How to Copy a Playlist on Spotify

If you’ve spent a lot of time on Spotify listening to music, you’ve definitely built up a sizable music library with songs you’ve loved for years, and you’ve probably even created a playlist for different activities.

You might have workout playlists, work playlists, party playlists, and so on.

Here’s how to duplicate your playlist to another account, other streaming platforms, or a friend.

How to Copy a Spotify Playlist

By searching for the name of a playlist in Spotify’s Playlist search tool, you can clone it into your own Spotify account.

Following a few simple steps, you can move a Spotify playlist to another music service, such as Apple Music, or to an MP3.

Adding Someone Else’s Spotify Playlist to Yours

Spotify is one of the greatest, most affordable, and most accessible music streaming services available today.

On the site, you may access free podcasts, songs, and films, as well as download them to listen to later.

Spotify also allows you to make a playlist so that you may listen to certain content.

If a friend or family member has a terrific playlist that you’d want to have, follow these steps to get it.

Create a playlist in the first step.

You’ll need something like a destination or a method to call it on your account if you want to clone a playlist.

Unless you want your friend’s tracks to be added to an already-existing playlist.

To create a new playlist, open your account and pick the “New Playlist” option in the bottom left corner.

After that, give it a catchy name.

Step 2: Look for the playlist.

Enter the name of your friend’s playlist in the search box and click “Open.”

You’ll find all the tunes you’re looking for there.

Select the songs you want if you only want a few; if you want all of them, click Ctrl + A on your keyboard (use Command instead of Ctrl if you’re using a Mac computer).

Drag the selected music to the left-hand side of the Spotify website and drop them into the name of your playlist.

You can alternatively copy the selected songs by using Ctrl + C, then paste the playlist into your new account by pressing Ctrl + V.

Step 3: Personalize it

All of your newly duplicated tracks will appear on either your new playlist or an existing one.

Instead of searching for the playlist’s name, or if you can’t remember what it was called, look for your friend’s profile.

Look through their profile for the playlist you enjoyed.

Three horizontal dots will appear next to the playlist’s name; click on them.

If you click on the three dots next to a song, you’ll only get that song copied when you require the entire playlist.

The “Add to Playlist” option will display after clicking the three dots.

When you click on it, it will ask you where you want to save the playlist.

You can either make a new playlist or add the music to one that already exists.

How to Move Your Playlists to a Different Account

Here’s how to move your playlist from your old account to your new one if you’re a new user, for example, if you’ve opened a premium account or subscribed to the duo plan for couples.

The steps we’ll take are for the web version of the platform, but they’ll work for Spotify for Windows as well.

Step 1: On your Windows computer, open the online player or the Spotify software.

Step 2. Once you’ve logged in and opened the platform, go to the left side menu and find the playlist you want to duplicate to the new account. Right-click on it to bring up the settings menu. The “Share” button will be visible. Take note of the playlist’s URL.

Step 3: Log out of that account and then sign in to your new premium or dual account. Click Login after entering the essential credentials.

Step 4: Paste the link you copied into the search engine bar of your premium account. To find that playlist, use the enter key.

Step 5: The prior account’s playlist will appear. To access the settings menu, click the three horizontal dots under the list title. Select “Save to Your Library” from the options menu. Once you’ve done that, your former account’s playlist will be copied to your new account. You can finally listen to the tunes you’ve been collecting for years.

Copying a Spotify Playlist to a Different Streaming Service

The best approach to migrate from Spotify to another music streaming platform, such as Apple Music, Tidal, or YouTube music, is to use an app.

However, before you begin, you must have a Spotify account as well as a separate account with the streaming provider to which you are switching.

First, let’s take a look at Apple Music.

Step 1: On Android, look for a third-party app to move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. The majority of individuals utilise Soundiiz. Importing and exporting playlists between streaming services is a breeze using Soundiiz. So, if you’re using a phone, go to the Google Play Store and download the Soundiiz app, or go to the Soundiiz website if you’re using a computer.

Step 2: Sign up for a Soundiiz account by pressing “Sign up.” You can also use your Twitter, Apple, Facebook, or Google account to establish an account. It’s completely free.

Step 3: Once inside, click “Let’s Go” to see the music apps that are accessible. Go to Spotify and press “Connect” to connect your account. By entering your credentials, you will be requested to sign in to your Spotify account.

Step 4. Once you’ve linked your Spotify account, go to the music app list and connect to Apple Music as well. From the drop-down option, choose “Sign in to Apple Music.” After providing your Apple Music credentials, tap “Allow.”

Step 5. Now that your bot accounts are synchronised, migrating your Spotify playlists to Apple Music is simple. Return to the home page by tapping twice on the “X” in the top right corner. You’ll see a side-by-side list of all your Spotify and Apple Music playlists.

Step 6: To convert a playlist to Apple Music, select “Convert” after tapping on it.” You have the option of sending the playlist as is or giving it a new name and description on Apple Music. After that, go through the song list you’re transferring and click “Save Configuration.”

Step 7. Uncheck any songs from the playlist that you want to remove from the list.If everything seems good, choose the Apple Music icon as the destination, wait a few seconds for the process to finish, and then select “Show” to see your cloned playlist.

For other streaming platforms like Tidal and YouTube Music, use the same third-party software and approach.

The only difference is that instead of Apple Music, you’ll use Tidal or YouTube Music as your destination.

Soundiiz is also available for iPhone, however you can easily transfer your playlist from iPhone Spotify to Apple Music using SongShift, a third-party platform.

You can only transfer one playlist at a time with SongShift.

If you wish to transfer many files, you’ll need to upgrade to SongShift Pro, which costs about $5 per month.

Using an MP3 Player to Duplicate Your Spotify Playlist

You should transfer your Spotify playlist to your mp3 device if you want to listen to your favourite playlist on Bose or JBL speakers while on your morning run or at the gym.

Here’s how you can do it.

To begin with, Spotify does not work with most MP3 players.

It uses the OGG format, which makes it impossible to copy a playlist to an MP3 device.

As a result, if you wish to download your playlist, you’ll have to use a third-party service.

TuneIf is used by the majority of users.

It’s available for download through the Apple App Store or Windows Apps.

TuneIf is a free app that you can download and install on your device.

If you have Spotify installed, it will immediately open, sign you in, and show you a list of all your playlists.

Select the playlist you wish to transfer and drag it to the conversion interface to add it to the conversion list.

You can also copy the Spotify playlist’s URL and paste it into the converter’s search box.

Set the output specifications for your music, such as whether you want them in mp3 or m4a format, and so on.

To download the playlist, go to the bottom left of the screen and click “Convert.”

Copy the songs to your MP3 player after you’ve downloaded the playlist to your computer’s download folder.

This procedure will necessitate the use of a USB cable.

Drag the playlist music folder to the mp3 player’s storage space.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find everything you need to replicate your Spotify playlist to another Spotify account, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or an MP3 player in this article.

Third-party software and websites make it relatively simple, but if you take the time to learn how to do it manually, you can do it as well.

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