How To Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing?

How To Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing?

Lawn mowing is a part of regular house chores that the house owner has to do and It contributes immensely to routine work woes too, as there is so much mess to deal with, that comes after mowing; which is the task of collecting grass clippings. 

We can even say that the mowing work may not be as much tiring as the grass clippings collection task that follows. If small size clippings are left on the lawn, especially when they are very less in quantity, they possibly contribute to form mulch that might nourish the grass, but if the grass clippings are huge in number or larger in size, it’s strictly advised not to leave them, at all!

It is much more critical to collect clippings of large size, because this mess, if not treated properly, will possibly contribute to thatch build-up that might block the essential nourishing factors, including water, sunlight, and air, from reaching grassroots.

We have brought you a list of all possible ways that will help you to collect these clippings from your freshly mowed lawn, that has the potential of threatening the beauty of your garden, if not collected properly:

1. Raking the Lawn Manually Using Lawn Rakes

Manually raking the lawn is simple, yet the most arduous work as it requires a huge amount of time, effort, and stamina especially when you own a large yard. 

Nevertheless, it is the most economical method of gathering the grass clippings since you don’t need to purchase any highly-priced and power-driven operated machines. 

2. Use Lawn Sweeper

The Manual raking or collecting clippings can end up making you very wary, but lawn sweeper can clean-up your lawn pretty quickly and that too very efficiently as it can even pick up the tiniest of clippings, which is manually not possible. These electricity-driven sweepers are preferred because of their speed and efficiency by masses.

3. Use a Grass Catcher or Bagger

You can always opt for a grass catcher right after mowing your lawn. It comes with a bag that fills the grass clippings in it and works just like a vacuum cleaner. Baggers are usually preferred by the homeowners because they help to get a thoroughly clean and well-kept look of the garden.

Also, baggers are a better option because they can be used for multi-purposes other than picking grass clippings, including they can be used to suck up leaves in the autumn when your yard is full of fallen leaves.

However, the great deal that comes with it is the task of emptying the bag every now and then if your lawn is large and there is a huge mess to clean. The chore of removing the bag, emptying it, and then attaching it, again and again, will seriously drain your energy.


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Final Words

To sum up the discussion, Lawn mowing and the collection of grass clippings may be a tiresome task for many, but it is much more crucial to decide before that whether it is significant to collect the clippings from the lawn to avoid thatch build-up or leave it there for the sake of grasscycling. 

You need to assess the situation before reaching a final decision because it is you who is In-charge of the health of your lawn, you need to do everything it takes to assure the care that your garden needs!

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