How To Block A Number On iPhone (Answered!)

Regularly receiving text messages or phone calls on your iPhone can be aggravating, especially if they’re from unknown numbers or (worse) from someone you know who doesn’t want to contact you.

The easiest method to reclaim your sense of safety and comfort is to block these numbers, but with Apple regularly introducing new iPhone models, you may be unsure how to do so.

We’ll walk you through a straightforward step-by-step process for blocking numbers on any iPhone in this post.

You’ll discover how to prevent unsolicited texts, phone calls, emails, and even FaceTime calls. We’ll also teach you how to handle these banned contacts if you wish to unblock any or add a phone number without the contact first contacting you.

Messages sent through text

Text messages are the most prevalent way to contact people in today’s world, especially because texts are more difficult to ignore than a traditional phone call.

On an iPhone, you may stop a phone number from texting you by opening the Messages app (the symbol is a white speech bubble with a green backdrop) and blocking the number by traveling through the conversation to the contact’s details page and selecting the “Block this Caller” option.

Click on the chat with the number you want to ban once you’re within the Messages app. This will bring up a page containing all of the messages you’ve exchanged with the contact.

The contact’s phone number should be shown in the middle of the discussions page, adjacent to an arrow (“>” sign). This will take you to the contact’s settings page.

There are other tabs and configuration options within, but the “Info” option is the one you need to select next. This will lead you to the last page, where you will see the option “Block this Caller” highlighted in red. Click this option, then “Block Contact” to complete the process.

Phone Calls

Apart from text messaging, the most prevalent form of getting contacted by undesirable persons or corporations is through phone calls. Having to continuously end, quiet, or ignore phone conversations, on the other hand, might be more frustrating and inconvenient than the rapid notifications you get with texts.

To prevent a number from calling your iPhone, launch the Phone app (the symbol is a white classic phone with a green backdrop), choose the contact, and proceed as you would for blocking text messages.

Whether you want to ban contact in the phone app or not depends on whether it’s a known contact or an unknown number.

To block a known number, launch the Phone app, select the contact, then scroll down to the red “Block this Caller” setting. The contact will be blocked after you select this option and then click “Block Contact.”

If you want to ban an unknown contact on the Phone app, you can only do so if the number is shown under the “Recents” menu. To go to the contact’s information page, find the number in your “Recents” tab and then select the information icon (a circular I The “Block this Caller” option may be found here.


When people become tired of corporations sending them junk mail about buying things, signing up for subscriptions, and other garbage that quickly fills their inbox, they usually block emails.

On your iPhone, go to the Mail app (the symbol looks like a white envelope with a blue backdrop) and choose the person you want to ban. This will take you to the email they sent, where you may block them by clicking the contact link again.

Blocking on the Mail app might be hard since you must have received an email from the person you want to block before you can use this feature.

After you’ve launched the Mail app, choose any email from the contact you wish to ban by clicking on it. When you click the message, the email will open, and you’ll be able to click the contact’s information again, which is shown at the top of the message.

You may need to click on the contact’s name more than once to reveal a clickable link that will take you to the information page.

The “Block this Contact” option may be found on the contact’s details page. Then select “Block Contact” from the drop-down menu.

Calls on FaceTime

FaceTime isn’t the most prevalent means of communication on an iPhone, despite its benefits, but that doesn’t mean a persistent contact can’t use it to attempt to reach you without your permission.

Go to the FaceTime app (this symbol appears as a white movie projector/camera with a green backdrop) to stop FaceTime calls on your iPhone. Click the information icon (a circular I next to the contact you want to block in the app, then select “Block this Caller.”

Blocking on FaceTime is simple, but just as with email, you’ll need the person you want to block to have actually phoned you on the app in order to prevent them from calling you in the future.

Settings for Blocked Management

To block a contact through their information page, most of the applications we’ve described require that they have previously contacted you through text, phone call, email, or FaceTime call. But what if you want to ban someone from contacting you before they contact you? You’ll need to go to your blocked management settings to do this.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone to see your “blocked management settings” (this icon appears as black gears with a gray background). You may manage your banned numbers by going to the “Blocked” option in the Mail app and “Blocked Contacts” in the Phone app.

It’s crucial to note that blocking a phone number in the Phone app typically also prevents them from reaching you via SMS and FaceTime. So, go to your settings and select “Blocked Contacts” and open it (you could find this quickly by typing it into the search bar at the top of the Settings page).

Once inside, scroll down to the “Blocked Contacts” option. This will take you to a new page where you can view a list of everyone you’ve blacklisted so far.

Click the “Edit” option in the top right-hand corner if you wish to remove any. Scroll down to the “Add New…” option if you wish to block a person who hasn’t contacted you yet. You’ll need to add them as a “new contact” on your phone, then choose them from the list that appears when you click the “Add New…” option.

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