Isolating Earphones
  • Up to forty percent off a selection of headphones at this retailer.
  • Reconditioned Noise-Canceling 700 headphones for $130 (35 percent off)
  • Save up to 30% on select wireless headphones
  • Up to $115 off refurbished noise-cancelling headphones

As you can see, there are a number of discounts available to make your new Bose headphones more inexpensive.

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