How to Delete App Data on iPhone & iPad

The storage on iPhones is one of its biggest drawbacks. There’s no way to extend the storage of an iPhone when you buy one because it doesn’t support SD cards. That means you’ll have to use the default storage. 

This is why you need to clean iPhone storage from time to time. In this article, we’re going to talk about deleting app data on the iPhone.

iPhone Storage

Since the iPhone only has built-in storage, it runs out of space very quickly. There are two new iPhone models: 128GB and 256GB. There are older iPhones with less space than this; they can have 64GB, 32GB, or even less.

 Although the iPhone says it has 256GB of memory, we can’t use all of it. The system and OS take up a lot of storage space. We only get to use 250GB or so.

The majority of people believe that pictures and videos take up more storage space on iPhones. Certainly, some users may find this to be true, however, in general, apps take up the most storage space on your iPhone.

Currently, most of the apps are becoming increasingly larger and larger, to the extent that apps such as Facebook or Instagram can exceed 1GB in size.  Here are instructions on how to check the division of your iPhone storage.

  1. Go to the Settings > General page
  2. Go to the iPhone Storage section.
  3. Your iPhone’s storage details can now be viewed in a bar. This bar shows how much space is being used and how much is free.
  4. Below the bar, you can see how different types of data are using your storage.
  5. On the right side of the storage bar, you can see a list of your apps and how much storage they are taking.

iPhone app data

Now when you look at your app list after following the above steps, you will find that many apps consume more storage than you anticipated. This is due to the fact that apps frequently get updated and store user information. 

Mobile apps need to store different kinds of data in order to function properly. It is possible for an application to be a couple of megabytes in size when it is downloaded from the App Store. However, over time, apps accumulate data and use more space. 

There are two kinds of data that apps accumulate. The first set of data is the user data. This includes data that is created by the user. It includes saved photos, videos, audio clips, and documents that the user saves in the application.

 Another type of data is the cache. This allows the user to access the application quickly. These are both called “app data”. 

To view the app data, please click here.

  1. Select the app from the list in the Storage menu.
  2. There are now two tabs, App size and documents, and Data.
  3. Documents and data for that app show its data.

Some apps now have documents and data that are even larger than the app itself.

Delete app data from iPhone settings.

The iPhone doesn’t let you delete just app data like Android. All you can do is remove the app and reinstall it. Maybe this seems stupid, but it’s the only way to delete app data on iOS. 

To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the General tab

3. Select the iPhone Storage tab

4. Select the app you wish to delete from the list of apps.

5. Click “Delete App” to remove the app.

When you delete an app, all its data will be gone, along with any data it was associated with. You might want to back up something before you delete an app.

Now, if you wish to restart the app from scratch, you may do so from the App Store. If the data is backed up in iCloud, it should be possible to use previous app data when installing the new app.

A method for deleting app data on iPhone

The App Store offers several cleaner apps for iPhones. If you search for “cleaner apps” you’ll get a bunch of apps that help you clean up your iPhone’s space. With these apps, your phone’s storage will be scanned for unwanted files and they will be removed. 

These include app caches as well. These apps have limited capabilities and are not 100% effective, but you can try some of them to see if they work.

  • Cleaner: cleaning and monitoring
  • Monitoring and cleanup with Boost Cleaner
  • Scanner and utilities in Clean Doctor
  • Cleaning with Ccleaner:
  • The Smart Cleaner cleans up both your address book and photos
  • Organise your photo collection quickly with Gemini Photos
  • Spam can be reduced with Cleanfox
  • Deletes contacts quickly with Cinder
  • Organise your contacts with Cleaner Pro

With these apps, you can easily delete some of the app data, which is useful when you want to save space.

How to delete an iPhone app without deleting its data 2021

How to delete app data from Safari

Apple’s iPhone is equipped with Safari, one of the most popular web browsers. Now, if you browse the web from safari, it accumulates a lot of data. It saves some data as web history, and other data as website data. 

Now that this data has been cleared, you will have more storage. You might lose all the settings and user credentials you have saved on some sites.

You can fix it here.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Visit “Passwords and accounts”
  3. Safari Tap
  4. Click the ‘clear history and website data’ link to clear your history and website data
  5. Select confirm.

Safari data will be deleted and you’ll see how much space you’ve saved.

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