How Much Does the PS5 Weigh?

With the debut of the current generation of consoles, the Xbox vs. PlayStation argument has become increasingly popular.

I am an ardent video game player who has previously used both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

I bought the new Xbox, but it got me wondering about the size and weight of the new PlayStation.

What Is the Weight of the PS5?

The weight of the PlayStation 5 has been the subject of several reports. Retailers have stated that the new PS5 weighs 10 pounds, although others have stated that it weighs 8.5 pounds. A digital version of the console is also available, which is lighter than the original version.

If you’re on the market for a new PlayStation, you might want to keep reading.

The rest of the essay will go through the performance aspects of the PlayStation and compare them to the Xbox.

How Much Does a PS5 With Box Weigh?

When you include the weight of the box, the PS5 is much heavier.

According to reports, the PS5 weighs around 15 pounds in its original package.

The additional equipment included in the package accounts for the increased weight.

Because it is composed of a lightweight material, the box is not very weighty.

You must keep in mind, however, that the box contains the console, a controller, and all of the power lines.

The extra 7 pounds are due to the added equipment.

Furthermore, if you intend to transport a new PS5 anywhere, it will be heavier.

When shipping the console, you must factor in the weight of the additional box and wrapping material.

How much does a PS5 weigh? 

The PS5 is approximately 8.5 pounds in weight.

Given how much technology is packed into the console, it’s incredible that it barely weighs 8.5 pounds.

It’s a smidgeon heavier than its predecessor, but it’s also a smidgeon lighter than the competitors. The PS5 weighs 2.5 pounds more than the PS4, making it 2.5 pounds more than the previous version.

The PS5 is a pound and a half lighter than the Xbox Series X, weighing in at slightly under ten pounds.

Unlike its rival, which is fashioned like a brick, the PS5 is supposed to be taller and skinnier.

Although weight may not be a major consideration when choosing a console, it should be taken into account.

If you keep your console on a desk, you may not want to put a lot of weight on it all day.

What Is the Weight of the Digital PS5?

The digital PS5 is over 1 pound less than the original PS5.

The PS5 digital version does not enable you to insert discs into the console, allowing the system to eliminate certain hardware.

In addition, the PS5 digital is smaller than the original PS5.

This system is aimed at the casual player because it is less expensive than the original PS5.

Graphics and performance suffer a little, but the price is still well worth it.

Can the PS5 Lay Flat? 

The PS5 can, in fact, be laid flat. It’s designed to stand vertically, but it may also be laid flat.

The console may not be able to cool as well as it would if it were vertical, but you can keep an eye on that.

When utilizing the console, I prefer standing it upright, but if you absolutely must, you may set it flat.

What Causes the PS5 to Be So Heavy?

The PS5’s weight is determined by all of the hardware that it contains.

The cooling fan is the most important part of the PS5’s hardware, and it might account for a significant chunk of the console’s weight.

Although the cooling fan is 45mm thick, it is well worth it.

The better the console performs, the cooler it is. Personally, if a better cooling system equals a heavier console, I’ll choose the heavier console.

What are the Advantages of the PS5? 

The loading rates and visuals are the PS5’s two key benefits over previous generations of PlayStations.

The PS5 can be used with 4k screens and some games can be played in 4k.

The PS5’s loading speeds are several seconds faster than those of the PS4 and earlier generations.

While the difference may not appear to be significant, if you are a frequent player, it may save you hours of waiting at loading screens.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X have a lot in common. It all boils down to personal opinion and brand loyalty when deciding which console to purchase.

Each system has its own exclusive titles, but as technology advances, those games will find their way to each platform.

Closing Thoughts 

The PS5 is somewhat heavier than previous versions, but in terms of processing power and display, it is light years ahead of them.

This console generation will push gaming and entertainment to new heights.

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