How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To PC

It is possible to pair any Bluetooth device with Windows, including headphones, keyboards, mice, and speakers. Laptops and tablets typically come with Bluetooth built in. It is possible to connect a Bluetooth adapter to make some PCs compatible with Bluetooth, even if they do not have it built-in.

You can learn how to connect Bluetooth earphones by reading on.

Using Bluetooth Earphones With a PC

First, make sure that your PC has Bluetooth capabilities in order to connect Bluetooth devices. If you are unsure about the product specifications, you can consult Microsoft’s website or the instruction manual for your computer. You should be able to use Bluetooth if your PC has that feature.

To facilitate the connection, if your computer does not have Bluetooth capability, you can purchase an adapter. In order to complete the process, you will need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your computer.

In some laptops, there is a physical switch at the back or on the sides. If this is the case with yours, ensure that it displays the ON light when you turn it on. On the other hand, the majority of PCs are not equipped with a physical button, and you must switch on the computer through the settings.

The action center is found in your PC’s taskbar – it is indicated by an icon to the right of your PC’s taskbar. Upon clicking the Expand button, you will be able to see more icons if you do not see the Bluetooth icon in the action center.

To turn Bluetooth on, click on the Bluetooth icon. It is possible to turn it on from the settings if you do not see “Not Connected.” if there are no devices connected. On the left hand bottom corner of your screen, select the Start button and then select Settings/Control Panel.

In the Devices menu, select Bluetooth and Other Devices and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. You will receive a notification from your computer immediately after you turn on Bluetooth that you are now discoverable by your computer name.

If you are using a Bluetooth adapter, ensure that it is connected to your PC and has been turned on. If you have not already done so, ensure that your earphones are ready for connection.

In order to facilitate the connection, make sure the earphones are turned on and charged, and placed near your computer.

Pairing Bluetooth earphones with a computer

If you are in pairing mode with your earphones, and your PC’s Bluetooth is turned on, you are ready to pair them.

To add a Bluetooth device or other device in Windows 10, select Start >> Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth and other devices >> Add Bluetooth or other device >> Bluetooth. You will now be able to see a list of available devices that you can add, and your headphones should be included in this list. Follow the instructions to complete the connection and then click Done after the process has been completed.

Once the two devices are paired, they will automatically connect once they are within range.

Among the features of Windows 10 is Swift Pair, which allows devices to connect quickly when within range of each other. It is important that your earphones are compatible with Swift Pair in order to establish a connection. Whenever the earphones are near a computer that supports Windows 10, you will receive a notification.

Click Yes when asked to confirm whether you wish to receive Swift Pair notifications if you have not previously used Swift Pair. Upon discovering new devices, Swift Pair will scan for them, and when one is detected, you will be prompted to connect. By clicking Connect and closing, you are finished.

In Windows 8.1, ensure that your Bluetooth earphones are discoverable and turned on. Most earphones require you to hold the pairing button until the pairing is complete. The search bar at the bottom of Windows 8.1 can be found by clicking Start and typing Bluetooth.

Connect your earphones to your computer by opening Bluetooth Settings, turning on Bluetooth, selecting them from the list, and clicking Pair to establish the connection. Once you have followed the instructions displayed on the screen, you are ready to listen to audio.

Using Windows 7, select Devices and Printers from the Start Menu. Click the Add Device button and choose your Bluetooth headphones. Select Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

When the two devices are in range, they will automatically connect.

How to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems on your computer

If your earphones fail to connect despite following the above steps, what should you do?

If you are experiencing trouble with your earphones, you should turn them off, place them in their charging case, and wait for 30 minutes. As you wait, you can switch off Bluetooth on your computer and restart it if necessary.

Turn your earphones back on and prepare them for pairing. On your computer, enable Bluetooth and connect the earphones as described above. In most cases, this troubleshooting method works to resolve simple software issues with your device.

It may be necessary to check the settings on your computer if the above does not work.

Ensure that you do not have Airplane Mode enabled on the PC. Select Settings from the Start menu. Open the Network and Internet settings, then turn off the Airplane Mode.

When the Airplane Mode is on, you are unable to connect to the computer. Once this is accomplished, turn off and then on your Bluetooth device. The earphones can also be removed from the list of available Bluetooth devices and then connected after the computer has been restarted.

Where Can I Find the Bluetooth Icon if My PC Doesn’t Have It?

Your Bluetooth connection may fail due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Bluetooth icon is absent or cannot be toggled on or off

After installing a Windows 10 update, Bluetooth ceases to function

  • Your PC may also experience problems when upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10
  • Bluetooth is not listed in device manager, and no device has ever been connected

Those experiencing any of the above problems may wish to try simple troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the issue. Start by running the Bluetooth troubleshooter from your personal computer. From the Start menu, select Settings >> Update and Security >> Troubleshoot.

Choose Find and Fix Problems, then Bluetooth from the drop-down menu. Run the Troubleshooter by clicking Run. You should be able to identify any problems with your PC through the Troubleshooter.

The connection may not be successful if your PC does not have the latest Bluetooth drivers. PC owners who have recently upgraded their operating system may encounter this issue. Your existing drivers may not work properly with the new update, and you will need to update them as well.

The Device Manager can be found at the bottom of the search bar if your device is equipped with Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth adapter from the Device Manager window. If necessary, update the driver by right clicking on Bluetooth adapter.

Next, select Search for Updated Drivers and follow the onscreen instructions to update the driver. Restart your computer and then verify whether the problem has been resolved. If Windows cannot locate the driver, you can search on the manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth connection issues are often caused by outdated Bluetooth drivers. If you wish to install the driver manually, you may do so by downloading the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Troubleshooting other Bluetooth-related issues

You should be able to connect your Bluetooth earphones to your computer automatically without any difficulty. If this does not happen, you may need to restart your computer.

This may happen for a variety of reasons, including:

The headphones are not charged

Before you can connect your earphones with your PC over Bluetooth, they need to be charged. Make sure the headphones are placed in the charging case and that they light up when they are being charged. When the earphones are fully charged, the light will change color or turn off.

Your device may not be able to connect if the battery is low. Fortunately, you will receive an alert when your battery has run low.

Versions of Bluetooth that are incompatible

As Bluetooth is universal, this does not occur often. However, there are times when devices with different Bluetooth versions do not communicate. Bluetooth Smart devices, such as your earphones, pose a problem when they are used together. It is unlikely that your PC is compatible with such an earphone as it will only pair with a Bluetooth Smart device.

Do some research to determine whether your earphones are Bluetooth Smart compatible if they do not connect to your PC despite your attempts at troubleshooting.

Bluetooth device is not within range

An extended distance between the PC and the earphones may prevent the connection from occurring. You might still be able to make a connection with the latest Bluetooth version even if your devices are 100 feet apart.

Bring your devices closer if they are distant. If you are unable to pair your devices, you can try and remove any obstacles between them. It is advisable to place the earphones in an area with less obstruction if there is a wall between the two devices.

No pairing mode for earphones

Every brand has a different method for making their earphones discoverable. Depending on the device, some are discovered instantly when they are turned on, while others require pairing in order to be discovered. Before you search for them from your PC, you should consult your manufacturer and place your earphones in pairing mode.

It is common for pairing mode to be indicated by a flashing LED light on the device. The light on your device should be on when it is switched on if it has this feature.

Outside, there may be interference with your connection. The devices must be as close to each other as possible in order to connect.


You can connect your earphones to most modern PCs that are Bluetooth compatible. It may happen that your PC does not have Bluetooth capabilities. If this occurs, you will have to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter. You can use this adapter to connect to a Bluetooth device.

Try the troubleshooting steps above if you are experiencing difficulties connecting and your PC is Bluetooth enabled. When using Bluetooth headphones, you can play games, listen to music, and do much more while using your PC. In order to get the best audio quality, it is highly recommended that you purchase high quality Bluetooth earphones.

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