How to Connect an Xbox Controller to PC (3 Easy Ways)

Xbox controllers are compatible with a variety of platforms and devices. You can use them with your PC, laptop, or even iPhone. After pairing the controller with the device, you can play all the compatible games from that device. Today we will be learning how to connect an Xbox controller to your computer.

What Xbox controller do you have?

Your first step is to figure out which Xbox controller you have. There are two types of controller connections: wireless and wired.

Wireless controllers are available for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles while original Xbox One controllers have wired connections. However, Xbox One S and all subsequent editions feature wireless connectivity. It is likely that your controller is wireless if you purchased it within the last four years.

How  Connect Xbox controller with Bluetooth to PC

The wireless Xbox controller can be connected to a PC via Bluetooth if it is wireless. Basically the same thing you do with your controller on the console. The first thing you have to do is get your controller in pairing mode.

You’ll be able to pair the controller without any problems when the PC identifies it as a Bluetooth device.

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your PC before you start. Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 by going to Start > typing “Bluetooth and other devices”. Connecting to your PC through Bluetooth can be complicated if your PC doesn’t have an integrated Bluetooth adapter.

  1. By holding the Guide button, the controller will turn on.
  2. When pairing mode is enabled, the guide button will flash.
  3. Next, go to your PC’s Bluetooth settings. From the Start menu, select “Bluetooth and other devices.”.
  4. Select Bluetooth from the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” menu.
  5. You will be able to see your controller in the menu if it is discoverable. Simply click on it to pair.
  6. When the controller name contains the word “connected,” wait for it to appear.

It is now time to connect your controller to your PC and play games. Remember that controller attachments such as headsets won’t work when your controller connects to your PC with Bluetooth.

How Connecting Xbox controllers without Bluetooth to PC

Using a USB cable, connect a wired controller to the PC, and it will then appear on the PC as a device. The driver software will install automatically on the PC. You can also use this method to connect wireless controllers to the PC.

You can try pressing the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on or trying unplugging and reconnecting it if your computer does not recognize it. You may also wish to update the controller’s drivers manually through the device manager, as explained in the notes section.

How to connect Xbox wireless adapter to PC to use Xbox controller

A wireless adapter for Xbox controllers is a USB device that connects the controller to your PC. It is similar to a Bluetooth adapter in that it connects the controller to your PC. In summary, if your PC is equipped with Bluetooth, you will not need this adapter to connect to your Xbox.

  1. Connect the wireless adapter to your PC
  2. Hold down the Xbox button until it flashes after turning on the Xbox controller
  3. To pair your wireless adapter, press and hold the pair button. You will see a light flash when the adapter is in pairing mode.
  4. Connect the controller to the adapter by pressing and holding the pair button. When connected to the wireless adapter, the Xbox button will remain lit.


  • Make sure your controller firmware is always up-to-date for optimal performance.
  • At a time, only one Bluetooth controller can be connected
  • Make sure you turn off the console before connecting the controller to the PC via Bluetooth.
  • The device driver for your PC may need to be updated if your PC does not recognize the controller via a wired connection.

 This procedure is as follows:

  1. Let’s start from the beginning. Click the “Device Manager” link.
  2. Go to the device manager and find the Xbox controller. If your PC doesn’t recognize the device, look under “universal serial bus controllers”.
  3. By clicking on the controller’s name, you can expand the section.
  4. Update the driver by clicking on it.


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