How to Cut Lawn Edges Quickly and Accurately 2022

The final step to turn your lawn into the ‘perfect lawn’ is edging. Even if you trim and mow regularly, the perfectness is missing. That’s mainly because mowing leaves some visible overhanging grass blades, which give the lawn untidy edges. Therefore, if even the center of the lawn looks sleek, the overall look remains incomplete. So if you want the most adorable lawn in your area, then go through this short and quick guide about edging.

What Will You Need To Cut Lawn Edges?

To perform a job right, you need the right tools. For lawn edging, you’ll find several manuals and motorized edging tools, including:

Manual Tools:

  • Half-moon edger
  • Rotary edger
  • Hand shears

Motorized Tools:

  • Electric lawn edger
  • An electric string lawn edger
  • Gas stick edger
  • Walk-behind gas edger

These lawn edging tools are widely available and are quite affordable too. You can go through the internet or a nearby brick and mortar shop to check the availability of these. If you have a small lawn, you can use a manual tool, but for larger lawns, you’ll need a more efficient electrical assistance.

How to Edge a Lawn Quickly and Accurately?

Here are some of the most effective tips for getting a neat edge of the garden without breaking your back.

  • Let’s Mow First

What’s the point of edging your lawn if you haven’t mowed it? For a perfect garden, you need to deal with the central part first and then move to the edges. It will highlight the clear edges, giving your lawn a complete look.  

  • Do Not Destroy the Hardscape

If you are using a motorized edger for a closed-edge lawn, then you need to be careful about what your lawn mower touches. The closed-edge lawns end against surfaces like sidewalks, patio, driveway, etc. that extend outwards from there. If your mower constantly contacts these surfaces, it will affect your mower’s life. That’s why you need to follow a specific path with a considerable distance between the exact edge of your garden and the other surface.

  • Use the Walkway When Edging

Try to stand on the sidewalk or other hard surfaces when edging, so you stay on an even surface with a better view of the edge. It saves you from the hidden dips that you may come across while walking on the grass.

  • Do Not Hurry

If you are edging your lawn for the first time, it is better to give it the due time and concentration it deserves. Once you have got a good experience of your tool as well as your garden, you’ll automatically notice a speed change.

  • Understand the Working of Your Edger

If you are using an electric edger, you need to be careful of the direction of its movement. For example, if it moves clockwise, you need to move in the same way, from right to left. This synchronization will keep the chopped off head in the garden, Instead of ending up on the adjoining surface.

Final Words

You do not need a lot of time or experience for edging your garden, but you do need the right tools and some useful tips. I ensure my tips will help you get the most adorable garden in your neighborhood without much effort and any heavy investment.  

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