How to Create a Poll in Zoom | Everything You Need to Know

The good thing about knowing how to create a poll in Zoom is that it is a good way of getting feedback from participants. The Zoom service is one of the most widely used services for conducting online meetings and chatting, as you may be aware. 

The service is also regarded as one of the most highly rated services according to Google and other reviews. Zoom allows you to create polls with multiple choice options or single options and even view the results in real time. 

You will learn how to create polls for Zoom meetings by following the instructions in this comprehensive guide.

Prior to creating polls for Zoom sessions, we should note that there are a number of conditions that must be met. As a general rule, we recommend using your PMI only for personal meetings, such as those held with friends or family members, for security reasons.

In Zoom, who can create a poll?

Zoom allows you to create polls. Some restrictions apply, however. These measures are in place to ensure the safety and privacy of users. 

If you wish to conduct a poll, you can:

  • Start the meeting using VU Collaborate.
  • Click on “Schedule a Meeting” on the Zoom website to begin the meeting.
  • Are the one hosting the meeting.
  • The meeting has been scheduled.

It is also impossible to create a poll if you:

  • I’m not the one hosting.
  • Use Zoom to start the session.
  • Click on “Host a meeting” on the Zoom website to begin the meeting.
  • You can also have a co-host.

A step-by-step guide to creating a poll in Zoom

To create a poll in Zoom, you should meet the prerequisites described above:

Your account must be activated before you can create a poll. 

The process is as follows:

  • Zoom can be accessed through your web browser by signing in and clicking on the “Account Settings” link under the “Admin” group on the left-hand side.
  • You are currently on the “Meeting” tab.
  • When you scroll down far enough, the “Polling” option will be about halfway down the page. The slider must be moved to the right to activate polling.

Since polling has been enabled, it’s time to create your poll.

  • Start a meeting by clicking the “Meetings” tab on the Zoom web portal’s left-hand pane.
  • Zoom meetings can be organized in this window either as new ones or by selecting an existing one from your meeting scheduler.
  • If you scroll down the page until you reach the bottom, you’ll see a text box with a message indicating you have not made a poll. Click on “Add“.
  • Once the “Add a Poll” box is displayed, the user can add their polls. A name and anonymity setting must be chosen for your poll. Looking at the results, you’ll only notice that a “guest” rather than the real person who submitted the question answered the question.
  • Then you should enter your question (within 255 characters) and select one or more answers. You can then input one or more alternatives. You can provide up to ten answers to each question.
  • The steps below outline how to add additional questions to the poll by choosing “Add A Question” at the bottom of the window. To save your changes, click “Save“.

You may share your poll with everyone attending the Zoom meeting as soon as you have finished it.

When it comes to polling, Zoom has several limitations

Now that you know how to make a poll in Zoom, you can more effectively organize your poll if you are aware of its limitations.

  • Each poll may contain a maximum of 10 questions, and there is a limit of 50 polls per meeting.
  • Meeting hosts are the only ones who can edit or add polls. It is only possible for users who have been assigned the host or co-host roles to start polls that have already been established if the role is transferred to them. If the host configures the alternative host, it must enable the option to allow the alternative host to add or amend polls.
  • Results of relaunched polls will only reflect the latest poll run if they have been conducted during a meeting. If you know you will run the same poll again and you want both results, create a second poll with the same questions as the first one. The second poll will save you from having to start it twice.

Wrapping Up

The polling features in Zoom are great for college and education. You can also use it for business or work. While Zoom has some limitations, it is relatively simple to create a poll. 

You should also be aware that Zoom needs a minimum of 1.5 Mbps internet connectivity in order to run effectively and engage in a wide range of other functions.

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