How to Delete Apps on Mac! (Solved!)

There are a few methods you may use to erase software from your Mac computer, whether you want to take place for additional storage on your Mac or simply want to know how to uninstall an app. Fortunately, each technique for uninstalling programmes is straightforward and quick.

To uninstall an app on a Mac, go to the Launchpad icon (the grey circle with a rocket in it), click and hold on to the app until it shakes, and then press the “X” button in the app’s corner to uninstall it. Users can also select the undesirable app and drag it to the trash icon.

Although the Launchpad method is the simplest and fastest way to uninstall an app, there are additional options for getting rid of programmes you don’t need or want. Continue reading to learn about additional methods for removing programmes from your Mac.

Using the Launchpad to Remove Apps

The most convenient way to get rid of undesirable apps is to use the Launchpad. The Launchpad approach can be used in several different ways.

  • You’ll start by clicking the Launchpad icon, which is a grey circle with a darker grey rocket ship in the middle. This icon can be seen on your dock or in your programmes folder. (Alternatively, the Launchpad could resemble a square with smaller, multicoloured squares inside.) All of your apps will appear on your screen after you click on that button.
  • After that, you’ll need to find the programme you want to uninstall. You can either press and hold the option key (between the control and command keys on the bottom left of your keypad) to select the app you want to uninstall, or you can simply press and hold the option key (between the control and command keys on the bottom left of your keypad) to select the app you want to uninstall.
  • After you’ve selected an app and it begins to shake, hit the “X” button in the top right corner of the app icon. You may notice, however, that not all of the apps have the “X” next to them. This is either because you didn’t download the software from the App Store or because your Mac requires this particular app, which you can’t remove (link). If the app has an “X” on it, click it to remove it.
  • If you want to delete the programme or cancel the action, a pop-up will appear. To get rid of the app, press delete.

You may just go to the Launchpad icon and drag the app to the trash bin, which is normally situated on the right side of your dock, rather than using the option key or clicking and holding the app. 

You’ll be asked whether you want to delete the app or cancel the action in the same pop-up. To uninstall the app, select Delete.

Using the Finder to Remove Apps

Clicking on the Finder app, which has a blue and white square icon with a small smiley face on it, is another way to delete programmes.

  • After you’ve opened the Finder app, search for the application you wish to uninstall using the search box.
  • There are two options when you’ve found the app. You may either drag the programme to the trash bin from the Finder or right-click it to bring up a drop-down choice. Select “Move to Trash” from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the app has been relocated to the trash bin, click on it and then press “Empty Trash” in the top right area beneath the search bar.
  • In rare circumstances, you may be required to input the admin’s login and password to uninstall apps. To remove the unwanted software, simply enter the administrator’s username and password.

If you want a better visual of how to delete programmes using the Launchpad and Finder ways, watch the video below.

Getting Rid of Apps in the Mac Dock

The last option is to just look for the app on your dock or at the bottom of the screen (unless you have moved it onto another side of your screen). Simply drag the app you wish to delete away from the dock until the word “Remove” appears.

Keep in mind that deleting an app from your dock will simply remove the icon rather than completely removing the app. You may always uninstall the app altogether in Finder or Launchpad by following the instructions in the previous sections.

Is it true that deleting apps will remove all data?

If you decide to remove a programme from your Mac, keep in mind that some larger apps may leave data behind. This can be aggravating if you’re trying to free up space on your computer by removing the software in the first place.

 You must locate the programme in the Home/Library/Preferences folders to entirely erase all data and files from your deleted apps.

Although you won’t be able to utilise these files without the related app, they will still take up space on your Mac.

Once you’ve found these files, right-click them and select “Drag to Trash,” or manually move them to the trash, then empty it.

Getting Deleted Apps Back

How to Delete Apps on Mac

If you mistakenly removed the wrong programme, there is a technique to restore it so that it may be installed again on your Mac. First and foremost, see if you haven’t already emptied the trash can. 

If you haven’t already done so, right-click on the app you wish to remove and a menu will display. Simply press “Put Back” on that option, and the app will be reinstalled on your computer.

However, you may have entirely emptied the trash, implying that the app was permanently uninstalled.

This isn’t an issue. You will simply return to the app store and download the app once more.

If you downloaded an app that wasn’t from the app store, you’ll need to go back to the same place where you got it.

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