How to Charge the PS5 Controller (EXPLAINED!)

The Sony PlayStation 5 was just released, and it offers a lot of cool features. We won’t go into great detail about the PS5’s features.

However, we’ll focus on how to charge the PlayStation 5 controller.

How Does the PS5 Controller Get Charged?

You may charge your PS5 controller in a variety of ways, including with the provided USB-C cable or any other USB-C cable you might have. You may also use the docking station that comes with your PS5 controller to charge it quickly.

Continue reading to learn how to charge your PS5 controller effectively and securely so you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

Charging Using A USB-C

Use the cable that the manufacturer provides.

The USB-C cable included with the PS5 controller may be used to charge it.

Because it’s a flat cable, you’ll need to grasp it securely to avoid a loose connection.


Make sure you disconnect your PS5 when it has finished charging, since it will take some time to completely charge. Also, before powering up again, make sure you reattach your USB cord; this will guarantee that charging begins correctly and you won’t have a dead controller!

Use a Charger for Android Phones

If you have an Android phone, you can charge your PS5 controller using it.

However, there have been complaints that this approach does not operate properly, and that billing is inconsistent in certain circumstances.

Use of a Docking Station

The PS5 controller features a USB charging station; this is a dock station that must be plugged into the wall; this is the best method to charge your PS5 controller.

The docking station keeps the controllers orderly and secure, so there’s no risk of their sliding off.

It also features a light on top that will brighten your room while you’re playing in low light; this is very useful for folks who play at night.

How To Use The Docking Station

Using the docking station, you may charge numerous PS5 controllers. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Check that all of the wires are correctly attached.

A USB cable is required to connect the PS5 controller. A separate Cord connects to the charging station, though.

Instead of connecting directly to the controller, this wire should be linked to the charging station.


If you connect several PS5 controllers to a single wire at the same time, your controller may overheat and stop charging correctly, so make sure each one has its own cord!

Verify that the USB port is operational.

You must check that your docking station functions properly. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Connect a PS5 controller to your computer via USB, then turn it on. Wait for it to finish loading. Release all of the buttons. Check to see whether the controller is charging now. If it is not charging, there may be a problem with your computer’s USB port, and you will need to get professional assistance.
  2. Now connect your PS5 controller to your television. Check whether the ports on your TV are operating correctly if it isn’t charging. Check the USB ports instead of the HDMI ports, since they have distinct functions. If these don’t work, get a professional to solve the issue for you.
  3. Your PS5 controller may also be connected to a laptop or PC through USB. You’ll need to download drivers to your laptop or PC and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure you don’t overcharge them; a small price is sufficient.

Each PS5 controller contains a battery that must be charged on a regular basis, as well as a mechanism that will alert you if it becomes too hot for safety reasons.

The charging station acts as a charger and monitors temperature, so it’s up to you to make sure the controllers are charged properly to avoid damage.

They may be charged at home.

You should have no trouble charging the controllers at home since they are secure (unless they don’t have a wire that connects to a PS5), and you can have them available anytime you want to play.

Allow time for them to charge before attaching them to your console.

When not in use, charge them.

You should charge your PS5 controllers even when they are not in use to maintain them in excellent working order; this will guarantee that they are always ready to play when you are.

How to Charge a PS5 Controller with a Computer

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to charge your PS5 controllers with your PC.

There is no need for any extra gear or software to charge numerous devices at once.

For input, use a USB power cable.

Many systems enable you to charge the controllers as well as other devices at the same time.

For charging the PS5 controller with your PC or laptop, you’ll just need a USB power cord.

If there are any problems, you must unhook it from your computer before shutting down your computer.

Use the USB Ports on your Computer

Your PC’s USB ports will enable you to charge your controllers without difficulty.

This would simply need the use of a cable. You must, however, guarantee that the charging station is charged. You may do so by:

  1. Check if the Power Indicator Light is on or off (if it is on, the controller is charging).
  2. Check if your USB port’s light is on or off. If it’s turned on, it signifies there’s electricity at the source. However, you should verify whether your USB ports are operational, since they may not be providing power to your device.


Now that you know how to charge your PS5 controller, it’s time to invest in a docking station to maintain your controllers in excellent working order.

Make sure you don’t charge it for too long or the battery may be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the PS5 controller take to charge?

There is no precise answer that can tell you how long it takes to charge. You must examine the charging LED light. If it’s gleaming, the controller is charging, but it’ll take some time until it’s fully charged.

Is it possible to use the PS5 controller with other accessories?

Yes, this PS5 controller works with all other PlayStation accessories, including PC games and headphones.

Is it possible to play with my PS5 controller while it is charging? 

Yes, you may use your PS5 controller while it is still charging. The only difference is that there will be no battery icon on the screen. You will have to wait for it to charge for a set length of time before you can begin playing.

Does my PS5 controller need to be charged before use?

Yes, charging your PS5 controller for a day or two is strongly advised if you want to use it. To maintain your PS5 controller in excellent working order, make sure it’s always charged and ready to go anytime you want to play.

Is the charging wire in any danger?

The charging wires are quite secure.


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