How to Check Traffic to Work & Work to Home on Google Maps

Google Maps will be the most used navigation app or web mapping service in the world by 2021, with over 70% of worldwide smartphone owners having used the app at least once.

Since 2007, Google Maps has included traffic information.

If you recall, traffic conditions were shown as a coloured overlay on top of the streets in red, orange, and green.

Today, Google Maps’ ‘Traffic Conditions’ function has grown to provide even finer details on your route, such as construction signs, crashed automobiles, speed cameras, and more.

As a result, in 2021, Google Maps will be a dependable route planning tool with real-time traffic congestion information at your fingertips, regardless of where you are or when you are travelling.

So, before your next drive or transit trip to work or home, why not use Google Maps to plan your route? Continue reading the post for a step-by-step explanation on how to use Google Maps to check traffic from home to work or from work to home.

Is it possible to amend a work or home location in Google Maps?

You may not have realised that Google Maps allows you to add your work and home addresses to your account. Yes, it is possible, and it is also the first step you should do in order to obtain real-time traffic information on your trip to work or home.

Whether you’re using an Android phone or an iPhone or iPad,

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app. At the bottom of the home screen, tap the ‘Saved‘ icon.
  2. On the menu, select ‘Labeled.’

     3. Next, tap ‘Home’ and type in your address.

   4. Next, tap ‘Work’ and enter your workplace’s address.

On a computer or through a web browser

  1. Launch a web browser. Launch Google Maps by going to in your browser.
  2. Enter your Gmail address and password to log in to your Google Maps account if you haven’t already.
  3. In the top left corner of the screen, click the Menu symbol.

     4. From the menu, select ‘Your Places.’

      5. Select Home from the ‘Labeled’ menu. Click ‘Save’ after entering your home address.

     6. Select Work from the ‘Labeled’ tab. Click ‘Save’ after entering the workplace address.

You’ve now successfully pinned your home and workplace locations on Google Maps. So, in addition to the benefit of checking traffic statistics, you may compare alternate routes from and to home (/work) with only one tap.

How do I use Google Maps to check traffic to and from work or home?

So, let’s look at how to check real-time traffic and travel times, delays, and disturbances while driving to work or home.

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone/iPad.
  2. At the bottom of the home screen, tap the Commute (Go) symbol.

NOTE: The ‘Commute’ symbol is not available in some cities. Instead, look for the ‘Go’ symbol. If that’s the case, press the ‘Go’ button.

You may now see the fastest route, alternate routes, projected travel times to work (/home), and if there are any traffic delays due to construction or accidents.

  1. Choose from the ‘To Work’ or ‘To Home’ options in the screen’s top navigation bar. To switch between the two alternatives, simply tap on the top bar, depending on your destination.

How to Check Traffic to Work & Work to Home on Google Maps

On a computer or through a web browser

Go to Google Maps and sign in with your Google account.

Expand the menu beneath the Menu icon on the left side of the screen.

Select either ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ depending on your destination if you previously saved and pinned the home and work addresses. (If you don’t have a search bar, you’ll have to put in the destination address.)

Then type or choose a beginning point.

Then, on the ‘Menu’ icon, select ‘Traffic’ from the drop-down menu.

On the bottom of the map, you can now see a color-coded index for traffic status.

No traffic = green

Low traffic = orange

Moderate traffic (red)

Heavy traffic > Dark Red

To get real-time traffic information while commuting, select the ‘Live Traffic’ option and turn on the button.

However, there is no Start button in the Google Maps internet version to begin the journey. You can also email directions to your phone and begin navigating.

On the side panel, select the “Send directions to your phone” option.

Select an option (email/text) to send the directions to your phone from the pop-up menu.

Once you have the directions on your phone, follow the map directions as well as the traffic guidelines to go to your workplace/home.

How can I make the most of the traffic data I collect on my commute to work or home?

Whether you’re using an Android phone or an iPhone or iPad,

You can adjust your commute route on Google Maps if you don’t take the same method of transportation to work and home every day. As a result, you will only receive traffic updates for that method of transportation.

 To modify the way you commute on Google Maps, follow the instructions below.

Change your mode of transportation.

  1. On the bottom bar of the screen, tap the ‘Commute’ icon.
  2. On the top bar, click the More button.
  3. On the menu, choose Commute Settings.
  4. Then select ‘How do you commute.’ Choose your mode of transportation from the drop-down menu.

Regular arrival and departure times, as well as travel days, should be updated.

If you provide more information about your commute, you will receive notifications and more accurate travel information.

  1. Go to ‘Commute Settings’ after completing steps 1 through 3.
  2. Update your normal workdays, as well as the start and end times of your work, by tapping on ‘Commute times.’ When you’re finished, tap ‘Finished.’
  3. On the ‘Get commute notifications’ button, toggle it on.

You will now receive automatic reminders about traffic updates and road conditions shortly before you leave for work and just before you leave from work.

Turn off all of the typical routes.

If you use the same route to and from work (/home), Google Maps may utilise your location history to tailor traffic updates to your preferences. That means Google Maps will only provide directions and traffic information for your usual commute route.

 If you want to evaluate all alternative routes on your commute to work or home, however, the best approach is to block Google Maps from using your typical routes for traffic data optimization. 

1.To do so, go to ‘Commute Settings’ and follow steps 1 through 3 under ‘Change the mode of commute.’

2.Toggle off the button that says “Get more accurate commute info.

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